84 KETO MEALS FOR $40 | Extreme Keto Budget Grocery Haul & Cheap Keto Meals

since it’s the new time many of us are refocusingour health purposes and getting back on the keto diet and if you’re like me it’s also the time ofyear that you also get serious with your budget because you might have spend a little bit too muchon christmas over the holidays like i did it’s time to get serious with your keto goals and yourfood budget and today i’m going to show you how you can create about a week’s worth of keto mealsfor your family for about 40 so let’s get started my goal is to show you how you can only spendaround forty dollars to feed keto meals to an entire house of four for the whole week sothat’s keto breakfast keto lunch and keto dinner and i only want to use those parts that i purchasein my 40 grocery drag to determine these menus now a few cases caveats before i get started with thisextreme keto budget grocery haul i will assume that you guys providing access to basic seasoningslike salt and pepper and cooking oil whether that’s avocado lubricant or olive oil if you have otherpantry spices that will definitely compute a lot more flavor and become these recipes taste better but i’mjust kind of showing you guys the basics because we only have forty dollars to expend for theweek and i also wanted to add a rejection for the purpose of this video you guys might thinkthat these dinners genuinely aren’t that well balanced but keep in mind that it’s only a week’sworth of dinners so you can add variety if you choose to do so and too satisfy knowthat if you are struggling financially please seek assistance throughlocal faiths or organizations for this extreme budget keto grocery haul i choseto do my shopping at walmart since it’s the least expensive grocery store in my city but feel freeto supermarket wherever you need to if there’s a cheaper form of a grocery store like what is it ashoprite i think there’s aldi delight supermarket there because it will definitely save you some moneyi likewise choose to do curbside getaway only because i missed more restrict i wanted to make sure thatmy groceries were going to come to as close to 40 as possible nonetheless the downside of doingthat is they didn’t have two of my main protein roots there so i had to seek thoseout abroad but if “youve seen” up now or i’ll have it listed down below time makesure you purchase around the same weight or premium per pound as i did all right let’slook at the keto groceries that i was able to pick up for around 40 dollars tomake a week’s worth of keto recipes so firstly the two items that i prescribed thatwalmart did not have in stock was skinless boneless chicken thighs and i said the onesthat are frozen it was supposed to be a four pound baggage of skinless boneless chicken thighs so theydidn’t have that in stock so i got it someplace else this is actually thawed so that would be alittle bit more money um but in the interest of my occasion i didn’t have enough time to precisely unthawsome chicken thighs although what i’m gonna do with them you could actually cook them from frozenbecause i am gonna cook them in my wink bowl um but i opted just for some fresh ones but knowthat they are gonna be cheaper if you buy them frozen in the bag section in the frozen sectionat walmart the other protein that i picked up was a pork shoulder now i craved a pork shoulder thatwas around like eight dollars and fifty cents or around nine dollars you were able to even go as high asten dollars um so that’s what i wanted to get they didn’t have that in stock so i had to get it ata different grocery store my other central informant of protein particularly for my breakfast is going to beeggs i was able to get a 60 counting container of eggs at walmart for around seven dollars and then foradditional protein and flavor i did pick up some deli sliced ham at walmart this was a dollar 67 for this one pound pocket i’m going to add that to some of my breakfast only to add a little bit moreprotein and we’re going to have it for lunch more for our generator of solid i did get some cheesei have two different types here i have a mozzarella cheese and a cheddar cheese and creamcheese i will be concluding some truffles with this along with a little bit of pizza and these willjust also add as flavor to a good deal of our saucers for breakfast lunch and dinner likei said before i’m assuming that you already have lubricant on hand so that is going tobe another overweight informant for your keto recipes when it comes to the vegetables i have a bunchof light-green vegetables now first i have a head of romaine lettuce because i want to realize some saladi also have some celery this will serve as like a cornerstone for our chicken soup that we’re gonna makei have a zucchini to go in a casserole recipe and then for some flavor i choosing to get somegreen onions these are around 50 cents each and they proceed a long way and theyadd a ton of flavor to your recipes i also got some cauliflowerso i can oblige cauliflower rice and then i did go for frozen babe spinach becauseit was a lot little fund than the fresh material was i likewise got an onion to provide some flavorand since i did have a little bit of money left over in my budget i did get one can ofgreen beans because it was only around 50 cents so that terminateds my keto grocery haullet’s see what we can spawn with these parts my first purpose is to meal prep so we’regoing to firstly cook our pork cook i’m going to cook this in my crock cup but youcould cook it whatever method you want to um while that’s slowly cook throughout the dayi’m going to prep up the rest of