Autism Recovery – Questioning the Impossible

this is something that I wrote when I was 10 or 11 it was and still is my life
philosophy dream it, do it, put your mind to it "ready do this"
when I see the videos it amazes me that at one point in my life I had autism and it makes me realize how fortune I am to recover Jake was one of these kids
who developed typically
he walked, he talked, he played
he hit all the developmental milestones and then between the ages of seventeen months and two years it was like he was on this dimmer switch at first he stopped playing
then he stopped relating to other people including us and by his second birthday
he stopped speaking our optimal outcome study is one of the studies were doing
on children and adolescents and young adults actually with autism
in my clinical practice
I started noticing about ten to fifteen years ago some individual
children who either i had diagnosed or or other people I knew well had diagnosed
who had clear cases of autism and yet they seemed to be losing the symptoms
so we're really trying to document that people with a clear autism diagnosis
could be now functioning in a way that's pretty much indistinguishable
from somebody who never had the diagnosis in the first place I became very interested
in deb’s studies on recovery because as far as I knew deb was the only person who was looking at recovered children we don't know why
some children are capable of moving off
the spectrum and functioning cognitively in the normal range and others clearly are not because even
with the best treatment they still make kind of slow progress
but what you hope for every child is that
they can meet their their own potential I really don't know why Jake recovered when so many other
kids don't I understand the importance of early
detection and the fact that we got him diagnosed
at such an early age at the age of two we did intensive early intervention
“stand up”
many many hours over 40 hours a week of ABA which is applied behavior analysis
and speech therapy and occupational therapy “good that’s stand up.

there you go.” one of our findings
is that the individuals who moved off
the spectrum had more applied behavior analysis ABA
treatment than individuals who were still in the
high functioning autism group it is really my sincere hope that in the future with research like what
deb fein is doing that there will be more recovered kids in the world
that we will see more
Jakes in the world today, i’m a high senior
at tappan zee high school
I got accepted to University of Michigan which I'll be attending next year I've played high school football
I’ve run high school track beyond when I was to 2-4 years old I've grown up just like any other kid has
I share my story because I have the opportunity to let parents know that
people can recover from autism and that it’s not impossible.

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