Breaking Down Emotional Eating, Cravings, Binges, and Weight Loss with Stephanie Dodier, CN — #019

Today’s guest, Stephanie Dodier, is bringing up a new topic to KFW that I am incredibly passionate about and excited to share with you!  Whether you realize it now or not, emotional eating, negative self-talk, and your ego are playing WAY too big of a role in your health journey.  But, there is a way out!  


  • Why weight loss doesn’t equal immediate happiness
  • How our thoughts can destroy our chance at true health and happiness
  • Understanding negative self-talk
  • Binge eating – why it happens and how to stop
  • How to stop the diet mentality
  • Achieving body acceptance
  • Breaking down emotional eating
  • The power of meditation
  • Tips for self-love



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  • Steph’s Instagram


  • Going Beyond the Food Summit Link
  • Crave Cure Guide
  • Anatomy Of The Spirit Book




The advice and opinions in The Keto For Women show are intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical care.  Please always consult your medical professional for your specific health concerns.

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