Continuous Glucose Monitor Review Part 2

Hi everyone. It'' s Christina Curt right here at the Castaway
kitchen and also welcome back to my network. Be sure to subscribe and also, you know, see various other video clips as well as accompany
as well as ask plenty of concerns. So this is part two of my
continuous sugar screen experience. So in part one, I reviewed what I obtained it as well as what
I had actually seen thus far, um, that I, I did get it with
the neutral feeling app. So the benefit to the Nutri
Feeling application is that it was, um, you have this awesome system
where you can place in your foods. Um, it tells you like your peak, your standard
predictability, the irregularity, , there'' s a, you know, you can put in all my meals as well as I was able to chat with a diet professional through this, which was type of cool.And.

she resembled, your diet'' s ideal. And the method you'' re. reacting to food is terrific, however your fasting blood.
sugar is really high, however don'' t worry too much concerning that. As well as.
I'' m like, obviously I ' m stressed regarding, yet, , anyway, I actually suched as.
it. It was two weeks however. And also two weeks was one 75. That'' s extremely. pricey. Um, I wish to reveal you, I took it out of my arm. and also this was kind of gross, but I wanted to show you.
what it looks like. So, as well as if you can see this tiny.
little thing, it'' s like, it ' s truly soft at this tiny. little sensors, what was in my arm. And afterwards this is simply what, like talked with my phone and also verruca on my.
arm below and afterwards that large bandaid on top. So this is what it in fact.
appear like. And also you just, that'' s that little point that in your arm.
So the center itself is a. freestyle Libra. Um, however once more, you obtain it with nutrition,. via the neutral sense application, they send it to me and after that I use. their app to track all my data.Um, as you can see, look
, that whole. thing. That ' s what I was sleeping. It ' s not bananas. I believed that. was odd. My physician was'like, yep, that ' s a little weird anyway. So, um, I truly liked it. I assume the. neutral feeling is worth it. If you, if you ' re not functioning. with your medical professional, , and you ' re not going. to get a prescription, you can get it through the dietary. app without a prescription.And once more, the app itself is awesome,. yet extremely pricey.
So when I spoke to my doctor as well as we. chosen to make some modifications to my diet in regards to no fasting,. 3 meals a day, um, no snacking, like that ' s what she was.'like.
I don'' t desire you to snacking. I put on ' t. I want you.'create that ' s one point. The second meal impact is
when you. consume as well as your blood sugar has a normal feedback and also it rises, but.
then you consume again soon after. And after that as opposed to like boiling down, it like bounces from there.
and afterwards it goes even higher. I most definitely saw that with me and also I have a tendency.
to such as to consume a dish and after that like half an hour later have dessert. And also I.
understood if I want dessert with my meal, I need to eat it like with my.
meal. No, not later on. Anyhow. So my doctor did offer me a.
prescription.So she claimed, gave me a prescription to Costco. As well as after that I printed out.
this promo code from good RX, which my buddy Margaret appealed, they'' re going to United advise it.
because when I looked it up online, the freestyle leave it, it says it below marked down.
rate with this voucher one 1796. As well as I was like, okay, well that'' s. less costly than like the one 50 or one 60. It was going to lack it. Nevertheless,.
what I mosted likely to Costco to get it. Okay. I got it for $67 and 96 cents. So I put on'' t. know exactly how that occurred, however I understand that it'' s occurred to a.
couple of people. So you use the excellent RX. So you require a prescription.
from your medical professional. So your medical professional send your prescription. Then you place in what you'' re going to obtain. as well as where pharmacy you'' re gon na select it and you print out a.
coupon.And after that I saved a
lots of cash. So I in fact got $67 and I got 2 of these. So I have a full.
month'' s well worth of freestyle. Now the disadvantages of this. point, there'is an app, however it ' s not as excellent. Um, yet the, the advantage is if you are. collaborating with your medical professional, your physician can visit to the freestyle, like leave it a whatever.

web site as well as see your data.But when I opened up the little.
box, there'' s alcohol wipes, there'' s this point. And the applicator,. there was no bandaid. And like, you most definitely need that bandaid to.
cover this point because it hits things. They'' re not water, they ' re not. water-proof, they'' re water resistant. Um, so I think I'' ll have to go to
the. pharmacy and purchase some band-aids. Um, however I will place it on in front of you.
guys, so you can see what it'' s like. It doesn ' t truly hurt. I was. truly surprised exactly how much, exactly how much'it'doesn ' t hurt because it ' s. a little scary, this gigantic thing. Um, however once again, the freestyle,. this continual glucose screen, the advantage is that you really see exactly how. tension is impacting your blood sugar, just how task impacts your blood sugar,. what you'' re doing when you ' re sleeping.
As well as for me, due to the fact that I ' ve.
certainly observed like, tension is a large deal for. me right currently. Um, you understand, I last year with due to tension, like my blood sugar level numbers were simply. sort of everywhere. Um, nonetheless, I don ' t constantly necessarily react excellent.
to low carb.Like I often tend