the ingredients i’m going to cook my chicken thighs in the instantpot you could actually cook these from frozen extremely and i will have the full recipe rolled downbelow as well as a tie on how you can cook them from frozen but these will cook up in myinstant bowl and i will shred it so we’ll have precooked shredded chicken to use throughout theweek and then the other thing i want to prep up is my cauliflower so i want to get this cutup and riced up in the food processor to cook the pork shoulder we will be cookingit in the gradual cooker and all you have to do is just place it in your sluggish cooker and coverit liberally with some salt and pepper you don’t need to add any liquid and then we’re goingto cover it and cook for you can cook it on low-toned for six to eight hours or high-pitched for fourto six hours you just wanted to cook it just until it’s cooked through until the appropriatetemperature and so that it can shred up too now to make up our chicken thighs like i saidi’m going to concoct them in the wink utensil all we have to do here is add our chicken thighsto the instant pot and then we’re going to add some liquid you need to add one cup of waterto your chicken thighs if you have chicken broth on hand that’s going to realise them taste alittle bit more flavorful but the sea works too and you’ll too need oneteaspoon of salt for flavor we’re going to pressure cook this on high for1 0 minutes and then let it secrete naturally for another 10 times then we’ll shred up our chickenor you were able to leave them entire if wishes to or cube them up nonetheless you want to do iti’m just going to shred all and my tip for shredding chicken is to usean electric mixer do make sure you save your broth because you could actually add that to yourchicken soup that we’re going to fix if you’re cooking these from frozen you will need to add anadditional five minutes to the pressure cooking the next step of my dinner prep process i want torice up that cauliflower thought that i got merely because i want to use it in some other recipeslike i want to make a chicken and rice soup and then probably computed it into some other some otherof my keto dinner recipes so the simplest way to do this is just to cut it up and then add it intoyour food processor and then cut it up finely like that if you don’t have a food processor you couldactually use a cheese grater if you have one of those and grate your cauliflower another optionis just to finely chop it up into small-minded globs let’s get started on our breakfast sothe first breakfast recipe i’m gonna make up and this is something you can mealprep too we’re gonna oblige keto egg goblets and we’re just gonna be lay everything in amuffin tin we’re gonna add some of that sliced deli ham with some egg and a little bit ofshredded cheddar cheese and cook them in the oven and now i’m thinking that about two fractions willbe one performing that’s probably enough to see us through for breakfast until lunch era so for afamily of four i’m gonna have to build 16 of these to make this recipe firstly we’re goingto start by spraying our muffin tin liner with a little bit of cooking spraythen you want to add in your deli sliced ham i’m going to cut this in half justto stimulate my ham run a little far then we’re going to add a bit spraying ofsome cheddar cheese and a cracking one egg on top we’re going to bake it in a 400 unit oven foraround 12 to 15 instants one of the reasons why i decided to get eggs in this extreme ketobudget grocery haul was because eggs are a ended generator of protein they supply a fattoo so it’s fat and protein and going into them and it’s relatively inexpensive like i saidi got sixty eggs for around seven dollars and fifty pennies plus they’re versatile so not only cani make up these egg beakers i can utter some omelettes you could do clambered eggs if you missed i’mgonna use them to attain my chocolate eat you could add them to really anything exactly to add alittle bit of protein and a little more solid to your meals i figured that these egg bowls willprobably last-place us for two mornings during the week if you didn’t have it for breakfast or maybeyou’re not a big breakfast eater then you can actually have these as a snack or justlater on in the day maybe for lunch or dinner next i want to get started makingour frittata this is going to be another breakfast recipe that shouldlast us for two dinners during the week to manufacture our frittata you’re gonnafirst start by adding 12 eggs to a bowl and then i’m going to add one ounceof soothed ointment cheese along with my salt which is about a half a teaspoonof salt and a part teaspoon of seasoning i’m likewise going to be adding in threeounces of shredded cheddar cheese in a skillet we’re going to combinetwo of our sliced up dark-green onions along with our deli ham that’s diced up as well and we’re going to cook that until everything isheated through and smells it reeks savory next contribute your egg concoction on topof the rest of the ingredients and then merely kind of stir it time off and on youkind of want it to start to scramble a little bit on the bottom this will help cook the undersidedo that for around two minutes time until it the the motley starts to pull away from the non-stickskillet and then you just let everything settle let it cook for 30 seconds and then we’re gonnatransfer it into the oven under the broiler to cook for an additional three minutes or so youwanna cook it merely until it’s golden brown on top remove it from the oven and give it set for fiveminutes before you take it out and slice into it next i’m going to show you