8-Week Keto Diet Review / Mi Experiencia con Dieta Cetogenica en 8 Semanas

what’s going on YouTube fam and welcome back to the fit man cook kitchen or I should say dill masala or whatever you want to call it but welcome back to the channel people I predict you all Aikido video almost about a month ago and here it is it’s been stuck here on this hard drive which regrettably crashed with about a few dozen other fit humen cook recipes and so I’ve been trying to get this resolved so that’s the reason why I has not been able to been able to announce video because the video has been captured here so I’ve decided to reshoot the video and do a truncated form of it this is going to be a different type of video I’m going to be talking a whole lot even more so than normal so without further ado let’s get to it several months ago I made the decision to do the ketogenic diet before I jump into the reasons why first let’s back up and talk about what is ketogenic virtually the keto diet is a is a very high fatten and very low carb diet ketogenic comes from the word ketosis and simply put the body basically breaks down overweight molecules and converts them into ketones and those are used as energy for your person you can only reach ketosis when you have a very low carbohydrate intake and a very high fat intake so some of you all may be thinking though this sounds a lot like Atkins the biggest difference with the Atkins diet it was just a simply a very low carb diet with with the majority foods or with the average diet the body is in the government announced glycolysis whereby they are using their your carbohydrates as a source of energy so the carbs are great because you get to have the fullness within your muscles carbs settled settled that water and the power into the muscles and then once all that is used up that’s when your person will go and target the overweight in ketosis your body is essentially it’s primed to lose fatty and to burn overweight the carbs are very awfully very low and so it starts immediately to that solid because you have a higher solid uptake so it’s going to use that as a source of energy so you are a fat burning machine the big question is why did I make love as fit servicemen cook oh for one I’ve heard so much about it and parties were doing it and I restrained getting a great deal of inquiries from y’all about the diet so I said you know what one of the best ways to learn about it is to try it out myself likewise I was certainly needing a alteration I was traveling a entire cluster and I tried to as much as possible kind of count my macros should there be ages where I would go long periods of epoches without eating precisely because the filming schedule or the travel schedule and I would circulate with my you are familiar with my nuts my seeds in my beef jerky and those things would run out I was doing a lot of doughs and pastas and rationalizing saying well since I haven’t eaten the working day I need the calories those things begin to add up and I began to gain weight likewise what was happening at the time was I was going particularly terribly highly sleepy-eyed after my banquets was really thirsty oftentimes I was going to the bathroom I was having intense headaches so I had to go to my doctor because I was concerned that I was showing signs for hyperglycemia and it was confirmed that yes I was picturing those signalings and so I know that I needed an immediate alter and it was really hard for me to precisely because of what I do and I’m talking about health and wellness and Here I am struggling with my own diet and my own health so it was very easy for me to help people to lose weight and to give all these different recommendations but then when it came to my own diet my own rehearses I was actually not following my own advice so I had to check my ego at the door and I said alright I want to start from scratch and I want to fall in love with fitness and food all over again I was able to find this personal trainer that knew me back when I was really big he’s a bodybuilder I got my start by doing a good deal of the bodybuilding ideas and so I told him about that my symptoms and what I was feeling and I said I miss you to treat me as if I don’t know anything about fitness and it was weird for him because he knew that I did so by the time I came started with him I was about 208 pounds I didn’t check my solid percentage right then and there but about two months prior I checked it and it was around 21% so what the time I started with him it was maybe about 19 and 20 percentage which is really high for me that time goes to show how much value I put on secretly behind the scenes because I was protruding I wouldn’t bulk and I was just coming big so here’s my word-painting when I first started off you could see I got a lot of sea force I had a lab tube and get into a ketosis position it’s going to take a while it’s going to take a few epoches so for me it made roughly about nine days till I actually went online to get some of these ketone assessment strips these were from a company called suggest flab comm and I would take it I would urinate on the end of it and then cause it are participating in like a minute or two and then it would dedicate a dye and the pigment right here would correlate on to the bottle and it would show me the amount of ketones in the body the darker it got the more ketones the world countries in the in my organization and recollect the ketones are what the overweight molecules are being broken down into in order to convert into energy the first two to this diet were very challenging although I was experiencing a lot of weight loss right away I was also unusually sluggish and I had the most intense headaches ever and this is attributed to something called the keto flu as your person adjusts to this ketosis state you’re going to have some of these indications I was lacking energy I was a lot more sluggish during my workouts and I retain at a time I was just about to like going to see my buddy’s boot camp world-class so I would do my weights in the afternoon or morning time and then in the evening duration that may go to his boot camp precisely because because I like to do it and I virtually passed out I did notice a decrease in strength first so for the first two weeks I wasn’t as strong as I was but after that everything going to normalize and my strength actually increase so just know that there is a hazing period announced called the keto flu for some people it could last-place a couple daylights for some people like me it previous approximately two weeks so because you are cutting out the carbohydrates in your nutrition you’re going to lose a lot of value really