Correcting High Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol on Keto Diet – Dr.Berg

so today’s topic is going to be on highcholesterol on keto so many parties sometimes freakout because their cholesterol is too highi’ve done quite a few videos on this but i wanted to create a videoon something very specific that you need to know aboutso here’s the big moment a good extent of your cholesterol and bythe lane there’s two organs in your person thatmake cholesterol one is the liver but also the intestinesso a good majority of your cholesterol is controlledby bile salts okay so bile salts are madeby the liver and the intestine all right so we’ve got the liver and theintestine and excess cholesterol is eliminated through numerous pathwaysinvolving bile so you need bile to eliminate excess cholesteroland the regulation of excess cholesterol is dependenton bile now as far as the small intestine goes there’s these littlereceptors and they’re announced bileacid receptors another figure for a bile battery-acid receptor would be an fxrreceptor not that you need to know that nowwhat these receptors do is they regulate cholesterolby stifling cholesterol now the liver also influencescholesterol as well but not as much as a smallintestine the small intestine truly regulateshdl the so-called good cholesterol well it’s not good or badit’s the cholesterol from the cell back to the liverso look at this right here we’ve got hdl extends from the cellback to the liver and then ldl extends from the liverto the cell so they’re just transportationproteins as in high density lipoprotein or low density lipo proteinall right so far so good let’s go on to the next slidethere’s another condition called cholesterol anemia okay essential means theydon’t know what causes it very similar to critical high-pitched bloodpressure they don’t they don’t really know what causes itwe know it’s usually vitamin d and low-grade potassium but essentialhyper cholesterol anemia includes familial hyper cholesterol anemiaand this is that precondition which is genetic okaywhich people are concerned about because they don’t really think they can doanything about it but you can do things about it and i will employ a link downbelow so that’s just one duty there’s othercauses of this unknown high cholesterol a high fat dietokay but if “youve had” high-pitched cholesterol it’d be a very good ideato get some advanced lipid testing to certainly catch out more what’s going onyou’re going to find out the type of high-pitched ldl that you haveis actually a good ldl but i don’t want to get into that right now i want tokind of stay on track so we have genetics high fatty dietbecause you’re doing keto but likewise hypothyroidismthat can cause high-pitched cholesterol in the bloodalso kidney shatter and a defect in bileokay now that can be from some hazard from a kidney stoneor and that’s what i really would like to speak about right now so what causes a flaw in bilebecause venom is very very important in breakingdown flabs to absorb solid cyber vitamins it helps lubricate the colon it helpsprevent sibo in the small intestine but it alsohas a very important function in regulating cholesterol okayso what the hell is make a insufficiency in bile most important thing is liver injury okay as in a fatty liveran inflamed liver as in hepatitis or a liver that’s filled with fibrotictissue or a liver that has blemish tissue which iscalled cirrhosis okay so all three of those conditionswill cause a shortfall in bile because anything that lessens the liverfunction decreases the amount of bile productionbut you too have the small intestine and that would be the next thing i willmention if you have intestinal damage okay so let’s say you had a series ofantibiotics that time destroyed your intestine or let’s say you haveceliac or crohn’s or diverticulitis any inflammation or injury in your smallintestine will decrease the production of bile andthat can spike the cholesterol nowbecause your friendly bacteria the microbiomealso help to recycle bile if there’s a problem in the microbiomeyou’re not going to make fairly bile so the good bacteriacould be another thing to look at or it could be that you had the gallbladderremoved you have no gallbladder in which case you’re goingto have less venom so all of these are factorsthat can contribute to high-pitched cholesterol i just wanted to bring up your awarenessand another link to high cholesterol that you needto be aware of because a solution a very simplesolution would be if you had liver damage is justto take some purified venom salts okay and that is going to help regulatecholesterol now it also could be that you need to takemore good bacteria okay so that’s another solution rightthere or it could be that you have a slow thyroid so the point is that inorder to fix something you have to know all the potential causesand then what’s the most likely cause all right thanks for watching and tellme what you think of this new format i’m just trying it out hey we’re back with another amazingrecipe no specks no sugar 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