Are you fond of ketogenic diet?

Most of the times I come across people following a specific diet to lose weight. Rarely I see people following a particular diet plan to stay fit and healthy. Celebrities are some of them, they adopt specific diet plans, like ketogenic diet to lose weight and achieve some type of physical structure, their work is demanding all about. We are also some of them, who get highly influenced by these celebrities.

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Ketogenic diet is known as a low carbohydrate yet high fat diet with a hint of adequate protein portion as per your body’s requirement. Many diet specialists and experts feel that ketogenic diet is wonderful for weight loss, to improve heart health, control PCOS issues and may also protect brain functions. Dr. Russell Morse Wilder from the Mayo Clinic, coined the term, “ketogenic” diet as this diet increases the production of ketone cells in the blood stream.

Disadvantages of ketogenic diet:

1. It can cause low blood pressure.

2. People with kidney disease should not go for keto diet at all, it can cause kidney stones and can trouble you further. High protein diet is not good for them.

3. Constipation and nutrition deficiency can also happen. You can see experience some weakness due to deficiency of enough nutrition.

4. As it is a high fat diet, it can increase heart diseases quickly. One needs to be aware of it.

Why people are so crazy about ketogenic diet?

On a regular basis, people think ketogenic diet shows the results quickly so it’s beneficial for their health. It helps you to reduce your overall weight very quickly. It’s a low carb diet, so in a way you are consuming less gluten. But did you ever ask yourself that is this really sustainable?

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Is ketogenic diet really sustainable?

Many experts and dietician’s believe that ketogenic diet will show you results within few days but in a long term basis, it’s hard to sustain. This diet restrict the consumers from consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, which gives you a good deal of energy and nutrition. Since its a high-protein diet, it can force your kidneys to over work. As per a recent research conducted by University of Chicago, consuming keto diet will get the consumers more saturated fat and that’s harmful for their heart conditions.

Overall, what I understand about diet and the amount of research I have put through vegan diet, keto diet is not so useful in the long term and is not sustainable. Initially, seeing the improvements, you will be excited but you cannot maintain this for long period of time. Too much of fat consumption is harmful for heart health and for kidneys too. Law carb diet is good but that’s just one part of the game. Eating everything (if you are not allergic to anything) in the right proportion will give you enough nutrition. So instead of following weird diet charts/plans, you start eating everything in proportion and see the benefits on your own.

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