9 Weight Loss Products to Start the New Year Off Right

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Losing weight is perennially one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, which makes sense because some of Us may have over-indulged during the holidays. And one way you can enhance the shedding process is by adding some awesome weight loss supplements that can potentially help you lose more weight — and faster!

Still, not all weight loss products are created equal. Some of them lean much more heavily on the outcome, skirting past the details that would help them be healthier and safer for consumers. That’s why we’ve taken the time to pick out some of the best weight loss products to consider this post-holiday season, including:

Keep reading to learn more about safe, healthy ways to boost your weight loss goals, and why we liked this particular product so much for that mission.

Best Keto-Friendly Weight Loss Supplement: biOptimizers KAPEX


If you already subscribe to the Keto diet but are looking to boost your weight loss with additional supplements, biOptimizer’s Keto-inspired formula may help you bridge all the benefits of both worlds.

The formula draws from both science and the natural world to mix up the best combination of ingredients optimized to help low-carb diet followers drop additional weight.

Doing most of the heavy lifting is an enzyme called AMPK, which helps send more energy to muscles and preps fat to be quickly burned. Another additive, called ATP, also helps the liver with ketogenesis — the very biological process at the heart of the Keto diet.

Plus, the entire formula is plant-based, making it friendly for everyone to try.


Perfect for those on a keto diet
Helps lower inflammation
Enhances fat loss

Recommended Use: Take 3–8 capsules before breakfast in the morning

What Customers Love: Customers were grateful for something that helped ease them into the Keto diet process. The diet is known for having a bit of a bumpy start, but many customers said this supplement helped ease the transition — and continue to produce results even long after their body had gotten used to the diet.


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