to do carbs, however I put on'' t recognize if they ' re. benefiting me or not. I feel better, however are they it ' s?
Yeah, I was. kinda like battling. Right. Um, and well, with the autoimmune.
protocol I'' ve done, um, my AIP current and I did an EIP keto reset.
and afterwards continued simply with regular IEP as well as after that reintroduce some foods. And after that kind of back to the low carb, my inflammation is a great deal.
better as well as I really feel fantastic. I definitely have some fat burning.
resistance taking place and which I battled with. Always, it was constantly.
really hard for me to drop weight, however due to the fact that I gained.
some weight in 2014, like most individuals did since pandemic.
and the health clubs were shut and my child was residence full-time as well as my husband.
was released and blah, blah.Um, it'' s among those points where I'' m like,.'alright, I ' ve invested a great deal of time healing. I ' d like to just type of get. back into my clothes. , so this is all sort of in to see what'' s. going on with my blood sugar level and also to see the perpetrator. So laboratories are fine. A1C is fine. It'' s the ones penalty. Um, A1C is 5, which it has been. for us. It ' s constantly five, um, which maybe lower, yet a cloud.
bad. And afterwards my insulin was nine, which I'' m needing under 10 is fine,.
yet it could be reduced also. Some numbers obtained much better from two.
years ago when I was thinner.Um, like my swelling is lower. now than it was after that.
Um, however my triglycerides went. up, that makes feeling.
Um, and my leptin degrees rose. So, um, I am doing a high protein, high,.
fat morning meal, 6 hours later on, high protein, you understand, low.
carbohydrate, modest, you understand, I can much more carbon, not such as.
reduced carbohydrate, but not crazy. Um, in good quantity of fat lunch, however.
smaller sized dish. And after that dinner be, um, not late, like an early dinner, like.
newest I'' m consuming is by like six, six 30. Um, as well as again, low carbohydrate supper and supper is my tiniest.
meal or the lightest meal of the day. Um, and after that I don'' t eat again. up until morning meal the next day. To ensure that'' s what I ' m doing. today. As well as again, no snacking to really avoid.
that second dish effect. Um, just having my meals as well as that'' s it,. I ' m not concentrating on calories or macros. I'imply, I ' m cognizant of what I'' m. consuming, however not in a manner that, ,'or I ' m monitoring anything.
Um, because. that ' s just also much. Okay. So, uh, when you put something in the other to. like grab the sensor and I assume it'' s all right, you need to line up a point you have to line.
up right. This little, similar to this little thing of a jig.
keeping that little point in a joke. So long that up, and afterwards I'' m going. to push it down. Right. And also I such as, there ' s like a nice click there. And so it chose up the sensing unit.
Therefore after that you just hold. on, I reached cleanse my space. I'' m simply mosting likely to pop it in and afterwards

I ' m. going, go get a band-aid.
Yet anyways, the factor is continuous sugar. displays. If you ' re a person that, , actually I already had it in this arm,.
although it'' s been like a week, I think I can do it in this arm. once more'. Um, it doesn'' t trouble, it doesn'' t harmed when you have it on. It doesn ' t trouble me when I. sleep or anything like that.
Um, the only thing that I was. sort of tired concerning his mind, Epsom salt bathrooms influencing it, but.
again, the band-aid maintained it pretty risk-free. So I'' m cleaning up the skin as well as you should.
do it on the media'' s component of your arm. I obtained a lot of meat, so.
great to go on my arm. Um, and also there'' s a great deal of. actually fascinating data. So what I'' m mosting likely to do is I ' m going. to use the, the freestyle application to track.
I likewise maintain a thorough. food journal here. Um, as well as after that I recognize some individuals make use of.
an application called sugar siren, which makes the charts and the.
graphs work. But again, you can constantly simply make use of a spread sheet.
as well as obtain the exact same information.All right.

Allow'' s just do that being a.
infant. I'' m like, I wear ' t desire it, yet it doesn ' t hurt one,. two,'three. There you go.
That ' s it. That'' s it. I actually didn ' t.
feel it such as in any way. That ' s crazy. Um, it ' s all simply a.
little frightening. Um, so yeah, if, if it ' s something that. you ' re thinking about doing, I highly recommend you get a. prescription from your doctor. With any luck they ' re similar to. open to doing it, to, to do, to giving it to you and also after that utilize excellent. RX to get a great price.Um, as well as once again, with the freestyle, maybe there ' s a con is the app'isn ' t. as great as well as you put on ' t get a bandaid, like what the hell is up around. Um,. but you certainly require a band-aid. Um, and put on ' t obsess over it. I, even though I have 2 weeks worth.
in between a month'' s worth in between them, I'' m going to take, like they claim to.
take a few days or a week off. Um, yet it'' s really just good to see patterns.
with just how you'' re doing, you understand? So, um, of course there ' s additionally a great deal.
of things that made feeling to me, like things that I'' ve been.
preaching for a long period of time, the walking after meals quickest.
means to reduced blood glucose, like each time I would.
stroll up to a meal, Oop, my blood sugar level would go down.
absolutely, um, consuming smaller sized meals.We know it

doesn'' t influence blood sugar level. as much. Right. Um, yet however, yet'if I ' m starving or sooner, after that I'' m still going to get that 2nd.
dish efficient. I eat an hour later on. So I certainly discovered that bigger,.
reduced carb meals are what helped me, which is why I'' m doing this 3 larger.
meals, no snacking circumstance today. Um, and stress and anxiety is a killer that.
absolutely influenced my blood sugar, which was really fascinating. Um,.
as well as what'' s fascinating to recognize, as well as I discuss this a great deal in my initial video.
also, is that the glucose screen, these, these procedure, your, the.
glucose in your inner system of liquid, it is not a blood sugar meter, right? So occasionally you need to calibrate.
them since when I initially got it, my numbers were very reduced. Therefore what I'' ve learned was that I had.
to adjust and essentially puncture my finger and also take that number like.
numerous times and afterwards make certain it was pairing up to this one.
and also calibrate the app. And then it provided me.
better readings. So, um, there is a little of a hold-up between.
your blood sugar and your internal system, like fluid, like yourself sugar, but they need to match up.
instead closely.Um, but again, in some cases these points.
do need calibration. Um, so yeah, that'' s it.
If you have any type of. concerns, simply placed them in the comments, allow me know. Um, as well as bear in mind good are X, so you put on'' t pay a great deal of money.
for your meter. Bye, everybody.

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