Choose Your Protein Wisely on Keto

let's talk about how to choose your proteins 
wisely now the problem with protein is that   in nature protein never comes as a complete 
protein it comes with fat and there's such a   thing called the insulin index which looks at the 
protein effect of insulin so in other words the   leaner the protein the more the spike in insulin 
if you want to get into ketosis very very deeply   you don't want to do the lean protein you want 
to do more fatty or protein now if we look at   the ketogenic diet as far as a pie chart 
five percent should be carbs and i failed   to also add another five percent for salad and 
vegetables because i don't count those into the   equation so roughly 10 carbs but half of that 
should be vegetable and 20 protein and then we   have 70 fat so we're just going to focus on the 
fat the protein right now so if we look at 70 fat   to 20 protein we're looking at the percentage of 
calories and you can see wow that's a lot of fat   to protein right it's actually three and a half 
times more fat than protein but if we take a look   at the actual weight in grams simply because 
there's more uh condensed energy in fat than   protein then we're dealing with a different ratio 
we're dealing with 1.56 to one ratios so we're   talking about weight okay because when people say 
wow you're eating this high fat diet you're eating   70 of your calories fat it's really kind of like 
a a little more than a one to one ratio so when   you really look at it from a weight point of 
view it doesn't look that unreasonable okay   so the more that we can align ourselves with this 
ratio right here the more truly keto it is now   if we increase this even more we have more 
fat to protein then we're going to generate   more ketones and this is what they do for 
epileptic children the diet is very very   high in fat because they're trying to generate 
enough ketones from the fat to really make it work   and when you have more fat to protein it's really 
good on your digestive system it's a lot better   than doing leaner proteins and of course that 
depends on what type of fat you're talking about   but what happens too is when you increase 
more fat you increase more stimulation of   bile from your liver to actually digest the fat 
people who are on a low fat diet end up with   a deficiency of bile and they're more at risk 
for getting gallstones which is interesting   all right let's take a look at this chart right 
here it's very very interesting so we have fat   and protein we're just looking at kind of the 
ratios here an egg is the one to one ratio   so if you're eating egg maybe you add a little 
more fat to that um you could do it several   ways you could add a little butter or whatever 
hamburger two to one that's a pretty good ratio   twice as much fat as protein so hamburger is 
a really good thing to do for keto i consume   a lot of hamburger steak look at this one to two 
wow most steak that you eat is just not fatty   enough and people tend to cut off the fat they 
don't eat the fat so if you're gonna do a steak   maybe make sure you add more fat to that meal 
all right chicken actually it's lower in fat   higher in protein so there's twice as much protein 
as fat but i'm not sure about this one because   here's the point if you're eating this with the 
skin with where there's some fat underneath it   this might even out to a 1.1 uh ratio so always 
eat the skin on on the chicken all right bacon one   to one now you would think it'd be a lot higher 
in fat it is but you're frying off all the fat so   if you're doing bacon you want to actually add 
some more fat to the meal okay look at this a   pecan seven to one pecan is very very fatty 
of course we're not talking about saturated   fats we're talking about omega-6 fatty acid and 
there's a little bit of carb okay there's a tiny   bit of carb but pecans are a really good nut to 
consume i consume pecans probably on a daily basis   this is a good ratio all right now let's talk 
about the peanut it's two to one it's good ratio   but many times if i eat a meal i will have some 
peanut butter with celery just to get a little   bit more fat in the diet all right cod liver now 
i'm not talking about cod liver oil talk about   cod liver it's right here check this out icelandic 
cod liver maybe you've never heard about it before   there's many different brands most of them are 
wild caught okay so that's the one you want to get   i don't know if they get it all from the same 
place but this is quite good look at the ratio   five times as much fat to protein this is 
definitely ketogenic food and the oil in it   actually is all from the cod liver okay so i'm not 
saying you're gonna drink the whole thing uh you   could and maybe you should you can actually put 
it in the refrigerator and have a little bit each   day but yesterday i consumed an entire can it was 
a little too much fat in one sitting but if you   did a half of this you'd be great but yesterday 
i was not hungry for the entire day i think i   just had one meal and normally i'll have two but 
this is extremely satisfying summer sausage now   what is summer sausage it's a type of sausage 
here's an example that you normally don't need   to refrigerate it unless you open it up and then 
you put in the refrigerator this one it says to   refrigerate okay that's cool but this is something 
that i consume on a regular basis as well of   course this one is organic uncured summer sausage 
the problem is trying to find summer sausage   without dextrose which is synthetic sugar and 
without nitrates now this does have celery juice   and i did a video on this topic it's true that 
celery juice does have nitrates and so therefore   people say well it's the same as the nitrates you 
would get from other sources right but there's   really no studies that i could find that said that 
consuming celery juice with the nitrates has any   harmful effects so it may create some harmful 
effects but if you know of a study put it down   below but i'm still alive i've been consuming this 
for a long time so this has organic beef sea salt   all right and then it has organic honey 
now i know what you're going to say   you said not to have honey this is a very very 
small amount i'm okay with it it's like one   gram per serving so it's pretty low and then we 
have organic spices cultured celery juice powder   lactic acid starter culture but this is like a 
two to one ratio so it's it's actually perfect   if i'm in a hurry i can just chop this off i 
might add some cheese to it i might just have   it by itself and i'm good to go and also lucy 
our little granddaughter who's two right now   loves this and it's it's pretty healthy 
and i know someone is going to want to know   where do i get this you're going to have to 
look it up i have no affiliation with these   companies um but i will put a link down below of 
of the names of these so you can do the research   on them okay then we get to the macadamia nut 
look at this 11.5 fat to a one protein ratio   this is quite killer nut in a good way 
all right sardines now check this out   here's an example of some sardines you would 
think it'd be fattier but look at it has twice   as much protein as fat but it comes in oil 
so a lot of that oil is going to shift this   is probably going to be like a one to one ratio 
so this is i consume sardines it's totally fine   you need to do it but look at this 
salmon 1.5 to 1.

So apparently salmon   fits this closest it's the ideal keto food i 
love salmon i love fatty fish i consume salmon   on a regular basis salmon also has selenium to 
counter any potential mercury that's in that   fish but of course you want to do wild caught all 
right in summary if you want to get into a little   deeper ketosis focus more on the proteins 
that are higher in fat thanks for watching   hey before you go real quick i have a course 
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