Best Cancer Diet Advice from Expert, Mark Moyad, MD, MPH | 2019 PCC Excerpts

[Music] it's really important to empower yourselves diet and lifestyle wise and the other thing I see people get in trouble all the time is they want to believe that a certain type of diet is like a certain type of prostate cancer can you imagine if you came to the room and I said that's it surgery works for everyone everyone needs surgery that's the only way it's gonna go now of course souls would have a heart attack if I did that or if I walked around said proton therapy is the only way to go that's it proton therapy is clearly the winner and why do we think that diet is any different why have we done this to ourselves oh you got to be vegan taught you if your life ain't diggin you ain't happening forget it no you have to do is you have to tie diet to what we call subjective and objective outcomes this is my final piece of advice and this is how it's gonna play out because it's already played out this way in cardiovascular medicine I don't give a damn what diet you're on as long as you are moving objectively in a healthy direction if your ketogenic good for you if you're vegan good for you if you're doing the andreal diet where you don't eat breakfast or lunch good for you he's skinny he doesn't have to worry about gaining weight I bet you his numbers are outstanding I can tell you these numbers are outstanding it worked for him so you have to pick your numbers and we pick a number of numbers when we're losing weight we pick blood cholesterol we plague blood pressure and we pick blood sugar we want to make sure your basic numbers are moving the right direction on that diet if they're moving in a positive direction working with the doctor that you trust that's the diet that works for you because the biggest problem with diet is adherence what makes somebody happy so that other thing that we monitor is how you're doing up here if you hate your diet but you think it's working get off that diet you want to be on something that makes you happy and you can find today whether it's keto whether it's vegan whether it's vegetarian maybe it's paleo maybe it's intermittent fasting you can find a dietary program in moderation that moves your numbers PSA heart health in the right direction and makes you happy the idea that you can't have a glass of alcohol every once in a while is insane if you're having alcohol and gaining weight like most Americans because you have seven calories per gram which is almost as much as fat and as more than sugar we have a massive obesity epidemic and part of it in my opinion is too due to excessive alcohol consumption but we have a lot of people that like to drink once in a while it doesn't change their blood pressure it doesn't change their cholesterol it makes them happy to have that drink once in a while and they have in moderation and then someone says you can't have any pleasure in life life is a terminal disease [ __ ] if you ain't happy what's the point right I understand it works for them so what's happened in cardiovascular medicine which gets a hundred times money that more money than we'll ever see a hundred times you got to learn from this I learned the greatest things about how to treat androgen deprivation toxicity side effects from the doctors that I hang out with but I studied breast cancer because breast cancer is dealt with hormone side effects for decades before we dealt with them so the same drugs work the same manipulations work you got to learn from the outside sources and what we've learned in cardiovascular disease we've been fighting for 30 years what diet is the best it's the diet that you can stick to that changes your numbers in the direction you want them to change that makes you happy amen I think vegan is beautiful I love the lack of the carbon footprint I love it I meet thousands of vegan people my son moved that direction my wife is toward that direction but you know what it ain't me and it may be me because I'm moving more plant-based and I feel better and as you get older it's more difficult to digest certain things so it may be a natural evolution for me but it ain't me right now and it might not be for somebody else but I watch those numbers so my diet as those numbers taking me that direction that's how you have to approach die because I have so many people come up to me yesterday and go well what do you think Aikido is that the way to go are we shutting down the metabolism of a cancer cell and I go well what's your LDL on keto what's your HDL on keto what's your blood pressure on keto how do you feel on the keto hundred PSA doing on keto they got to be moving in the direction we want them to move and I guarantee you will be back up here in ten years hopefully Knox we've cured this damn thing but I will be back up here going they all work just fine when you adhere to them just like we ended up doing in cardiovascular disease don't think the diet ain't different than prostate cancer treatment the idea that we only have one pathway to success is insane and we know what that does that turns you into an analytical nightmare so all you're doing is thinking about every little thing that you put in your mouth what people are missing when we studied all these blue zones and these people that live longer like the Mediterranean diet the Mediterranean diet is [ __ ] it's not a diet it's a lifestyle it's a comprehensive series of changes whether it's a siesta in the middle of the day whether it's walking to work whether it's socializing with your family which is the strong spiritual background a very strong spiritual connectivity with your fellow person it's not just about getting olive oil which one tablespoon gives you the same amount of calories as a coca-cola it's saying that people think there's like this magical diet there's a magical comprehensive lifestyle [Music] [Applause]

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