Day 0: Preparing for 60 Days of Keto

all right let’s come this thing rolling hi myname’s chip brewster you can call me chipping and i am going to attempt 60 dates on the ketogenic dietbefore we get to the diet though i want you to get to know me and some of the groomings i’ve takenso a little about me first i consider myself a regular everyday person i’m not really a fitness buffi candidly haven’t worked out since march haven’t been to a gym since rally in fact in october myfull-time job turned a bit sedentary so not only have i not been working out i haven’t really beenmoving at all i ingest reasonably health but it’s not like i move what i eat you know we we buy fairlyhealthy and then i just pick and croak from there i will say this though we have a 16 month age-old andas of late i have been finishing pretty much every single one for banquets whether i was really hungryor not i just i dislike wasting menu and i’m pretty sure that that in addition to the sedentary inaddition to the stop working out has led to the heavines gain that i’ve known over the lastfew months i am at the heaviest i’ve ever been and i i know what you’re saying like well you’renot that heavy and you’re right but it’s still not something that i’m peculiarly happy aboutmy biggest problem is that i can’t self motivate to to work out i was doing crossfit before covetcame in and i was paying that to do that because that was motivating me the the community thepeople the exercisings i have been able to make it happen i’ve got paraphernalium at home i’ve got a wife who works outbut i just cannot get my sleepy as off the couch to break a sweat so if i can’t get myself to movei wanted to try something in the eating department and i have lots of friends and i’ve heard lotsof stories who have done the ketogenic or keto diet and so i figured why not let’s give ita try so what is keto for those not very well known the nutrition a brief overview ketogenic diet isabout coming your person into a metabolic territory of ketosis where instead of using glucose which isa sugar that your organization causes from carbohydrates instead you use ketones which your liver createsfrom retrieving the fat accumulates in your body so essentially it is a diet that turns your energyburning system from carbs to overweight the whole premise is low carb and there are a lot of low carb dietsout there i’m sure you’ve heard of us some of them the south beach diet the atkins diet devouring paleotends to be low carb the difference though between a keto and one of those is this is the mostrestrictive carbohydrate diet it has a daily calorie intake disturbance five percentage comes fromcarbohydrates 25 from protein 70 of your calories from solid so yeah overweight is the focus of this thingfor those that will be following along at home are maybe interested in this diet the key hereof course is the carbs and you weigh your carbs you do something called net carbs where you taketotal carbohydrates and subtract fiber and sure-fire sugar boozes because they aren’t processed thesame mode as the other carbs and that’s what does your form into that government of ketosis the realtricky part about this diet as if counting carbs to that degree wasn’t enough is it makes likefour to five days to have your body actually get into that regime and if you ingest too many carbsyou leave that territory so not only do i have to be carb inhibited for at least five days to getthere i then have to maintain that i cannot break that otherwise it’s another five days of this justto get into this ketosis state so why keto versus some of the other diets out there just watchingwhat i eat frankly it’s mostly only interest i’ve heard about this diet as i mentioned i havefriends and infantry buddies who have done it and admire it family members who have done it andwe with the covid thing and working at home have really placed ourselves into this situation where wecan experiment like this all the food we’re eating is at home we’re not going out to eat so it’s amuch easier thing to control exactly what i am consuming because the only options i have are theones that i am allowing myself to have so between the lack of fitness the current environment thati’m living in and the whole goal of slimming down the fatty midsection a little keto just seemedlike the privilege move i’m not going to get into research on the nutrition because that’s not what thisis all about and i am not a scientist like i said i really feel like i’m an daily chap but thereis plenty out there for those that are puzzled it’s called google and you type in k-e-t-o andstuff is gonna pop up that said real quick some pros and cons that i had read about prose it’s afocused solid loss method it forces you to pay close attention to what you eat you learn about whatis in food so if you’ve never done a diet before you’re just getting an educational out of trying todo this one and though restricted calories does lead to weight loss fatty and protein fix you feelfuller longer and thus you are not able even have to count calories simply the carbs some of the cons onthe other hand there’s this thing called the keto flu it is what happens to you when your bodygoes through the transition from employing glucose for exertion to ketones some of the side effectsi’ve read about blurry brain headache fatigue dizziness impatience most of which can beattributed to losing excess fluid i approximate a high carb diet crusades us to retain water and soit’s essentially becoming dehydrated and inadequate salts and minerals i too don’t think that thisis a long-term sustainable nutrition there was still parties out there that will argue with me but really mepersonally i do look forward to eating carbs again in about 60 daytimes presumably there may be someconstipation as well i guess i’ll find out when i get there but i guess a good deal of fiber is found inthose carb heavy menus and so a decrease in fiber may lead to constipation candidly i readthe exact opposite somewhere else so uh i’ll stop you informed without too much detaili promise and then the possibility of a nutrient deficiency when you restraint your choices and youcut out fruits and a good number of veggies you precisely don’t have as much opportunity to getthe things that your torso needs now this is my day 0 prepping for the keto diet video so i wantto talk through some of the things that i’ve done getting ready to switch to this little to no carbdiet first and foremost we disappeared grocery shopping and we got a ton of stuff the different snacksa lot of fleshes some of the things we’d even read about like this keto ice cream and anything leftin the house came put into the garage along those lines i made a couple of printouts framed them up onthe fridge just some quick and easy notes as to the things i should focus on when i’m eatingalso downloaded an app that i’ve read about a whole cluster and when i made a facebook live aboutgoing keto this app went brought up a whole ton too and just from browsing through and doing a coupleof measure enterings i feel like this thing is going to save me if my totality objective is counting carbsthis little baby’s doing it for me and then i also made a spreadsheet why i am doing a dailyvideo and it’s really a big experiment for myself i wanted to track as much data as i could so i’mgoing to update this thing every day you’re going to see that as a part of the videos and then we’llget this cool little synopsis at the end of how it all went down speaking of those daily videos letme give you a little run down what you can expect first we begin with those body estimations i’vegot a proportion that claims to tell me my person fatty percentage my ocean percentage my muscle weightand of course my overall heavines i don’t know how scientifically accurate the thing is but i do knowit’s measuring something and so we’re gonna find out if those somethings are decreasing increasingnot changing what have you as this nutrition extends along i’ll likewise be giving you video and breakdownof every single thing that i eat i’m talking about the macros in the snacks and the snacksthe calories even the cost that i’m tracking and then on top of all of that how i’m feelingeach day a little morning feel a little recap of the evening and then formerly a week a weekly synopsison top of the daily videos i’m going to be doing some extra measurements and photos if all goes toplan i’m gonna have some really cool stuff to show you at the very end of all this and i’m hoping itinvolves a skinnier chip couple of final things for you to end this prep video i wanteveryone to know that nothing is patronized in this video line i’m making these genuinely for myselfnot only to substantiate the journeying but likewise because i love video production it has been my occupation forthe last decade and so this is fun for me so when you insure things mentioned like the carb manager appor me chewing certain types of foods or produces those are my genuine options there was still associations inthe descriptions of videos that go to like an amazon affiliate accumulate that if you sounds throughand buy something i’ll get a little business assistance but i’m not here to push those i’m justincluding them because if this video makes off and i can procreate ten dollars i’ll take the ten dollarsand finally i am on other social media scaffolds so if you look for chip brewster on facebook orinstagram you’ll experience me there and then of course the usual youtube pitching like mention subscribeshare all that stuff it’s whatever youtuber i’ve ever seen says at the end of their video andwho knows perhaps this video succession will do more than merely entertain me for a little bit maybeit’ll give person some genuine information that they’ve been looking for i please this regularguy some fluke let’s do this nutrition started

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