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beings genuinely want to cheat Oh on keto but not with Cheetos because you can’t have the ape hi I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman I’m a cross-file dietician in New York City and it’s my job to help you figure out what to eat and why today we’re talking about the keto diet what it is what it’s supposed to accomplish and whether it’s proven by science to actually succeed simply stated the keto diet is characterized as a highly very low carb moderate protein high-pitched solid food aims of this diet is to switch our torsoes from exploiting its favor fuel root carbohydrates to using fatty for exertion we make a big change to your metabolic state and try to train your mas to adapt first there are components of food announced macronutrients macronutrients are things like carbohydrates fatty and protein when exhausted in relevant quantities the body proselytizes carbs into force to provide immediate fuel for your organization if carbohydrates are not available that will be the primary vigor root for their own bodies when their own bodies is deprived of carbohydrates it will experience a process announced beta oxidation which will be helping ketosis ketosis or ketogenesis if the metabolic mood in which fat is broken down to produce ketones which are released into the blood and provide vigor for your mas firstly a rejection the research I reference was essentially targeted low-carb foods not precisely the keto diet there has been research done on keto but it’s not over long periods of time so we can’t draw distinct opinions but now we go the pros high-pitched fatty consumption conceive all the avocadoes increases your satiety which can result in overall fewer calories ingested ingesting those high-fat menus cured decline passion stimulating hormones such as insulin and Relic low-grade intake of carbs may help insure insulin sensibility which results in balance blood sugar status and may help reduce the health risks of diabetes keto those carbs apart ingesting health flabs with omega 3 fatty battery-acids aimed at enhancing mental concert a nutrition high in healthy fats can improve your depression and keep it stabilized the biggest mistake you can start on the keto diet is overdoing it on your intake of fatties fattens are recommended in the keto diet but going overboard on menus like bacon deli flesh sausage and butter isn’t advised those foods aren’t enormous for overall heart health blood pressure or gut state in fact this year research pointed out that those who follow the keto diet firstly six months experience unfavorable changes in gut bacteria which can lead to long term cheap is use plus a lot of the menus you are allowed to eat on the keto diet contains high concentrations of saturated flabs which can develop your blood cholesterol you’re likewise at risk for missing essential nutrients on the keto diet such as potassium magnesium folic battery-acid and beta vitamins and minerals that are essential for pregnancy muscle movement heart reductions exemption stress management and warm then there’s the keto influenza ma I got the key to flu it takes about one to two weeks before you reach the country of ketosis needed to experience the benefit of the keto diet during the adaptation period dieters may know the unpleasant pedo flu characterized by headache bad sigh caused by the build-up of metal ketones ooh she must be on keto team muscle weakness poor sleep moodiness brain fog nausea and constipation woof number one feed totality meat that are not filled with saturated ultra-processed or trans obesities yes we are familiar trans fats are banned by the FDA but still read your nutrition labels because there are some funky exceptions to the ban focus on eating foods such as fat fish eggs nuts and grains healthful flower fats and lubricants avocado low-carb veggies grass-fed meat and butter and on prosecute ok thanks number two balance your fatty intake throughout the day rather than eating one fatty heavy meal number three you can easily fall out of ketosis if you eat more carbs then you’re allowed to and then guess what you have to start all over again to get back into ketosis know the keto diet is a commitment and I wouldn’t recommend waffling on it get it waffles carbs hmm crowd four don’t hop out and gobble ultra-processed keto friendly brownies or other tempting packaged goodies as they could be doing more harm to your health than you may think number five ensure adequate intakes of fiber vitamin B and minerals from other sources which are normally found in meat such as whole cereals that are restricted in the Phaedo number six personalize your propose not everyone’s the same and you may need more or less of a macro or micro nutrient to help you feel your best number seven if you are thinking of doing this diet it’s important to talk to a cross-file dietician and your health care provider who knows about your medical history to discuss the pros and cons before climbing on the keto diet ship and to avoid any major and dangerous health perils the fact that there’s restraint research on the overall sustainability of the ketogenic nutrition is what avoids countless cross-file dietitians from recommending it universally generally speaking any food that limits an entire nutrient radical is a red flag and should not be started unless there is a medical rationale such a restrictive food is generally unrealistic to keep up with guys there’s a reason that one of the top questions on Google is is it okay to “feel like i m cheating on” the keto just like all diet veers this one extremely shall pass this one actually should legislate faster told you next time for another episode of you vs.food although the keto diet is pretty restrictive it won’t limit you from subscribing to well and goods YouTube channel Kito Schmidt oh you added here.

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