Atkins diet combined with medication may prevent seizures

Share on PinterestA recent study suggests that following a modified Atkins diet in conjunction with medication may help prevent seizures in hard-to-treat epilepsy. kolderal/Getty ImagesEpilepsy is a common neurological condition, but some cases may be difficult to treat.New research suggests that following a modified version of the Atkins diet in conjunction with medication may be an effective way to manage hard-to-treat epilepsy.The modified Atkins diet is similar to the Ketogenic diet but with fewer restrictions, which some people living with epilepsy may find more appealing.

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition. It causes seizures, which are abnormal bursts of electricity in the brain.

Some people have drug-resistant epilepsy, where they do not respond to first-line treatment. This means that the first two medications prescribed do not adequately control the condition.

Now, researchers from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi have found that a combination of dietary changes used alongside standard drug therapy may be effective in reducing seizures.

According to their study, following a modified Atkins diet, a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates, in addition to medication, may be an effective way to manage epilepsy.

The findings were recently published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

The use of fasting and other dietary regimens to manage epilepsy dates back to at least 500 BC.

The ketogenic diet (KD) was originally developed during the 1920s to mimic the effects of fasting for epilepsy treatment. The Atkins diet is a modified version of the original keto diet.

The keto diet has been shown to be effective in reducing seizures in some people. However, many people find it difficult to follow due to its strict requirements.

Acceptable foods on the keto diet include soy products, heavy cream, butter and oils, leafy green vegetables, and animal protein sources such as eggs, chicken, fatty fish, and bacon.

A modified Atkins diet is less restrictive. Key aspects of the modified version include:

Foods are not weighed and measured; there are no fluid or calorie restrictions, but carbohydrate counts are…

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