Cancer and Ketones

let's talk about cancer and ketones 
there's some very very important   points i want to bring up there's been this 
debate on whether the ketogenic diet is good or   bad for cancer also whether the ketogenic diet 
is the best diet once you get cancer okay well   here's my viewpoint based on the data that i have 
i believe that a healthy ketogenic diet within   a minute fasting and periodic prolonged fasting 
can prevent cancer and it is the diet and program   to prevent cancer why do i say that because the 
actual cause of cancer is mitochondrial damage   and there's nothing that 
destroys the mitochondria more   than metabolic syndrome and high insulin in 
a diet that is high in sugar creates massive   damage to the mitochondria so this is why healthy 
keto intermittent fasting is what you need to do   to prevent cancer but what is the best diet 
you should go on when you get cancer that's   a different protocol i'm going to cover that in 
a second but i want to first talk about ketones   you have two types of ketones you have the 
ketones that are produced by a low-carb diet   and you also have ketones that are produced when 
you're fasting two different processes there   is some very strong evidence to show that cancer 
cells can also consume ketones unfortunately okay   but when you get your ketones from fasting 
something else happens you get this massive   anti-cancer effect you get the help of your 
immune system you have to get the help of certain   genetic things that are occurring that are very 
anti-cancer so the ketones that occur when you're   fasting are not going to feed the cancer like 
it would when you're just doing a low carb diet   also when you're fasting your normal cells are a 
bit protected from chemo and radiation if you go   that direction so these ketones actually give you 
more protection when you're doing fasting okay and   what's interesting about that is the cancer cells 
don't get that protection so right there that's   a that's a really cool advantage the ketones 
when you're fasting also enhance the effects   of radiation which there's some interesting 
data on that i'll put some links down below   so if you develop cancer what diet should you be 
on well that's evolving there's more and more data   we're actually doing some very interesting 
research right now i mean a clinical trial   which i would love you to contribute to 
and i'll put a link down below because   it involves several clinical trials very 
strategically done by some high level   scientists that are extremely smart in this 
area but we're trying to find a protocol   that doesn't involve massive amounts of fasting 
but what we definitely know right now is that   fasting is the most powerful weapon against 
cancer but what do you do if you're very very thin   becomes a problem because the eating 
plan for cancer should be low carb   it should be a low protein it should also be 
low fat also it should be high in phytonutrients   as in a lot of nutrient-dense vegetables okay 
so this gives us a problem because we're on   now we're on a low-calorie diet we're 
not trying to go low-calorie we're just   trying to starve out that cancer of various 
fuels that the cancer cell is dependent on   and then if you add a lot of fasting in there 
you're not going to be eating anything at all so   it gives us another problem we have to solve the 
cool thing about the phytonutrients from plants   is that they are selective in other words a lot 
of the phytonutrients from plants are anti-cancer   they create apoptosis which causes a cell to 
commit suicide but only the cancer cells your own   normal cells do not commit suicide when you 
consume the phytonutrients from these leafy greens   so that's very interesting we also have the factor 
of your immune system the problem with chemo and   radiation is it kills off your immune system and 
one of the best preventative things for cancer   too is a very very strong immune system and that 
takes some time to develop and build up through   nutrient-dense foods years of working on your 
sleep your nutrient reserves and your cells eating   foods that are higher nutrients all that's going 
to help you anyway i wanted to talk to you about   this relationship between cancer and ketones 
and give you some interesting points on this   but stay tuned for more videos on this topic hey 
before you go if you're benefiting from any of my   content i would love to hear about your success 
story please share it in the link down below

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