Cardiologist Weighs In On Keto, The Carnivore Diet, And Vegan Kids

What diet is best for human health? It’s a question doctors, scientists, and many, many people on the internet have attempted to answer over the years.

While a number of studies have found that plant-based diets are optimum, many people believe that eating meat is the best way to stay healthy. There are even some who abstain from eating anything other than animal products.

Keto refers to a high-fat diet with minimal carbohydrates. People following the “Carnivore Diet” will eat just meat, fish, and eggs, and occasionally a small amount of dairy. They won’t eat any plant-based foods at all.

Plant Based News – in collaboration with Vegan Linked – sat down with cardiologist Columbus D Batiste II M.D, who weighed into the debate surrounding high-meat diets. He also answered the age-old question – is a vegan diet safe for kids?

You can watch the full video below:

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