Adaptacja do KETO. Jak przeprowadzić ją z głową? Część 1

Welcome to the Tuste Gary channel. Today we’re going to talk about keto adaptation. How to start, employ and what to eat to get into ketosis. What to look for and what to avoid. If you are new/ brand-new now, feel free to subscribe and click the bell, it will allow you to receive notifications about brand-new movies. At the beginning, a short disclamer, the information contained in the film is my opinion on special topics presented, supported by the knowledge and experience gained, and in no way constitutes medical opinion. We begin. Ketosis, ketogenic nutrition, keto, ketogenic, fatty nutrition a great deal of beings are talking about these days. Some beings switch to this style of gobbling because they want to improve their health, others because they want to lose weight, others because it has simply become fashionable. However, ketosis is not a food for a while, a miracle diet. It has its own regulates. It is a lifestyle that allows us to regain health by properly nourishing the body. When we are in a state of homeostasis or equilibrium, the body will get rid of what it does not need, bides somewhere, and thanks to this we will regain health.The first thing in my opinion, if we espouse ketosis, we need to see why we want to be there, what we want to achieve through it. Typically, at this object, we thumped the wall, we are metabolically ill, we are overweight. We want to change that. And this is where it all starts. We have to take it on ourselves and for ourselves. And here is the first step – knowledge. I am not talking about specialization right away, but about rudimentary principles and proper preparation. These can be records, Polish or foreign YouTube directs. There is only one topic, but there are different points of view and it is good to find the one that is closest to you.I recommend that you first predict 2-3 books to chassis an sentiment/ get to know the topic. From foreign countries, I can recommend: Ketogenic Bible, quite thick and containing a lot of information plus some recipes, Bruce Fife ketogenic diet, here we have a look at the ketogenic nutrition with a strong emphasis on coconut oil, which the author recommends adding to each meal, Ketogenic diet for women Leanne Vogel, and as the name indicates, a volume written chiefly for women.As for foreign cookbooks, I have a small ale now. They are written primarily for the American market and some recipes are not so easy to adapt to our Polish busines , not all ingredients are also accessible, and furthermore, when deciding to buy such a book, it is worth browsing the listing of proposed banquets in advance, because the concept itself may not be successful. into our taste buds.And the nutrition should be for us , not us for the food. There are two ways to enter ketosis. Some suggest starting with a 48 -hour fast, others a carbohydrate restriction, where the body conversions fuel from carbohydrate to fatty at its own pace. We often hear about the so-called keto flu that almost everyone had it at first. Almost – but not all. We offers an opportunity to our form go into ketosis more easily. In the beginning, when you stop making carbohydrates, before the body starts describing exertion from fatty, it procures it from glycogen, which is mainly stored in the liver and muscles.The decreasing amount of glycogen intends the loss of water from their own bodies and with it electrolytes( including magnesium, potassium, sodium) as well as points and minerals. Glucose and insulin positions are falling. In order to be allowed to to protect you from the unpleasant indications of keto influenza, such as abdominal sorenes, hassle sleeping, irritability, headache, constipation or diarrhea, or good concentration, you should take care of proper supplementation. And I do not planned exclusively purchased specifics, but too home-made ones, such as broth slowly cooked on the bones, or salting dishes with good salt – non-iodized. I think two bowls of broth plus magnesium should be enough for the most part. As for the type of magnesium which is the best and when to take it, this is a topic for the next video. You should also remember about suitable hydration – drinking water so as not to become dehydrated. During this period of time, we do not experiment with snacks, they should be simple, we eschew buying ready-made things in stores.More on that in a moment. Another important point is not everything at once and occasion. Ketosis is not a food like I risk losing 10 kg in 2 weeks, but very a marathon – a lifestyle in which we will stay for a long time. We has to be ourselves time to recover, because omission of a few cases or a dozen times will not be reversed in a few days or a week.Let’s not project our recuperation, from compounding change with a brand-new gym pass and heavy exercisings 3-4 a week. The adaptation itself is a big challenge for the body and it is good to approach physical activity rather calmly during this period, extremely if the couch has been our friend so far. There will be time for expecting instructs, and in the first days, ambling or cycling will be better. In people who exercise during this period, there may be a noticeable difference in train related to the loss of strength, i.e. muscle glycogen, but everything returns after the period of adaptation.Movement will also help to stop forever thinking about eating, and in the first few days, extremely giving up sugar can be quite difficult for some people. We is not look for his replacings then, but concentrates on real nutrient. The passion for sugared will be smaller with each overtaking date. Sleep is an underestimated facet. Little is said about sleep hygiene, and more we waste an average rate of 1/3 of our life in berthed, and I am not talking about the choice of a mattress, berthing or pillow height.Lack of sleep generates many problems. Before going to bed, we are often accompanied by a phone call, because we need to check this and that, and therefore the production of melatonin is disturbed. We sleep 3-5 hours a day, we get up enraged, so our person has to work harder the next day to be efficient. It can often be noticed that on these days we feel more imploring for something sweet, snacking and revelling in more. It is better to go to bed earlier around 10 p.m ., at the latest 11 p.m. and get up earlier. And here is a plus – as the body is already adapted to ketosis, we will too sleep shorter, more effectively, and we will regenerate faster. This is one of the palpable impressions that we have adapted to ketosis. Others include: A fruity breath or less pleasant – an individual matter. It is related to acetone, which our torso liberations mainly through the sigh and urine. It usually surpasses after a few cases weeks as their own bodies amply uses the ketones.Weight loss – it is often during adaptation that we lose a lot of heavines, mainly due to the loss of water from their own bodies. Significant improvement in concentration and wreak efficiency. It is related to the lack of glucose spikes after banquets, which took place in the standard diet, when after a banquet in an hour or two we wanted something sweetened or a chocolate. Numerous beings likewise advised that they suppose more effectively. Less appetite, longer undermines between meals. We devoured 3, 2 or even 1 meal a day and we do not go hungry, there is no normal growling or sucking gut. No more stomach questions that may arise during modification – in some it will be fatty diarrhea, in others constipation.Ketones is located within the blood, if you choose to measure them. At the earliest, it is good to do this only after about 10 dates after starting the diet change. The prime assumptions of the ketogenic food on change are the appropriate amount of fat consumed about 80%, protein about 15%, i.e. between 1 and 1.5 grams per kilogram of figure heavines, and carbohydrates in the range of 4-5 %, typically about 20 -3 0 grams a day. How long does it take to adapt – in some it may be a week or two weeks, in others it may be a month or even two months. It depends on age, state, physical act, and food that has been devoured so far. There is no rule now. You have to be patient and watch yourself. In the next duty I will discuss the topic of nutrition, the dispensation of macronutrients, what and how to eat, how to arrange it so as not to hurt yourself, to which I cordially invite you in a few weeks. Speak soon ..

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