really fast so that was really causing for me to see so people on Atkins they ever get excited because they’re like oh I lost all this value and then they have their first snack with carbs and they blow up that’s because they never actually lost any fat they just lost a whole bunch of water and even my sweetheart at the time she said oh wow this is really working for you like right away and I had to temper that with Everett with world is like alright this is probably like a lot of water right now even if they are I begin to feel better but by week three it was also really important for me to kind of keep up the level of activity that I had I went to Oregon and we went on like a 9 or 10 hour like era hike and I began to feel a little bit dizzy and lightheaded and get the dubious Bambi legs and precarious arms what we had to do as well before workouts I began to suck about a half of a Gatorade and I is a well-known fact that that carbohydrate but because of the ferocity of the drive I was able to burn them off run right away I thought that would slap me out of a ketosis mood but when I experimented it out those things did not knock me out of ketosis you know I did want some explanation but I too didn’t want to get like you know like actually flat appearing so I was kind of panicking and coping that I seem certainly flat and even the tutor did did concur and so what we did was we went to one consider banquet per week and this was very awfully very useful for me with this diet because it was so restrictive it actually gave me something to look forward to each week so I would qualify even harder and I would anticipate what that one gave snack would be and it also truly helped to fill me out so I didn’t feel as flat and then my next exercisings were very extremely explosive so I actually enjoyed that it did slap me out of ketosis those snacks but it only took though a few days for me to only to hop-skip back on and I would do the little ketone assessment and then I’d be right back on there between 4 to 6 weeks I was really vibing I was grooving but the weight loss were starting to various kinds of slow down on average I was about 1 to 2 pounds per week that I just kind of stopped the kind of flatlined right there and I saw I may have had something to do with the with my medications but that wasn’t it the reason is is that I began to get very excited about the nutrition because the diet’s one of the very best things about ketogenic because solids perceive so darn good yo whoo that’s smell good so I was just kind of having like a free-for-all and I would make the diet that I had and I exactly began to add in other fatties like bacon and butter and things like that and so when the coach found out duh Kevin I he was like okay you just can’t simply start computing stuff in there thinking that you’re going to have the same the outcome and he’s right I went back to the original food and I began to to lose weight again the last few weeks to of the diet I was traveling a whole cluster as well and so I was able to maintain close as possible to the amount of calories but for sure I wasn’t having the carbs I was having my analyse snack once a week so here’s the end result by week eight I was very happy with the outcome of only in a few short-lived weeks I was able to lose this much and I likewise had a lot of momentum and ebullience going forward because I knew what I had to do with this diet it was very clear that tell me anything I just wanted to take you right now into the kitchen and we can talk about what I was devouring alright so before I move you all through what I was snacking for eight weeks I want to talk a little bit about the ketogenic diet in general because ketosis asks very low carbohydrate intake a lot of the foods that we really do enjoy like rice and grains and even result you cannot really have on the ketogenic diet so while that was pretty tough a lot of the high-pitched fatty deliciou proteins kind of made up for that what I did find on my experience is that even if they are I was even though the snacks were actually less in terms of like the quantities of parts I was using I did is my finding that the ketogenic nutrition was a little bit more pricey because I was buying higher caliber proteins I was likewise buying different lubricants I was buying raw nuts and grains and those things tend to be a lot higher priced as I mentioned before about week 4 week five I was really concerned about being flat and so one thing that we did was we boosted the level of protein in the nutrition you want to be careful that you just can’t supplement in a whole lot of protein because protein too much protein can actually run counter to ketosis but here are some of the proteins that I use I use this one post-workout and then I likewise included in some collagen and what I liked about the collagen is that it established a really quick protein boost so I could not use up all of my you know my good tasty protein and that it was unflavored and so I could add this into my protein shake I can add it into my chocolate and one of the main benefits to of collagen it’s good for my seams and so the more I was doing the force exercise I didn’t have as much joint hurting I mentioned before about the keto influenza and the headaches and the feelings of sluggishness and wearines and it’s really important that you don’t go to extreme with ketogenic because I know that a lot of beings simply cut off all carbs and veggies have carbs so in order to supplement what I was doing was I was make sure that I had a great men’s multivitamin and then this wellness formula I I enjoy this substance this is what I use whenever I’m sick or I’m feeling the manifestations of being sick and all it is is just a really natural herb add-on that gives you an exemption elevate so let me stress this again is that you don’t want to take away all the veggies from your nutrition since they are do specify a good deal of vitamins and nutrients and minerals for you so about those sweetened desires yes I did have them I use stevia in the raw these little containers and I would throw this either into my protein shake to make it this a little bit sweeter sometimes I would squeeze lemon juice mashed lemons and mingled sea and their input like a carry of the stevia I know I was just desperate for something because I just wanted something like a sweet flavor and stevia does it for me I also got myself some sugar-free maple flavored syrup you can use sweeteners on this diet but you want to be careful not to add too much that can lead to bloating it can lead to headaches it can lead to other problems and then again you want to be careful what you’re adding into