Diet Soda on Keto? | How artificial sweeteners affect weight loss

one question were asked all the time byour community is if diet soda is okay to suck on keto and today we’re gonnaanswer it for you Elisa now principal cook at where we help our tribe members meet their weight loss aims withat-home exercise routines keto vogue dinner designs and recipes and our very ownsupplement line you ascertain state has always been a big priority for me and myfamily I’ve consume times researching the best ways for people like you and me toeat and live well all while being able to enjoy the meals drinks and considers weadore I’ve even written seven keto friendly cookbooks for this very reasonso today you’ll learn where diet soda fits into the mix what it’s made of ifit will help your weight loss aims and if it has a place on a low-carb dietlike keto you realize at Warrior Made we believe ineating natural and nutrient-dense nutrients and we follow a cyclical kyoto stylediet which promotes low-carb eating most of the time this can seem a littledaunting to those just starting out because people often speculate how much theywill miss the sweetened and sweetened imbibes they enjoy so much but no need to worryabout whether you’ll be able to eat sweet on your keto expedition stick arounduntil the end of this video and I’ll tell you how to get my very own recipebook with 77 yummy keto friendly desserts that you can eat anytime while staying on track to losing load and in the meantime as promisedlet’s explore how diet soda fits into the keto diet firstly let’s do a quickrecap of what the keto diet is for those only hearing about it or starting outketo is a low-spirited carb high fat diet where you’re eating around 75 percentage overweight 20% protein and 5% carbs every day your mas enrolls a position called ketosis where youuse fatty for exertion instead of carbs so where does diet soda fit on keto afterall diet soda is carb free well as it turns out diet soda is a little bit of aketo trixter remember when I mentioned under Warrior Made we believe in eatingfresh healthful parts well alas diet soda does not quite fit the bill let meshow you what I mean we can start with the nutrition description you look theingredients in a bottle of diet soda are carbonated water, caramel hue, aspartame, phosphoric battery-acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, citric battery-acid, and caffeine, rule of thumb it’s always a good intuition when reading nutrition names to do alittle research on the words we can’t even enunciate principally because they’reusually originated in a lab rather than being raise fresh somewhere on a farm and oneof those long hard to pronounce statements we’ll focus on today its Aspartame sowhat the heck is Aspartame anyways well it’s an artificial sweetener that youfind in diet sodas in favourite carbohydrate alternatives like Equal and NutraSweetand drumroll please here are the crazy details you may want to consider beforeputting Aspartame in your form Gives geek out for a second shall we? Aspartame is made up of Aspartic Acidand Phenylalanine which are both types of amino battery-acids, Aspartic Acid is producednaturally in the body and Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid which meanswe get it from food it turns out that studies depict some people have neurologicor behavioral reactions after downing Aspartame this may be becausePhenylalanine one of the amino acids in Aspartame can be toxic for your brainand other studies show that Aspartame and diet sodacan also contribute to health issues like convulsions, kidney canker, dip, mind questions, motion, and dementia okay so “youve been” get the picturethat diet soda isn’t healthy but if you’re still not persuaded here’sanother reason to think twice about it did you know that diet soda actuallyprevents weight loss we know this is a bit confusing how could a no calorie nocarb beverage keep you from losing value well one rationalization was that it keeps yourtaste buds hungering for sweeteneds if you’re boozing a lot of food soda it’s sweettaste will likely keep your brain longing other sweetened plows this createsa cycle where you actually end up eating more carbohydrate the artificial sweeteners indiet soda also mutate our bowels microbiome which may prepare us insulinresistant and contribute to spiking blood sugar status okay so is there aketo friendly diet soda in theory yes diet soda fits the keto diet mold asit’s no carb and carbohydrate free but if you’re looking to stay healthful and reachyour mas metamorphosi purposes we recommend biding away from thesweeteners used to make it so when our books it’s a no and in the Warrior Madekitchen when something doesn’t get our stamp of approval well you know whatthat conveys don’t despair though your best friend removingdiet soda from their own lives doesn’t mean that you have to stop treating yourselfto refreshing boozes and even to sweets you’ll precisely was also necessary do things a littledifferently for some resources on how to do this check out our video about ketofriendly sweeteners to assure which you can and can’t used to support your baking and drinksweetening needs and feel free to enjoy keto friendly boozes like chocolate or ketobutter coffee iced or sizzling tea keto Coco keto protein powder smoothies low-carbnut or alternative dairy liquors and even certain types of alcohol in moderationalright you’ve got our warrior made answer on whether there is a ketofriendly diet soda and you’re furnished with some healthier alternatives alsolike I mentioned at the beginning of this video I’ve written an entirecookbook with 77 keto friendly desserts for you to try out you can eat thesesweet discuss regularly without being kicked out of ketosis and while stayingon track with your weight loss goals all you have to do to get your copy is clickthe link at the end of this video now I’d love to hear about how you’vereplaced food soda in your life let me know in the comments below whathealthier keto friendly sucks and sugared gives you’ve tried out and if you’veenjoyed this video the best thing to do is to hit the agree button and clickthe little bell when you do this you’ll be notified whenever we release a newvideo also if you have a friend or family member who you think wouldbenefit from letting travel of diet soda share this video with themthanks again for watching and I’ll see you in our next video

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