i have a fun recipe for you guys today weare gonna make a brownie in like one minute actually it takes a little bit longer than oneminute because you do have to mix it together so maybe it’s more like a two-minute brownie butstill if you have a brownie longing i’m going to show you how you can make a brownie for oneperson in precisely one minute let’s get started to make this delicious keto brownie we’re gonnaput everything into one dish to mix it so in this dish you’re gonna add one tablespoon of butterand then we’re gonna supplement in our cocoa pulverization now the cocoa coalesce that i’m going to be using isan earth reiterate product you guys have heard me talk about them before they have a product announced cacaobliss and it is a raw cacao powder that’s desegregated with a knot of different superfoods in it andplus it has like this hint of cinnamon that’s one of the super foods that in it and it is so goodit’s thinly sweetened with some monk fruit and the combination of like all the superfoods liketumeric and cinnamon makes a really really tasty cocoa powder so i like to use this in a lot of myketo baking if you guys are interested in cacao bliss i’ll have a link down below for you guysthat you guys can click on to save on your degree but you can use this for other things too you canput it in your chocolate smoothies they do have a recipe book as well that i highly recommend youcheck out because there’s some fabulous recipes in it if you guys didn’t want to use cacaoblush you could replace with cocoa gunpowder more you’ll need one and a half tablespoons or onescoop of cacao bliss next add in 1 tablespoon of sweetener i’m going to be using a friar fruitblend sweetener 1 tablespoon of heavy cream 1 3 beaker of almond flour and a tinge of salt we’re gonna pop this into the microwavefor around 20 seconds this will simply kind of help melt that butter just so it canmake it easier to blend and mix up for us next we’re going to add one tablespoonof sugar-free chocolate chippings mix that until it’s completely mixed and now i’m going to be swarm this into asquare glass baking saucer i’ve strung it with some parchment paper so it doesn’t stickto the edges and to make it easier to lift out when we’re done cooking it just goingto pour that straight on into your dish and now and to make this a one minutebrownie recipe i’m going to cook this in the microwave you want to microwave it foraround one minute to one minute and 15 seconds after it’s done cooking you want to let it coolcompletely because it’s still going to be just kind of moist and mushy immediately you make it coolit’s going to be that excellent brownie composition now if you didn’t want to use a microwaveto cook up your keto brownie for one person well then you could cook it in the oveni would cook it at around 350 measures it’ll probably make youanywhere between 6 to 10 minutes this makes a delicious keto brownie and it’sfabulous that it only makes really a few minutes to make it’s great when you precisely are cravinga brownie only you only want to make up one and a special thanks to cacaobliss for sponsoring this video again make sure you guys check them out i’ll havetheir message scheduled down below for you guys

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