your diet when you’re trying something new so you can find out what’s working and what’s not let me give a quick caveat and that whenever I do a brand-new food I want to be as base as possible so if you’re expecting something that’s really fancy and crazy some some some progressive recipes no not for my own food when I’m just trying to make it study so this diet is actually moderately basic all right here we go so for breakfast I was having on some scrambled eggs or a little egg casserole it was just about four four or five eggs if I demanded a protein elevate I would simply computed in some some egg whites has a little bit of shiitake sprouts and spinach and buzzer pepper lay in some herbs and some sea salt and pepper and then boom oh and then to make this creamy I did add in a little bit of goat cheese now you want to keep your diet as low-pitched carb as possible so the good thing about keto is that you can actually far removed from some of the process low fat abbreviated fat commodity because what they’ll do is they’ll take out the overweight from those and don’t add sugar so that lane it’ll savor good keto is good because you can actually have the full spice full overweight commodity so if you’re going to buy cheese for this diet you need to go ahead and get the full-flavored non shortened fat cheese after breakfast I enjoyed a mid-morning meal/ snack it is therefore would just be a regular protein shake and then I would get another improve of protein with the collagen and then merely one tablespoon one helping of a natural nut butter and I enjoy the cashews because they were sweeter for lunch I’d have a cashew chicken salad and then to boost the overweight material I would add about a tablespoon of sesame lubricant vinaigrette and then top it all off with some cashews and maybe about 1/4 to 1/3 beaker of raw cashews for dinner I’d either have lamb or bison or Sam and now these two aren’t entirely equal um I like lamb because Lana is really high in fat it’s also laded with omega-6 fatty battery-acids now for the salmon if you’re a if you are a seafood person salmon is really high-pitched in fat as well but it’s not quite as high-pitched in fat as lamb and bison so what I would have to do was that maybe about a tablespoon of olive oil – to the meal and then with either alternative I time enjoyed grilled asparagus or broccoli and it’s my final dinner I’d either have eggs or another protein shake so I’m going to berth my diet below let me just go ahead and say that I do not recommend that you just go and do my nutrition at all I obviously encourage you to go ahead and seek out someone to help you to craft your own diet quick last-place judgments when in doubt eat real food you can enjoy seasonings merely make sure that those seasonings are not laded up with sugar and likewise be considering that the more things that you kind of add into your diet of different elements that the harder it may be to kind of pinpoint what’s going to work for you and what’s not working for you and how your body adjusts ketogenic is very tasty because it’s all the meat that we truly love so much better but without the carbs there can be a slippery slope at times whenever you are preparing your menus because again fatties perceive so good and likewise be careful for those lifters out there that you don’t want to overload your nutrition with a whole assortment of proteins because that can knock you out of the ketosis mood for me I did have about one gram of protein for every pound of lean torso weight so overall I most recommend this diet I do think there are jeopardies as with any diet as long as you get it on correctly I considered that you various kinds of mitigate the you know the risk I think this is also a good nutrition for a precursor if you’re trying to if you’re trying to get ready for a photo shoot because you do lose a lot of irrigate heavines but I do is of the view that it prepares the foundation for you to begin to do that in a much more practicable and also a extremely appetizing road what I will say is that you do need to get with a dietician or with a licensed personal manager with knowledge of nutrition if you want to go ahead and do this diet it also does not hurt to to get a check-up with your with your primary care physician to find out anything that you need to know about your mas before you do this some people cannot digest fats are you all right I wouldn’t recommend this nutrition to them but they’re likewise only maybe some other health concerns that you may not be aware of that you need to know before you try any type of restrictive nutrition consider the keto flu remember don’t go and throw away the food right away if you begin to feel those nutrient like evidences of a headache and fatigue and being sluggish that’s all a part of the adjustment period can go very extreme with this diet and I just think there is a slippery slope there so you need to be very careful if you have one of those personalities that just kind of starts like all in something like this just do it with someone so they can monitor your progress and time make sure that you’re not you know taking a jump off that build and saying you can fly homie so for my people out there who are who are pro athletes who are actually performance athletes if you need to be very careful about doing this diet because the ketogenic nutrition may not give you enough vigor to be as explosive and potent as you need to be and lastly consider your overall lifestyle this is the final point that I’ll say for me I love keto but I don’t think that I could do it over the long term I can do it when I’m journey just for business and for my quick jobs and I’m trying to get ready for something but overall no and here’s the reasons why for me and my job here is fit followers cook suffering different cuisines and foods it requires that it requires me to you know to kind of branch out there so being on keto is not really compatible with that so overall even though I cherish the nutrition I felt great not something that I can sustain over the over the long haul and again I just think the inhibit is hella tasty as well I represent come on who wouldn’t like a diet in fact come on now thank y’all for watching I know this is not our ordinary video I detest that my other video did not work out but I hope that you all encounter this video really helpful I crave you all to post your the remarks and likewise your experiences below because that’s how we’re all really going to grow and learn together as one big community until next time y’all I wishes to y’all to keep it healthful but of course never ever boy boom

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