If you stopped feeing chocolate cake because of the diet that is until today, us to be able to do KETO chocolate cake with only two ingredients, the very best! so cease that diet. No flour , no refined sugar , no lubricant, cheap, moist and chocolaty as you like it, mega easy and of course mega good! subscribe we’re going to start … ah no no don’t wait … if you miss my cookbooks inspect my collect. For this recipe you need dark chocolate more than 80% chocolate( if you want it to be keto) and eggs nothing else … but if your chocolate is more bitter than your ex … you can add a little sweetener, a touch of vanilla and a tinge of salt. Prepare your cake mold I have these of the ones that open so I’m going to set the waxed paper here, close it and then cut it. If they taught me a proficiency to cut it round but good-for-nothing that I learned, if you don’t have wax paper you can grease the mold or like me, I’m too freaky and I also lent petroleum to the wax paper. Now in a container us to be able to separate the yolks from the whites.Did you notice that my bracelet says Recipe Lily? there is a little hole that cleared me a adherent, thanks for that cherish. Once I have them separated, I am going to melt this chocolate, I like to do it the traditional mode in a pan, I positioned ocean and then I heat up little by little until it softens, there are many people who do it in the microwave but I do that It scares me because you never know exactly what time you have to set it on, I vanish 40 seconds and it makes forever, on the other hand, in a double boiler it is always perfect. Look at this composition, formerly I have my chocolate softened like this, I will contribute the yolks one by one, included the first one and immediately you are going to beat remember that the chocolate is hot, I more or less tell it warm up, because many times it can Cook the yolks then it is better that you supplement them one by one and travel trouncing and desegregating are you all right, you have to realize that there is nothing to stay in the chocolate, irrigated by the yolks.He supplemented my third and as you recognize the chocolate is getting cold and all this mixture is getting thicker it is totally normal so don’t panic. Here what you have to achieve is that the yolks are well mingled with this chocolate before the white-hots, look at the quality, it smells so savory that I wish you could reek it, but I “know what youre talking about” smell it because you are going to run to the kitchen to make this cake. By the lane, it is a very small cake, you get like four components , nothing more, so do not get excited. If you decided to add the tinge of salt and vanilla, this is the moment it combines are you all right until you see that everything is completely combined – if it weren’t because these yolks are so raw I would have already eaten a spoonful of this – this aromas mega great.Now we are going to beat the greys you can use a mixer or also look at a “clean mitt” you can give it – I with this idiomatic … that means you can use a hand mixer. Aerate the whites well until they are at a snow quality if you decided to add sweetener this is the time, you are going to add it to the whites and you will continue beating at the snow detail the blizzard quality is the one that is so thick that you You can turn the bowl over and they stay glued to the bowl, check how then there, they don’t even move. The next step is to combine these 2. I am going to add a few tablespoons of the lily-whites to the chocolate. Why? Because the chocolate is very thick, then first “youve got to” soften it, in this way it will be much easier to integrate it with the white-hots without having to move it so much and for the white-hots to lose all that beautiful aura they have. The softer the chocolate is, the less you will have to work on the second part when they integrate it clearly and this will be done with enveloping movements that are where you go down, come up, come back down and so on …. I said previously that the mixture will not leave for a very large cake can double the ingredients and you get wise bigger or thicker patty and if you crave a patty can also use individual moldings for muffins. Well, I think this is more or less softened so what I am going to do is add this chocolate to the whites and once you lend it, you will be filled with love to treat these whites and not make them go down. Before adding the chocolate smorgasbord, check that it is softened, start to combine very carefully, this takes me about 7 instants to have all my white-hots well combined with the chocolate until you have a totally smooth, velvety, smooth and of course uniform mixture. how it is changing When 7 times have already guided, see how this is, You must have a beautiful potpourrus of chocolate. Now I am going to pour it into the mold that I have chosen to make this cake.This mold “ve been a little” huge for me, weighing 17 centimeters, I recommend a smaller one or if you are going to use a molding like this, make double the amount( I am going to tell you trade secrets: I have a problem with chocolate patties that I never are so beautiful and most of the time it’s because the mold I grab is not the right one, but hey, I previously gave myself to this mold so I’m going to establish them now and let’s see how this is going to look) regardles routes I am already prepared with some Lilytips in case this is not somewhat. I’m going to decorate now regardless with some chocolate chips that are always yummy to find when you chop the cake.Spread the potpourrus well, the oven has to be preheated and I are happy to applied them on the rack in the middle of the oven so that they are straight, you can also cook it in a bain-marie in the kitchen for 15 to 17 minutes and see how it turned out . … let’s say it was decent but not perfect( if it’s okay, “re saying it”, it’s ugly, but I have the Lilytips that will change your life, scatter your sweetener in the blender and then with the help of a filter or with a utensil of this one is for tea, spray on your patty gently and discover what mutate, it already inspects more suggestive, right? easier still, you can add cocoa powder, in fact it seems to me that it is more beautiful and more provoking still what Do you think? Save this Lilytips that will rescue all your terrible patties. Let’s see it inside that it is true that it is beautiful wow look at this dye, look at this quality, a pact patty, moist inside and with an savour that even my neighbour must be suffering.I came These four triangles( in the description box I will leave you the macros of this recipe) you can also divide it into 6 segments and it previous longer. Look at this quality it’s kind of creamy but quite compact mega good! let’s try it mega good!( I think he did not pass the white teeth measure) but this must be enjoyed If you liked this video subscribe and leave me your finger up If you want to support my work, buy my recipe journals that will help you unionize yourself so that you dine 80% health of your week and so you do not feel any regret when they provoke this type of desserts … Life is too short to feel guilt for what we eat, don’t you think? expressed support for my TELEGRAM channel I am going to leave you the link in the description thank you for watching this video told you in the next one and I invite you to see … If I know you stopped eating MAYONNAISE years ago because it induces you fat, today I have The best news for you can eat healthy mayonnaise. I making the solution to stop eating is for this homemade mayonnaise. Creamy, high-pitched in protein, merely 5 healthy parts, you will not repute how easy it is and how good it is. Low in fat … no no no but wait there’s more I’ll tell you how I reach my 3 favorite flavored mayonnaise so that you can eat them with your chips and with your chips you will adore me after watching this video.

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