8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan Review


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8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is a modified program that gives you all you require for a very long time as you progress into the ketogenic diet. Studies show that the vast majority bomb when beginning another eating regimen, accurately in light of the fact that most attempt to do as such without an exhaustive arrangement. Sadly, wanting to make an eating routine change requires a ton of time, exertion and exploration. With 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan, they do the entirety of the difficult work for you and set you up with a 8-week activity plan dependent on your body, way of life, objectives and food inclinations. There’s no requirement for you to do any of the arranging or prep; you simply track with the suppers gave to you to every day and before the finish of the arrangement, you’ll know precisely what to do and eat to track with this system all alone.

What is the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan About?

Beginning another eating routine is no simple accomplishment. That is decisively why 95% of individuals bomb when attempting to do as such. It takes a great deal of preparation and examination to track down the best suppers for you dependent on your particulars, for example, your body weight, way of life, movement level, food inclinations and objectives. 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan does the entirety of this for you, so you should simply track with the altered supper plan gave to you dependent on the data you enter toward the start.

The framework is intended to make it simple to change into the ketogenic diet with simple to-make and surprisingly simpler to-follow suppers, which are all picked for you dependent on the food decisions you chose. Each likewise accompanies wholesome data and part estimates that clarify how the feast will assist you with accomplishing your objectives. This is done to guarantee you realize what you’re doing as such you can progress forward with it after the two months are up.

The program likewise accompanies a plenitude of data and computerized keto cookbooks to lay out the groundwork for you after you’ve finished the 8-week plan. This incorporates things, for example,

  1. Keto 101 Video and eBook
  2. Your Customized Keto Diet Plan
  3. Keto Bacon Recipes
  4. Keto Fat Bombs
  5. Keto Party Snacks
  6. Keto Superfood Smoothie Recipes
  7. Keto Peanut Butter Treats
  8. Keto Savoury Foods
  9. Keto Chocolate Treats
  10. Keto Avocado Recipes
  11. Keto Desserts
  12. Keto Cookies
  13. Fast Keto Recipes
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Include the way that it requires around three weeks to frame another propensity, and you’ll know precisely what to do to keep pursuing your objectives as you reach the finish of the 8-week program.

You likewise get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so in case you don’t know whether keto is for you (you’ll be shocked!), you have two months to give it a shot which is the ideal measure of time for 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan since it’s two months in length.

Best of all, you can move began immediately also. You simply sign in and access the program on the web or you can download the substance onto your cell phone, tablet, PC or PC. This guarantees you have all the data, counsel, direction, support, food records, plans and activity plans required any place you are.

Who is the Author of 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Rachel Roberts is the author of 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan. She has put in the hours of research and planning needed to have a powerful weight loss regime that will actually help men and women achieve their goals. She has found the perfect combination of foods, portion sizes and nutrition needed to see results based on different lifestyles, exercise levels, food preferences, etc.

What You’ll Get in the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is a far reaching framework intended to direct you through the way toward progressing into the ketogenic diet while additionally showing you, so you know precisely what to do once the program is finished. Dissimilar to different frameworks that set you up on a way that expects you to continually return (and pay) for results, this program centers around furnishing you with smart dieting propensities that you can proceed with after you have finished the 8-week program.

All things considered, you get a plenitude of significant data that shows you the intricate details of the ketogenic diet – from the fundamental data to the advantages; from the keto-accommodating food varieties to the ones to keep away from; why and how to make replacements and considerably more. Simultaneously, you’ll likewise be learning and attempting new plans that are explicitly chosen for you dependent on the data you enter about your way of life, work out, food inclinations and objectives. In this way, as you’re running after your objectives in a simple to-follow framework, you’ll likewise be realizing what you need to comprehend the interaction and how to keep it going all alone.


