Dietitian Reviews Sweetwell Keto Treats!

okay so today i’m going to be reviewing productsfrom the company Sweetwell. This busines claims to impel keto friendly snacks that are guilt freeand they impel chocolate crossed nuts, they fix cookies, and concession stand. I should not get samplesfor their meringues but they apparently utter meringues very. So all of these snacks except forthe nuts, because you can’t really make calories out of a nut, are low calorie, low-grade sugar, umbut they’re all like jolly low-grade protein extremely. All of their snack considers are gluten-free, there’sno computed sugars, I don’t see any artificial flavors in now. All of their discuss have nomore than one net carb and they are completely sugar-free so of course this is something peopleon the ketogenic diet would be interested in.I am noticing a very familiar pattern with thesecompanies that I’m investigating that are starting to boom in the state and wellness industryand it’s that the founders is definitely no background or ordeal in menu science, state, anything nutrient, nada that decoration continues with this. The CEO Stephen Child has zero knowledge infood or nutrition. Before this busines “hes working” at a company that specialized in mass consumptionof products and before that worked at a plastics factory. So I previously know that this isn’t like adietitian who decided to come up with, you know, a healthy food snack. From my experience it wasan entrepreneur who was like, ” Keto’s really big, people are snacking more thanever, why don’t I start a company that combinings the two so I can makemillions and millions of dollars so that Lana can be jealous? ” Whoathere’s like a hawk flying out there…I don’t like their declares immediately off thebat. They basically said that like we have been living off sugars for so long now it’s time forus to become involved in a healthier lifestyle, which is keto. I am not a dietitian that is anti-keto. Ibelieve it has a time and a arrange and a purpose for very specific things. More and more researchkeeps coming out showing that it is effective at specific things. However I do not repute theketogenic nutrition is for everyone and I don’t think that it is a healthier way of living or that it issomething that you would want to permanently do. Unless you’re somebody who literally has like somesort of genetic disorder like GLUT1 deficiency syndrome or epilepsy, whatever it is you literally have tobe on this diet so that you can function like a ordinary human being. So I don’t like the fact thatthey’re making blanket accounts like that that keto is healthier and you should be living thislifestyle.There’s not research to back that declare. They likewise state that they don’t believein rigid diets but it would be really hard for me to list a more rigid diet than keto. Keto is avery difficult diet to actually adhere to and it’s why when I hear people saying that they’re doingketo I’m always like “are you though? I don’t…I don’t … I think you’re doing low-grade carb.” It’s verystrict and it’s very hard to follow and one modest mistake can simply thump you out of ketosis. Theyclaim that their ingredients are ethically sourced so they’re getting their ingredients fromfamily farms in socially disadvantaged countries, municipalities, areas.I could not find anyinformation to back that so I don’t know how honest that statement is. The other allege I thinkwhere they’re trying to differentiate themselves from other sugar corporations is they keep sayingover and over that that their recipe is Belgian so it’s like a chocolate Belgian recipe and I’lltalk more about that last-minute. I’m going to read this statement because it’s really curiously worded umand I wouldn’t be able to interpret it myself. “Unlike other carbohydrate alcohols, we use a trulycarb-free calorie-free digestion resistant sweetener that doesn’t grow blood sugarlevels. This is why when calculating cyberspace carbs you can subtract the full sugar booze countin the ingredients list.” Doesn’t that seem weird? They’re saying “unlike other sugaralcohols” but then they use the sugar alcohol. Their sugar alcohol somehow magicallyisn’t like other carbohydrate alcohols? Let’s get into the product.I have beenreviewing a few low- calorie snack dessert makes recently and I’m noticing again arepeated motif and that is fiber. In 2018 the FDA informed their interpretation of fiber, whichmay sound like a good thing but it’s really not. And I’ll have to do a depth diving on it at somepoint. Mostly they opened the window to what could be called fiber on a productand draw health claims. Once they did that, all of these low-calorie diet snacks and ketosnacks were just like, “yes! we can shove all kinds of fiber extracts into a make, claimthat it’s healthy, and make it low-pitched carbohydrate low-pitched calorie, and it’s mostly like an indigestiblesnack food with a bunch of fiber in it! ” I challenge you to go check out all the low- caloriesnacks and just see how inulin, for example, is the shining star of all products now.Chicoryroot um soluble corn fiber. Anyway these products are not any different. I’m not going to go overevery single produce but they’re pretty much the same. They contain things like like thesecookies for example: almond meal, butter, egg, cocoa mass( which is chocolate liqueur, they’rejust changing the