Breaking Diet Rules and Yielding Results, Heather Strickland Launches Recipe and Health Guidebook “Rebel Keto”

Heather Strickland, Author and creator of the “Word to Your Mother Blog” releases her new book, “Rebel Keto”.

“Rebel Keto”, by Heather Strickland is the all-new sustainable approach to the keto diet that takes the guesswork and the boredom out of going low carb

Having Lost 150-Pounds, Heather Strickland Shows First Hand How You Don’t Have to Count Calories, or Spend Hours Meal Prepping to See Results in Her New Book

I took the parts of keto that work, & I took out the parts that really suck. And then I added a few things about mindset because if your head and your heart aren’t in the game, you are going to lose.”

— Heather Strickland

COLORADO SPRINGS , COLORADO , UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022 / — Heather Strickland, creator of the “Word to Your Mother Blog”, health coach, mother, and published author, launches “Rebel Keto”, a healthy eating guidebook featuring over 100 low carb recipes that empower readers to make lifestyle changes, with some room for rebellion from standard health-advice norms.

Having lost over 150 pounds herself, Heather Strickland knows firsthand how it feels to wake up at 35 and not recognize who she sees in the mirror. Since making her lifestyle changes and digging up dirt on the “healthy” lies that led America to an obesity epidemic, Strickland is using her experiences and her charisma to help women who have tried every diet and failed to see results make the changes they need to level up their weight loss and to still have fun while doing it.

“Rebel Keto” is available for purchase on GracePoint Publishing’s online bookstore and at all major retail book outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In keeping the theme of breaking the mold of your standard recipe and diet book, Strickland uses her keen sense of humor and her love for ‘80s films, songs, and trends, to transform her book into a time capsule that reminds readers that going low carb does not mean they have to have low amounts of fun in the process. Inviting her readers to dance like no one is watching during cooking times or to leave the 1985 classic, “The…

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