Chrissie Swan weight loss: Star issues warning after fan asks her diet trick question

Radio host and TV personality Chrissie Swan has scotched a rumour about her dramatic weight loss.

Swan, 49, said she managed to shed the kilos after ditching alcohol, walking regularly and modifying her diet.

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But various rumours have persisted about how she lost a reported 90kg, including the story that she ate low-carb “keto” gummy bears.

The former Big Brother contestant is currently in Japan and posted a picture of herself at a cafe.

In the comments, one fan decided to ask about the keto gummy bears story.

“Sorry to ask, but did you really take up keto gummies, as there are so many posts about it,” one fan wrote.

Chrissie Swan in Japan. Credit: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

“Absolutely not,” Swan replied.

“Scam. Don’t buy!”

“Thank you, I felt that was the case,” the follower responded.

“You are amazing and thanks for replying!”

Chrissie Swan. Credit: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

“Keto” refers to the keto or ketogenic diet, a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that is heavy on meat, fatty fish and dairy.

Keto gummy bears claim to be low in carbohydrates and free of sugar.

They purport to help decrease appetite, boost the body’s metabolic rate and boost energy.

But Swan is clearly not a fan.

Chrissie Swan in a Japanese supermarket. Credit: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

In interviews, the TV and radio personality said her dramatic transformation began during Melbourne’s COVID lockdowns.

“We couldn’t go out to dinner, we couldn’t go to a friend’s house, they couldn’t come to us, we couldn’t go outside five kilometres,” she told The Women’s Weekly.

“All we could do was walk, and so that’s what I did.”

She also said her alcohol-free lifestyle has improved her sleep as well as helping her to lose weight.

“I stopped drinking booze of any kind (alcohol is diabolical for sleep and anxiety too),“ she wrote in October 2021 on Instagram.

Chrissie Swan is in Japan for the first time in 30 years. Credit: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

“Getting better sleep is actually quite the commitment – and I was surprised at how…

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