call cocoa butter ), entire milk, cocoa polydextrose( which i’ll get into ), isomaltsoluble corn fiber, chicory root fiber( all of these are indigestible fibers ), collagen becausehey that’s the the media darling right now, vanilla broiling pulverization, sea salt, soy lecithin, andstevia. In comparison to other low-calorie snacks that I’ve been looking at like fiber one it’s notthat bad.There’s actually real nutritive meat in now at least it’s got something liberty. I want tosay one thing that I have a personal issue with. “Great tasting stevia” my ass! Am I the only onewho hates stevia? Comment below. It will shape me not eat a product, I find it disgusting. Hereare the issues I have with these ingredients. They’re all about like all-natural ingredientsand yada yada and they use something announced polydextrose, which is actually a syntheticpolymer of glucose.It is not well digested. People tend to have digestive topics whenthey consume polydextrose such as flatulence, cramping, pooping, merely generally feeling likecrap( pun intended ). There is some research behind polydextrose reducing exertion intakeby various kinds of slightly inhibiting the craving, acting as a prebiotic to good bacteria in thebody. Nonetheless it’s still being investigated so we don’t know 100% for sure. Inulin and chicoryroot I’ve already spoken about before. There existed a lot of research behind inulin beinga prebiotic for good bacteria in the body and soluble corn flour.I’m having such an issue withthat word “soluble” has been shown to increase calcium absorption, have a slight laxative upshot, and also perhaps act as a prebiotic for good bacteria. Inulin is the ingredient that has themost research behind it there’s less investigate on the polydextrose and the corn fiber. Okay so let’stalk sugar alcohols. People think that fiber and sugar alcohols you precisely don’t accept them at allyou don’t get any force from them but that’s not true. Because of bacteria in your nerve you canget like a third to half of the exertion present in fiber as well as with sugar alcohols. So thecalculation you should be doing instead that’s more accurate is partitioning your sugar alcohols andyour fiber by half and then subtracting that from your total carbohydrates. So they’re claim youdon’t have to start that computation because their sugar alcohol is completely not sucked. Wellthat’s not the truth. It’s isomalt, it’s a highly customary run-of-the-mill boring freaking sugaralcohol that gives you about half of its calories per gram.Additionally they’re using fibersthat are partially accepted by the bacteria in your body and this is supported by the researchthat is showing that the fibers they’re using in this product are prebiotic fibers, making theyfeed bacteria. That bacteria utters short-lived series fatty acids out of it, that is energy that you’rereceiving. They claim that there’s one cyberspace carb in now because of their illusion math thatdoesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. There’s 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of alcoholso they add that up, it’s 10 they subtract it from 11 carbohydrates total and you get one net carb.No uh-uh, isomalt should be divided by half and that dietary fiber should be divided by likea third or a half but we’ll do half, which means there’s six net carbs in here.Not that all ofthat really subjects but I just don’t like it when people aren’t being up front and they’re tryingto mislead parties. Sorry y’all I forgot to film my reaction to the price because I’m a dietitian, Sweetwell sent their products to me for free so for some reason that built me forget aboutreviewing how much these products cost. I think they are extremely overpriced! You’repaying about 56 pennies per one of those teeny thin little cookies I proved you and by comparisonquest protein cookies, which are about the size of your hand and will too deliver 15 gramsof protein and 9 grams of fiber per cookie, are just 40 pennies more. Additionally Sweetwellbars are about two dollars per disallow with a similar Kind bar expensing around a dollar fifty.Given their basic ingredients of almond flour, egg chocolate mass, and fiber, I don’t see anyjustification for the price.I think they’re upselling these because they have the term”keto” associated with them and they know they’ll get away with it. If you are on a ketodiet and can render these, they may be a good snack option for you but for everyone elsestick to homemade action cheaper keto snacks. What did I think about the actual considers? Welllet me show you so these are cookies right and the crate was small there should havebeen about 12 cookies in now and I was like how are they fitting 12 cookies in this tinybag? This is a cookie. This cookie is 2D y’ all. This cookie reminds me of fried cheese, which iskind of funny because it’s supposed to be a keto snack but if you’ve ever had fried cheese that’swhat this feels like and what the consistency is. It’s very crispy, it’s oily, it’s dense. Iwill not lie I enjoyed this a lot more than I conceived I would.It tasted really gone. There’sa really strong vanilla bouquet to it though and I don’t know if it’s real or counterfeit but to me itjust reeks bogu. There was an odd tangy-like flavor to them and I seemed through theingredients and I’m like, I perfectly have no idea what would cause