Air fryer recipes: Bacon twists make a ‘perfectly crunchy and salty snack’

A content creator has detailed her air fryer recipe to make a delicious crispy bacon snack. Jordan from Baltimore goes by @jzeats on TikTok where she shares her “easy to follow recipes for hungry people” with around 76,000 followers.

“Can’t go wrong with crispy bacon!” one commenter wrote.

“The bread at the bottom! Genius!” another said.

Jordan responded: “It’s such a good hack! Keeps the grease from flying around.

“Sometimes I add two pieces and if you don’t want to waste it you can make it into croutons.”

Another asked if the bacon should be flipped. She responded: “No flip necessary but if you notice any uneven cooking when you check on them you can give them a flip.”

The hack has been adapted from one shared originally by Abby, who runs the account @houseofekto. On it, she shares her keto diet-inspired recipes.

She claimed: “I’m the original content creator for the viral twisted bacon trend!”

She originally created the twisted bacon with a method using the oven.

Abby twisted the bacon and then laid it out on the tin foil sheet, sprinkled with salt and pepper. She then cooks it at 400F or 200C for about 40 minutes for crispy bacon.

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