how to fix trufflesnow these truffles you can have for breakfast or you can have them for lunch like we coulduse them on a sandwich i also want to use them as a cornerstone to make a pizza i have a bunch ofchocolate recipes on my website ketofocus.com so make sure you check them out they’rea little bit more tastier and elaborated but this is just the basic truffle recipe thatinvolves cheese and an egg traditionally well like to add a little bit of almondflour or you could add a coconut flour very really facilitates give it a little bit of textureto it so it’s not just so cheese and egg composition and uniformity they’re still great justas they are just that basic truffle recipe so that’s what we’re going to make right now and i amgoing to be performing enough of these that we could have them for breakfast for two days as well as togo along with the sandwiches that i want to make don’t worry this isn’t inhale it’s actuallysteam coming from my waffles the hell is cooking in my waffle creator now i opted to use myfour burner waffle make to procreate these just so i get done with seeing them alot faster you could use your mini hyphen but it will make you a great deal longer ifyou don’t have a waffle maker you could actually time use a skillet and cook theseup flapjack mode in a skillet i’m going to be acquiring up 40 chocolates so i liked my 4burner waffle manufacturer merely to make it go by faster we need to make up that numerous truffles because itneeds to cover a lot of banquets so we will be having truffles twice in the morning for breakfast so andi’m thinking about two truffles each per person so that’ll be eight truffles in the morning for aweek’s worth of breakfast i’m gonna need enough to build some sandwiches because we will be havingthat for six members of our meals throughout the week i’m likewise gonna be needing my truffles to makepizza one darknes for dinner for a pulled pork pizza now the cool thing about truffles isthat you can meal prep them which is what i’m doing now i’m going tomake up all of my overturns at once and then i’m going to store them in therefrigerator to reheat them all you have to do is pop them in your toaster or just putthem in the oven under roast so much steam and the last thing that we’re going to behaving for breakfast on one of our dates is just to kind of use up some of our leftovereggs and we’re going to make a keto omelette at this target if you have any leftovervegetables you could go ahead and add that even that leftover deli sliced ham whateveryou want to put into your omelet you can now that we’ve made up a week’s worth ofbreakfast from our extreme plan keto carry let’s see if we could come up with a week’s worthof keto lunches now of course we’re going to be having sandwiches with lots of that truffle breadthat i made up so i have some leftover deli ham so we will have a ham sandwich made out of the deliham and some truffles you were able to if you happen to have mayo i didn’t include that in this list umbecause i don’t think it certainly needs mayo but if you have mayo you can definitely add that on thereor even some butter is delicious in there too carrying on with the sandwich theme this iswhere our meal prep of the shredded chicken and likewise the drawn pork comes into playi’m going to be originating up a simple chicken salad so that we are able articulated it on a taffle tohave a chicken salad sandwich and then also we’re going to use it in an actual saladtoo with some chopped up romaine lettuce okay and to really make this salad luscious if youhad some lemon liquid or exactly a one lemon just like do a little squeeze of lemon liquid ontop it would just really up degree this salad with our shredded pork shoulder i’m going to bemaking a gathered pork chocolate sandwich now if you happen to have some barbecue sauce on handyou can mix that up within the gathered pork and it would be savory this is extreme budget guysso we don’t have any barbecue sauce so we’re just going to have a gathered pork sandwich our lastoption for lunch that we’re going to represent is another truffle sandwich made out of our trufflebread that we make and i’m going to use that pork it’s done cooking in our slow cooker i’m goingto shred it up and we will have like a spewed a plucked pork sandwich once again if you havesome sugar-free barbecue sauce that you want to add you could do that i think i’m actuallygoing to use some of that cheese that we got and made it in the oven and broil a bed ofcheese on top and then top it with our pork and i think that a pork shoulder isprobably one of the most inexpensive the reduction of meats that you can find because asyou can see it harvests a large amount of meat and there’s no need to add any cooking liquidto the dish when you’re fix it in the sluggish cooker because as you can see it’s going torelease a great deal of fluid and make sure you save that liquor because i’m going to pour it back intothis this will help keep the meat moist and juicy now that we have breakfast and lunch out of theway let’s move on to drawing keto dinners for the entire week for a family of four with the leftoverfood that we have from our 40 fund so i have two different types of protein that i’m working withto clear our dinners for the week we have our chicken that we cooked in the point bowl and then theslow cooker pork shoulder that i made up it made a ton of meat so i have a lot to work with it’lldefinitely feel feed our entire category for the rest of this week now the good thing about someof these banquets that i’m going to show you is that they’re already really easy to put togetherbecause we’ve