Are These 7 Celebrity Diets Healthy? We Reviewed Them

When Rebel Wilson lost a vast amount of weight, shedding not just pounds but her Bridesmaids Hollywood persona, her fans were eager to know how she did it, and what prompted her to change her eating habits. Wilson revealed that she didn’t set out to lose weight, but simply to make 2020 the “Year of Health.” She began journaling, and even practiced writing down her negative thoughts and shredding or burning them rather than letting them eat at her (or cause her to stress eat).

Like many celebrity dieters, Wilson focused on eating a predominantly plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, and nuts –– all foods full of nutrients, and high in fiber that helped her feel full for longer. Wilson added walking and other physical activity to her daily routine, and the pounds melted off.

The result of these doable, positive changes was not a deprivation diet but a lasting lifestyle shift that helped her shed pounds and keep them off. More importantly, it was part of a decision to be kinder to herself, according to her social posts, and to gain control of her emotional eating. This particular celebrity diet is a stellar example of how to shift one’s mindset and focus on prioritizing health and making positive changes that allow for a lasting lifestyle of sustained healthy habits.

Not all celebrity diets are as doable or as healthy as Wilson’s. Some are also not sustainable, while others require surgery, and still, other stars rely on medication to achieve weight loss.

Here, we take a look at the weight loss strategies that work, as well as some that are not worth trying to emulate – since the point is to be healthy long-term, and eat nutrient-rich foods that keep you full and energized to help you reach your physical, mental, and well-being goals.

Find a strategy that is right for you and that you and your medical provider both agree on – since you should always check with your doctor or nutritionist before embarking on any dramatic change in eating.

Which Celebrity Diets Work?

Not all celebrities take a healthy approach to weight loss, and even if they do manage to lose weight, it may not be something you should try, since you need…

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