Chef Michael Silverstein On His Love For Keto Cooking, Returning For MasterChef And His Brand New Cookbook

Chef Michael Silverstein

Chef Michael Silverstein is widely considered as one of the world’s foremost experts on keto cooking. The MasterChef competitor is fuelled by his desire to teach others how to cook healthy, delicious meals. He firmly believe that anyone can make incredible foot at home, his new keto cookbook attests to that.

“New Keto: Dinner in 30” by Chef Michael Silverstein marks his third keto cookbook. Hitting shelves worldwide this October, the new cookbook features quick and easy keto recipes. It also includes a “Chef’s Cheat Sheet” chapter with essential tips and tricks for the kitchen, as well as Michael’s Signature “Pro Tips” to help the reader cook like a pro. Best of all, each recipe is affordable and easy to make – perfect for home cooks of all levels.

Silverstein’s foray into the world of keto was spurred by his own personal weight loss journey. After losing over 80lbs (36kg) in one year on the Ketogenic Diet, he was inspired to create keto recipes that the world would love. He duly created and released those recipes in his first two wildly popular cookbooks “New Keto Cooking” and “New Comfort Cooking”.

Adding to that, he also solidified his position as America’s favourite keto chef by competing on 10th Season of MasterChef on FOX. He also returned to compete on Season 12 of MasterChef: Back to Win, which aired this year. Ahead of his latest keto cookbook, AugustMan chatted with Chef Michael Silverstein to find out more about his journey into the world of keto, his newest recipes and that return to MasterChef.

What drew you to the concept of Ketogenic cooking?

Chef Michael Silverstein

On my 30th birthday, I stepped on a scale and realized I was well over 300 lbs. I felt like I had lost control of my health, and it, quite frankly, scared me. I knew I needed to make a change, and after much research, decided to try the Ketogenic diet. Within just a few weeks, I was seeing very serious results, both on and off the scale. I also started feeling so much better too! Not only was I losing weight, but I was feeling better inside and out. I started sharing the keto food I was cooking for myself on Instagram. I just…

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