Cómo funciona la dieta keto

With this video you will understand the basicsof how the ketogenic nutrition studies. Understanding this willmake it easier for it to work for you. Basically, a ketogenic nutrition turns youinto a overweight burning machine, thus making it easy toreduce excess heavines, forming you feel fullfor long periods of time, dominate your blood sugar, and reverse manycommon health problems. Your body will burn fatand your ability will burn ketones, which are alsomade from overweight. You is gonna be a fat burning machine. It is important torealize that this is very different from what is considered normal today. A catastrophe is happeningaround the world; there is a big obesity epidemic. Most of the people in themodern world are overweight. And as a by-product of this, there is aworldwide epidemic of diabetes, which means that there is too much sugarin people’s blood. Diabetes is one of the leading causesof death in Mexico, where deaths from thisdisease have quadrupled since the 1990 s. In Chile, one in ten adultssuffers from this condition.In the United District, it is predictedthat one in two people will develop type 2 diabetesin their lifetime. And not only the West is affected, diabetes is also a disasterin China, India and the Arab world. It has become aglobal problem with horrendous complications. An excess of fatty in the body of the peopleand an plethora of sugar in their blood. What’s going on? This doesn’t justaffect people you know. Most likely, itis already affecting you. Why does this happen? Today, anywhere inthe world and at all times, “youve had” easy access to nutrients richin carbohydrates and sugars.Foods thatare also very palatable, which means that they are so gratifyingthat they become potentially addictive. With which, if we go with the flow, it is likely that we are eating and drinkingsugar or starches several times a day. And each time we do this we increasethe amount of sugar in our blood and are continuing to our bodiesburning sugar. Now, the problem with burningmainly sugar is that it blocks ourbodies from burning fatty, through the hormone insulin. When you munch carbohydrates, you increaseyour blood sugar heights and your insulin levelsalso rise. Insulin is the hormone responsiblefor storing overweight in the body. It tells your body to collect the fatyou dined for later employ. So the sugar is downed firstand the solid is accumulated for last-minute. In short-lived, that’s their own problems, because that “after” never comes. In today’s world, the authorities concerned will ever chew again after a while.And we are not only talking about eatingjunk food, such as donuts, but also foods rich in starch, suchas meat or pasta, which soon separated in thestomach, turning into pure glucose; a simple sugar that raisesblood sugar and insulin status. Bread, pasta, rice, and all starchy nutrients turn into simple sugarswhen they are digested. So if you munch whatmost people eat, your bloodstreamis constantly full of sugar.In the worst, one can become diabetic and at the same time incessantly store overweight. And that is why we havean obesity epidemic. It is now known that snacking less and beingmore active is not enough to stop it. That’s something that has been going onfor 30 times, and the obesity epidemiccontinues to worsen every year. It is not working and we know why. Losing weight by include caloriesis very difficult. As long as you continue to eat alot of sugar or carbohydrates thinking that you are doing the right thing, itwill be almost impossible, because you will constantly bein fat storage mode, and there is no remedyfor a bad diet.So what does all this have to dowith the ketogenic diet? A ketogenic dietis the exact inverse. Instead of burning carbohydrate all the time, youare burning fatty. Obviously, the ketogenic nutrition is notthe only health course to eat, but it is the most powerful dietto completely reverse infections caused byexcess sugar and carbohydrates, including obesity, because instead of perpetually eatingsugar and starches all day, we don’t do it at all. Or almost not at all. A ketogenic food is avery low carbohydrate diet. It is moderate in protein, which means that you should still eata ordinary extent of protein, which is necessary to repair and maintainbody tissues in good condition. But the vigor it is necessary to, what you got mainlyfrom carbohydrate or carbohydrates , now you will get from fat. On a ketogenic nutrition, your figure does force from solid. All the muscles in our body canobtain intensity instantly from fat. However, the intelligence doesn’t, and that’swhere we come up with the word “ketogenic.” When you munch very little carbohydrates, your form will take the solid and convert it in the liver into smallenergy molecules called “ketones.” And ketones are great fuelfor your brain.In this space, with the ketogenic food, even your psyche will burnfat through ketones. And in fact, this is a functionthat the body needs. When you do not eat for a while, for example, when you are fasting, or if for somereason you stop eating nutrient, stored carbohydrate isquickly expended, and to feed the brain the body beginsto produce ketones from fatty. This means you don’t have to go ona keto diet to get into ketosis. You could just fastfor a day or two, and you would also go into ketosisand burn a lot of overweight. The good news is that you don’t haveto starve or fast for a long time, because a ketogenic food works too. Too, you can’t fast forever, but you can stay ona ketogenic diet for life. The bottom line is that the ketogenic nutrition turns you into afat burning machine. Time as somebody might invest an hourjogging on a treadmill at the gym to burn a bit overweight, you will burn fat all the time, even while you sleep. It is the best diet for weight loss, which can help you feel betterand function better. Why? Well, because it is highlyunlikely that you will run out of fuel. Your body can onlystore carbohydrates for vigour for a few hours, or at most for a period. This means that if you merely burnsugar, starve returns abruptly. You have to eat all the timeand, if you don’t, you will probably feel very bad, hungry and so tired. On the other hand, their own bodies supermarkets solid, which provides enough energyfor weeks and even months, and on a ketogenic diet your organization and brainhave constant access to this solid. You will be able to move on, you will feel full of energy, satiated and immense, without havingto stop for a snack. If you likewise want to save meter, and even money, you could even skip some snacks, and still you would be burning fat all the time. Even when you arein bunked dreaming, your figure and brainwill be burning fat.That’s why we’re not surprised that theketogenic food is so effective for weight loss. But it is much more than that, and we will go into detail about otherbenefits later in this course. In the next partwe will get very practical, and we will seewhat exactly you eat on a ketogenic food. I signify, beyond bacon, because everybody knowsthat you can eat bacon, right? See you soon in part three ..

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