Breaking Keto – The Impact of Cheat Days and My Lessons Learned

hey there it’s Steve from and in this video i want to talk about cheat daytimes their impact andjust my general estimates on going out of ketosis but before we start if you’reinterested in keto prepare videos product and ingredient reviews andlessons learned from my experience on the ketogenic diet and with intermittentfasting kind of like this video click that subscribe button down there andwhile you’re at it clink the buzzer next to it so you’re particular to not miss anyof my videos I don’t like the call chisel era I simply I don’t think it’s anaccurate descriptor of proceeding off of keto I figure you go off of keto one of twoways either you make love merely because you lost the willpower and and did it andhopefully that’s never the action hopefully when you go off of keto it’sbecause you made a plan to go off of keto you’re aware of the consequences ofgoing off of keto and you still move forward with that decision and thendon’t beat yourself up too badly for it there are some people out there who arejust super duper militant and you know the keto police and they’ll tell you I’dnever ever ever ever go off of keto but let’s be honest there are gonna be sometimes when to stay on keto you’re gonna kind of was like a prick you know ifit’s some family get-together some party or something where there’s just it’sit’s gonna be a situation where it meets more appreciation for you to go off of ketothen deal with you know any of the backfire or questions or attitude thatyou get as a result of staying with keto so for me recently we sort of had adouble whammy we had the fourth of July and then two days later the whole familywent to Chicago to Topolobampo rick bayless –is michelin-starred restaurantwhich is something we’ve been talking about doing for yearsand I well known going to see Topolobampo there was just no way that I was gonnastay keto so I figured I might as well analyse myself a little bit on 4th of Julyand you know had a hot dog on a ligament had a couple of beers and some potato chipsand things like that but rather than only sit here and tell you about theexperience I’ll let you watch it here are a handful of videos I made with myiPhone chronicling the experience of going out of keto and then getting back that was not a good light of sleep Ifeel like I was up pretty much from a bit after 2:00 until 5:00 I don’tfeel great and I’m not looking forward to this weigh-in so I started up about five pounds but atleast I’m under 180 had I’ve been over 180 that would have been justdevastating frequently I’m up between five and six on aSunday morning the Sunday morning didn’t wake up didn’t roll out of bunked tillabout 9:00 oh let’s see what the blood ketones look like this morning blood glucose 116 I don’t know that I’veever seen it that high and part three for blood ketones whichis probably the lowest I have verified it since I started doing keto I’ve knockedmyself out of ketosis a couple of times so I are aware of the drill and I’m not lookingforward to today I is my finding that when I’m out of ketosisI feel dim-witted I have a hard time sometimes straining together anintelligent sentence I can’t think of words oftentimes I’m I become veryclumsy and I wonder is this what I used to feel like all the time and I justdidn’t know because that was normal to me now I am happy that I’m still under1 80 pounds but I am the heaviest I’ve been now in a couple of months on thefourth of July I had kind of a slight ketosis interruption and then last night atTopolobampo I certainly started all out and I it was made worse by the fact that onthe press home from Chicago we stopped at an over Weiss ice-cream parlor and Ihad a peanut butter chocolate sundae and oh my god I simply I’ve really it’s thefeeling is kind of like a hangover but it feels like a rather than a hangoverthat you are interested in in in your top and in your tummy I feel it in my being soI’m still going to do my best to be productive today it looks like it’sgonna be a beautiful date outside there’s a good deal of chores and things I was also necessary doinside but I decide right now I are expected to continue to video andprovide updates over the coming daytimes and let you know exactly how long it takesfor me to get back into ketosis as well as get my heavines back to where was prefourth of July so after my firstly full daytime of trying toget back into ketoI am down three pounds at a pretty good night of sleeplast light let’s uh let’s see where we’re at in terms of blood glucose andketone readings 101 for blood glucose 0.34 ketones so still the same asyesterday so it’s about 8: 30 on daytime 2 and I thinkI’m going into ketosis it seems like I get this sort of uh sort of smell almostit’s gonna where like I can reek my own snot when I start going into ketosis butI guess we’ll be able to substantiate that tomorrow morning when I take my bloodketones but I’m feeling a lot better I’m feeling a lot happier more energizedlike I said will will validate tomorrow morning so my blood ketones this morning were at0. 6 so I’ve just cracked into nutritional ketosis still little waysfrom optimal ketosis I’m likewise down another 2.8 pounds so another daylight likeyesterday and I could be back to my pre fourth of July weight so this morning my blood ketones were upto 0.8 so I am in nutritional ketosis that’s cool my force is just threetenths of a pound away from my low force before fourth of July sohopefully tomorrow we should be in maybe optimal ketosis and have our force backwhere we want it also went out and did some sprints this morning they feltpretty good they weren’t quite where they were before my fourth of July ketobusting binge but again I’ve got good feelings about tomorrow so it is Friday morning six daytimes afterblasting myself vodka ptosis my blood ketones are up to 1.2 my weightis four one-tenths of a pound lighter than it was before I went off ketosis wentout this morning did some interval sprints they were the best that I’veever had so I suspect that probably tomorrow I will be back in optimalketosis and oh yeah woke up at 5:00 this morning only ready to go feeling greatthat’s one of the things I love to when I’m in ketosis I seem to wake up fairlyearly in the morning only ready to get on with the day and that was the casetoday so feeling good glad to be back so wasit worth it I’m gonna say yes for this particular instance and “youre supposed to” kindof decide your own particular instances but my suggestion is that if you aregonna break keto that first it’d be rare second it’d be planned third that you’reaware that you’re gonna feel kind of cruddy you know the next couple of daysand your your overall concert your mental achievement your athleticperformance are gonna take a smacked this may be a motivator for you you know Ireally propagandized myself the last few days because I wanted to get back intoketosis I wanted to start feeling that huge nature that I feel when I’m in ketoand you are well aware I was really ambitious about getting my heavines back to where itwas before I smash keto and then you know is moving forward I guess I guess insummary what I would say is if you do break keto first don’t don’t break byaccident escape it as one of the purposes of a programme break it because you’re a matureinformed adult and you know the consequences it’s sort of like I predict Iwould compare it to sucking too much on New Year’s Eve you plan for it you knowit’s coming you know you’re gonna suffer because of it you make a decision to doit anyway and if that’s a decision you want tomake then go for it don’t beat yourself up go right backbut be aware that there are significances to going off of keto and one of them isthat it’s just going to take you longer to get to your weight loss and healthgoals so I hope you experienced this video and maybe learn something from myexperiences thanks for watching

4th of July

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