already cooked our proteins so with the pork shoulder we’re going to use thatwe’re going to use some of it for a stir-fry we’re going to have some of it by itself i’m going touse it to see some pizzas some gathered pork pizzas so half the work is already done becausewe’ve already made up this pork shoulder and it’s cooked and shredded and ready togo with the chicken that’s all ready too because we’ve already cooked that i’m goingto use that to make a chicken soup which we are able to prep up ahead of time and then you canjust reheat it when you want to serve it as well as a milky chicken casserole let’sfirst get started with our chicken recipes firstly i want to establish that chicken soup thiswill be a chicken and rice soup we’re going to use up that cauliflower that we riced up andwe’re going to add that to it we’re going to use some of the chicken capital that we saved fromthat was used in the instantaneou bowl to do our to cook our chicken thighs and then we’regoing to use up some of those vegetables like the celery and we’ll placed someonion in it extremely for some flavor so once again if you have extra seasoningplease feel free to add it to this recipe i’m only exploiting salt and pepper to flavor thischicken soup if you wanted to you could even included some cheese on it just for a littleextra flavor and a little bit more solid to it this recipe is not exceedingly fatty asit is so you could definitely add in some some more oil if you have butter youcould do that paste cheese would be good or even just some shredded cheese would be agood addition to this chicken and rice soup next we’re going to impel our creamy chickencasserole exerting the rest of our shredded chicken so everything comes together in a bowland what’s nice about this recipe is you could actually make this ahead of time as welland time roast it the night you want to serve it so we’re going to add the rest of our chicken to abowl together with our frozen spinach i’m only going to be using a half a bag of frozen spinach inthis recipe you could add the whole thing if you wanted to but i’m going to use the rest of thespinach for something else later on in the week i’m going to add in other regions of my cauliflowerrice as well since i had some left over along with 3 ounces of soothed paste cheese i’m goingto use up the remaining mozzarella cheese i have so shred that up and said to that dish andthen desegregate that together until it’s compounded and season it with a little bit of salt and pepper soi used maybe around like half a teaspoon of salt and a half a teaspoon of pepper and then to helpeverything just kind of stick together and come when it’s combined i’m going to use some eggs soi have two leftover eggs from those 60 weigh eggs that i have i’m going to move them togetherand pour it onto my combine next we’re going to add this to a casserole meal and broil it in375 degree oven for around 15 to 20 minutes you simply want to bake it until it’s cooked all the waythrough and it starts to get golden brown on top this might look like barf in a container but it turnedout fabulous and i’m surprised at how good it perceives with only just a few negligible ingredientsof course we could probably kick it up if we had some spices and some other flavors to go init but just for a basic recipe it’s pretty good now moving on to my other dinners throughoutthe week that use the rest of our shredded pork so first up we’re just going to do an easy ketodinner which involves just consuming our shredded pork and then that can of light-green beans that i got i figure one can of dark-green nuts can be splitevenly four ways to serve a family of four and then i’m gonna scatter only acouple of shreds of cheddar cheese on top next we’re gonna make a drew pork zucchinistir fry and i’m likewise just gonna add in whatever vegetables i have left over so i know i have someonion celery a little bit of spinach and we’re going to add that zucchini we’re going to stir fryit all together and that’s dinner for the night so and our last-place banquet for the week is going to be somepulled pork pizza so once again using our truffles we’re going to use them as a pizza layer this timenow i did have some leftover ointment cheese around like two ounces worth so i’m gonna kill that in themicrowave for a duo seconds only to soothe it spread it on top of my truffles and thensprinkle on down some cheese and topped with our plucked pork if you had any leftovervegetables like maybe if you wanted to save some spinach or some zucchini you could add thaton there too or if you have leftover lettuce onions that concludes our dinners for the week and i can’tbelieve that we actually managed to do this and they’re pretty decent banquets more of course like isaid you could always included in some additional salt or sauces or flavors if you have themon hand as long as they’re keto approved to help genuinely add some more flavor and bite tothese recipes but “i know i m” quite surprised that we were able to stick to our 40 extreme keto budgetand make all of these recipes use i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys want to seemore content like this then make sure you let me know down in the description box don’t forgetto subscribe to my path and make sure you smacked the notification buzzer down below as well so youget apprise each time i affix brand-new recipes also did you guys know i have an instagram page makesure you tour me it’s keto focus on instagram you do want to follow me because sometimes i dogive out free starbucks gift placards on my narratives you

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