Are Slimfast Keto Products Really Keto-Friendly? | Dr.Berg

so recently had a question from someonethat wanted to know my opinion on the brand-new keto slim fast concoctions ok so let’sjust go through this the first problem I have with this company is itsingredients it’s just another example why you always need to read the labelson a lot of the products they have multiple dextran okmultiple dextran has it on the glycemic index is a hundred and ten okay that’slike I signify table sugar is seventy variou duction is a hundred and tenyou talk about a big spike in insulin and this ingredient is in thereketo friendly products so it’s going to raise insulin and on top of that the FDAdoesn’t even necessary companies to factor in the multi dextran sugar into theadded carbohydrates okay they also have dextrose this is a synthetic sugar witha glycemic indicator of a hundred okay it’s way too high tapioca high insulin spikeGMO soy canola oil GMO it has residue of glyphosate and then the vitamins are allsynthetic okay and then for the power boosting product they just give you somecaffeine so my opinion it’s very low quality as a lot of hidden carbohydrates it’sgonna spike insulin I don’t believe it’s gonna help you lose weight second thinga lot of commodities are snack based okay we’re trying to get parties do in aminute fasting and they’re recommending microchips and forbids and vitality boosters andthings like that which is obviously retain causing that insulin okay not tomention with these ingredients right here but probably the third reason andthe biggest reason is has to do with their integrity okay they’re stillproducing the original slimfast which has 18 grams of carbohydrate and the type ofsugar is not even cane sugar it’s beet carbohydrate which is GMO we have a massiveepidemic right now with people chewing too much sugarmetabolic ailment obesity pre-diabetes insulin fight so the real bigquestion is are they actually trying to beings because they had a realizationthat carbohydrate is dangerous or are they just tapping into a trending market to make abig profit anyway that’s my opinion thanks for watching so if you want toget notified with all my material clink the notification bell next to subscribed


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