this cookie to betangy unless the whole milk they were exerting is somewhat bad. Overall honestly I’ve reallyenjoyed these cookies except for the fact that, and I think it’s because of the the mysteriou fiberextracts they’re using in now, at first the cookie was crispy and then it came certainly chewy andI don’t know if y’all have ever had like jujubes, those candies, but it was like that. They weregetting stuck in my teeth and I must be given to like get a toothpick and like pry it off the top of my molarsand trash. These I experienced as well but less so and I’ll tell you why.So they keep bragging about howtheir chocolate is this Belgian recipe and I intend maybe? But for me I know American chocolate and Idon’t like American chocolate. It’s kind of like grainy and also somewhat sour tasting and I foundthe reason behind that and if you want to know why American chocolate is kind of sour it’s prettygross. And if you don’t want to google it let me know in the comments and I’ll tell youwhy. The chocolate on these was waxy it was I precisely didn’t like it. It wasn’t like creamychocolate it was very waxy they everyone has that like white-hot blush on them that you get on chocolateuh so didn’t really enjoy that. When I actually ate them they were good they weren’t as sweetas the cookies. Like if I was having a hankering for something sweet and I simply sounded a few ofthese in my speak it was enjoyable.It’s slightly salty sweet-ish snacks. Um I think if i had toput things in order of my favorite it would be actually the cookies first and then theirlittle snack bars which I swear they just emulated naked saloons they inspected just like them. I trieda peanut butter one this one has dark chocolate chia nuts and ocean salt uh they smacked really goodum they’re tiny but like it’s just enough like if you’re having a hankering for a snack to takethe edge off.And that’s the other thing I’ll say even if they are these items are flavored with stevia Ididn’t really taste it so that’s also a positive. If you think you’re investing ina company that cares about you like “theyre saying”, they positioned it ontheir website it’s so cheeseball, “we care about you.” Right … if you think you’repurchasing from a company that has any experience in food or actually knows what they’redoing when it comes to health and nutrition this isn’t it.I think they’re a gimmicky brandtrying to make money off of the whole keto uh thing. I will perfectly admit that I may bewrong but there time wasn’t a lot of information on their website and I couldn’t catch out a lot ofinformation about them as a company, but from what I watched, it clearly moment in the directionthat it’s just, you know, a company trying to make money off of what they think is a furor rightnow with the keto diet. I don’t like their claims that keto is a healthier way of living with noresearch behind it, I don’t like their am of the view that their parts are different somehow magicallyso you don’t have to do the same type of math you are able to on other sugar boozes because that’sjust absolutely no truth to the rumors, I don’t think their parts are these shocking crazy crafty phenomenalingredients like they’re claim then there. They’re just like all the other ingredients thatare in all the other low-grade calorie nutrition foods.It’s the same types of fiber, it’s the same types ofsugar boozes, but they smacked good I actually I experienced them. I don’t remember having any types ofdigestive issues with them but i will warn anyone who has issues accepting FODMAP carbohydratesor somebody who has irritable bowel condition or somebody who has had intestinal surgery or sometype of modification not only avoiding this label and those kinds of snacks but scaping any typeof low-spirited calorie nutrition menu snack before you check to see if they’re adding in these types offiber, specifically inulin is a um fructan and that is one of the carbohydrates that’svery difficult to digest.It’s why they’re putting these fibers in this food because yourbody can’t really, it has issues grasping it and for most people you’re just they’re going topass through and it’s going to be fine. But for people who have IBS and FODMAPs or you are familiar with, otherintestinal questions, it’s not going to be that easy. Overall I say if you have money and you’rejust looking to make the sweet tooth off … the sweet tooth … if you’re just lookingto uh remove the sweet tooth from your face I say go for it as long as you don’t have a FODMAPissue as long as you don’t have IBS.If you are strictly doing keto take into considerationwhat I said about recalculating their net carbs because they’re, I don’t know what they’re talkingabout that they only have one net carb in these. Is there anything else for me to sayis there anything else for me to say no no that’s it! I’ve been talking for 28 instants! Thank you so much better for listening. I hope you enjoyed that. If you have any typesof nutrients you’re curious about and you would like to have reviewed by me a dietitian, who’salso like from the world countries of scamming parties, let me know in the comments belowotherwise enjoy your date y’all bye! corn solu insoluble and solublesoluble why am I having a wart and soluble corn I still can’t say itand solu solual saluble solu soluble and

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