To give you a better idea of just how comprehensive the system is, here’s a look at the different topics covered and what you can expect to receive:

Video Library

  1. An A-Z of Everything You Need to Know About the Ketogenic Diet
  2. Introduction to Keto
  3. What is the Ketogenic Diet
  4. Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet
  5. Keto Diet and Blood Pressure
  6. What Do I Eat On a Keto Diet
  7. How Does the Keto Diet Work for Weight Loss
  8. Getting Started on the Keto Diet
  9. Keto Recipes
  10. Keto Tips, Hacks and Conclusion

You also receive:

  • Shopping lists for each week
  • Day-to-Day recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Nutritional breakdown of every recipes and meal
  • Portion sizes
  • Option to swap meals that don’t appeal to you
  • 11 cookbooks
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You also receive a list of recommended supplements and where to get them to enhance your health, if you choose to go this route. Lastly, there is a section that breaks down the commonly used ingredients in the recipes provided in the Custom Keto Diet Plan with direct links on where to get them. All can be found on Amazon, making it quick, easy and convenient to add into your pantry.

The Verdict


The upsides of utilizing the Custom Keto Diet Plan can be seen before you even start. First off, it’s a supper plan that is totally customized for you dependent on the data you enter. In addition to the fact that this gives you the appropriate suppers for ideal sustenance, however it likewise guarantees you get dinners that work with your body and your objectives. Such countless individuals bomb while attempting another eating regimen and that is decisively in light of the fact that practically all “eats less carbs” are excessively nonexclusive for a “one-size-fits-all” approach or too hard to even consider continueing with. This carries me to the subsequent benefit; the entirety of the hard exploration, prep and arranging has effectively been accomplished for you. You put in your data and the program runs it through their calculation and – VOILA – everything is now accomplished for you. This permits you to save your time, energy and exertion for the stuff that matters the most.

Since the program is on the web, I adored having the option to get to it on my own tech gadgets. It didn’t make any difference where my day took me; as long as I had my cell phone, tablet or PC, or was near a personal computer, the entirety of the data, plans and feast plans was in that general area for me.

Finally, having the option to give the framework a shot danger free for a very long time is another extraordinary advantage. There are so many eating less junk food systems that don’t work, so it tends to be difficult to focus on taking a stab at anything new in light of the fact that you’ve been let down so often. Thus, this was a superb reward.


I really can’t come up with any disadvantages for a keto meal plan that is completely customized for you and for a fraction of the cost that this typically costs. However, if I had to pick something, I guess it would be for anyone who doesn’t want to go keto-friendly. Although, there are many benefits of following a keto plan and if you want to achieve your goals, you’re going to have to change your eating habits anyway.


8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is a fully personalized program that provides you with every recipe and meal needed to learn how to eat keto to achieve your specific goals. You also receive an abundance of extra guides that provides you with valuable information about going keto and staying keto, even well after the 8-weeks are done. It’s a fully unique system that makes transitioning into a new diet easy because all of the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is follow along with the recipe plans and by the end of it, it will come to you naturally as it takes approximately three weeks to form new habits. And in the fact that you have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and you just can’t go wrong. If you’ve been thinking about changing up your diet, there’s no easier way to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the diet plan safe to use?

The Custom Keto Diet Plan follows the guidelines of the ketogenic diet. It’s based on eating a healthy diet that is low-carb and high-fat (healthy fat, of course). There are numerous studies showing the benefits of the keto diet, including significantly reducing body weight and body mass index, decreasing levels of triglycerides, bad cholesterol and glucose, and increasing healthy cholesterol levels. However, just like you would any diet, you can speak with your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions or concerns.How is this different from other keto programs?

One of the key differences between this program and others is that Custom Keto Diet Plan is a fully customized program. Unlike other generic programs for keto or weight loss, this one is personalized solely for you based on your age, height, weight, weight loss goals and food preferences. It gives you full control over the types of foods you’ll be eating with the meal plan, which you simply don’t get (or rarely do) with other meal plan programs.Is this program suitable for vegans or people with food allergies?

Another unique thing about this program is that it has a filter out option. This allows you to filter out any specific food types. As a vegetarian, you would filter out all meat-based recipes to receive only delicious vegetarian recipes. As a vegan, you would also filter out (or choose to include) recipes made with ‘eggs’, ‘diary’, ‘coconut’, and ‘nuts’ too.

And if you have any food allergies (e.g: nuts), you can use the filter out option too!

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