Amy Robach on Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet after Breast Cancer

– One thing that's been
good for your body, you say, is the way you've been eating. You've changed the way you were eating. And you actually say you
follow a ketogenic-style diet. Explain.
– I do. I do. Yes, so I know that cancer
feeds off of estrogen, my hormones, but also glucose. And so I was doing some
research and just looking, and scientists are doing further studies, but certainly it can't
hurt to limit the sugar and lower the carbs in your body, because the idea is to
potentially starve cancer cells. So I am an intermittent faster, which I do at least six days a week. And then I have lived
a ketogenic lifestyle for the last four years or so, and the by-product of it, yes, I'm trying to stave off cancer, but I've never felt better. My body hasn't looked this good since I was, you know, a teenager, and I have more energy and mental acuity than I've had before.

I mean, it was just all of these things that I didn't even expect
to happen, happened, because of this massive diet change. And it was a massive change for me. – In fact, your mom and your
dad both became keto, right? And so, let's bring your mom, Joanie. She's here. Let's bring her to the show. Hey, Joanie. – Hi, Mom!
– Thank you! – Hi, Amy! Hi! Thank you for having me, Dr. Ian. – Before we talk about your
transformation to keto, can you just think back
and do you remember what you felt like as a mom
when you heard Amy's diagnosis? – I remember that very well. I would say it was the
worst day of my life.

I was watching the phone,
watching the clock, just trying to will the phone to ring, and after what seemed like an eternity, the phone rang. And the first word that came
out of Amy's mouth was "Mom." And so at that point I
knew she had breast cancer. What was so excruciating for me was that Amy continued
to go to work every day. She was exhausted. She was in pain. She was afraid, like all of us were.

And I just wanted to wrap
her in a Mommy warm blanket and I wanted to feed her chicken soup because that's what I did
when she was a little girl, so as a parent it was like,
this is going to fix it. So after day two, Amy said,
"Mom, here's the deal. Stop. I want you and Dad here
to take care of our kids, to love them and hug them and make them feel safe and secure. So that's what we've tried to do. – Aw, that is so awesome. And then, you know, Amy
started talking to you about going keto. – She started talking about keto. And she was gushing. She was so enthusiastic. She said, "My life is changed. You know, I feel better
than I've ever felt before." So I said, "All right, Amy. How about if your dad and
I jump on the keto train? And I remember you said, "Would
you really do that for me?" – And we said
– I was shocked "Absolutely." – that you'd be willing to do it.

Because I know what a
sweet tooth you have. And I was afraid you guys were like, "Yeah, okay, another fad diet." But you all really
embraced it with open arms, and I was totally shocked. – And that brings us to "My Keto Home." How did that come about, Joanie? – Again, that'd be Amy. She said, I was taking family
recipes and adapting them to make them keto friendly and low carb. And Amy kept asking me
to send her the recipes. And then the next week,
"Can I have another recipe? Can I have another recipe?" So she finally said, "You know, Mom, why don't you just create a website?" And she said, "I have the name for it. It's called 'My Keto Home.'" I did not even get to pick the name..

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