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Certain reports published by WHO, the world health organisation shows that the rate of obesity has tripled since the year 1975. This particular fact sheet also throws light on some shocking information that nearly 40% of the adults who are aged 18 years and above were overweight in the year 2016 and 13% of them were also obese.  

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The most recent report of 2021 after the entire world had to be forced under a complete lockdown because of the novel Coronavirus pandemic breakdown, the overweight problems or increased exponentially as all the people were forced to stay indoors more than ever. The term work from home became the new normal which leaves people with very little movement and exercise on a daily basis. Currently we have more overweight people than we ever had before in the world. And it has also come to light that the number of people who have died because of overweight issues or on an all-time high in the last two years. Not everybody understands statistics and numbers but we do realise and recognise it over weight issues that have been looming above us in the most alarming way. 

It is only a matter of time when a small health condition will sprout up and could lead to health devastation. And to deal with this problem, several weight loss programs and weight loss diet has come into picture.  

In the past couple of years we have definitely been introduced to various diets that promise a healthy body, quick weight loss, easy fat burn, and other such promises. However, if there is any one diet that has been sticking around the world for its proficiency and eating weight loss and achieving a healthy body, then it has to be the keto diet. Several thousands of people around the world have benefited by following a keto diet and using various keto products. The ground rule about following a keto diet is to first understand the process of ketogenesis that happens inside our body. There are several products that have flooded the health industry which are made to support keto diet and help achieve healthy body weight goals at a quicker rate. We introduce a unique keto…

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