Accidentally Messed Up on Keto? DO THIS…

so this is a real question from someone 
that wanted to know what do i do if i   accidentally messed up on keto they went to a 
restaurant and they were served something that   was not supposed to have sugar in it but it did 
and they felt tired and irritable after this this   does happen especially when you're buying things 
and maybe you failed to read the ingredients and   then you find out later it had maltodextrin or 
a lot of sugar and you're wondering why it tasted   so good right and then what do you do very very 
simple in the brain you can use either sugar fuel   glucose or ketones and this is what you 
need to know the brain will always prefer   ketones over glucose which means all you 
have to do is either take liquid mct oil or   powdered mct oil or exogenous ketones 
you can get those as a supplement   and the liquid mct oil is a lot less expensive so 
you might want to try that but you could also use   you know other forms of ketones because all you're 
trying to do is elevate the amount of ketones in   your blood so the brain can suck them up and use 
them over sugar and you can start feeling better   immediately so this is just a little tip 
to tell you what to do if you accidentally   mess up hey before you go real quick i 
have a course entitled how to bulletproof   your immune system it's a free course i want 
you to take it and here's why here's you   here is your environment everyone 
is focused on this over here   avoiding your environment but what about here 
what about strengthening your immune system   that's what's missing this course will show 
you how to bulletproof yourself and so you   can tolerate and resist your environment much 
better by strengthening your own immune system   i put a link down in the description right 
down below check it out and get signed up today

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