5 Tips To A Successful (Sustainable) Weightloss

How long has/ is your weightloss journey taking you????

I’ve lost & gained (possibly) hundreds of pounds over the last decade!

Had 4 babies on in combination with physically and emotional adversities.

My EPIC journey if you will.

The good news is, I’ve kept the same 50 pounds off for the last year.

However. It’s time to get back into the ring and release the remaining 100 pounds and re reach some goals!

Yes, “release” because I’m not trying to find those depressing pounds again…

With so much experience in failing at this “weight loss journey” –

Here are 5 personal tips on successful (sustainable) weight loss!

As daunting and obvious as this tip is, I’ve noticed if the scale isn’t moving then maybe its time to reflect on what I’m putting in my mouth!

I use the MyFitnessPal App.

Easy to navigate and Free!

Here’s why… When I’m stressed (or bored) I’m more likely to eat, even over eat; food gives me comfort the same way cigarettes or alcohol would others.

Do you find yourself eating or overeating when stressed? How about eating out of boredom?

I now take the time to prepare a cup of hot tea, sit down and decompress.

Definitely give it a try the next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed..

There are so many (dare I say fun?) Tea options these days, so let’s get excited on rerouting our stress eating habits!

This tea hack, also does wonders with cravings as well!

My favorite hot tea is –

Sweet Tangerine Positive

Energy Tea by Yogi!

Yes, Really! This may sound silly and absurd to some (especially my mother!) .

I notice that instead of leaving my shoes at the door – I am more likely to be productive around the house and I may even get the urge to take a walk or exercise! Plus I’m always ready to go!Share with me your tips on how you stay motivated!

You may have heard this before and with good reason. Weighing yourself every day can get frustrating fast! Our bodies fluctuate day to day with waste, NEW muscle etc. Also when the number on the scale isn’t what you’re expecting, you’re likely to be discouraged and potentially sabotage your progress.

Start measuring your progress instead.

Remember if you’re working out (even walking more) you’re building muscle, and even though that number isn’t going down.. muscle is tighter and more compact, taking up less space!

Plus… I heard from a body builder once, that you’re body is burning calories as your muscles rebuild!

Make an official “weigh-in day” either once a week, once every 2 weeks or every month

Who else has been a slave to the scale? Ever quite your journey because of those evil numbers?

Bonus tip!

Rid your fridge & pantry of food’s that will sabotage your lifestyle, literally out of sight, out of mouth? Seriously go and do this, like… Today!

This isn’t just a copout tip, REMEMBER, the world wasn’t created in a day, we didn’t reach our highest weight over-night, so it will. take. time.

Absolutely convince yourself- that all of your hard work will be worth it!
When you get discouraged, remind yourself why you set this goal, imagine yourself at your goal weight and that you’re doing this to be healthier version of you!

Most importantly, love yourself; if you don’t love yourself now… in this state, how can you expect to love yourself when you’re 20, 50, 100, 200, 300 pounds lighter???

Bonus tip! Track Your Steps!

You don’t need a fancy Fit Bit or pricey Apple watch to accomplish this, most people own a smart phone and believe it or not your phone is more than likely already tracking your steps.

Apple has the “health” app usually pre-installed, so if you’ve never noticed this guy you’ll be surprised to see your step history.

Android has a similar app, “Google Fit”.


Download one. It’s that easy. Take charge of your health and aim for 10,000 steps a day. The average American walks between 3,000 – 4,000 steps a day.
Be above average.
Your body and future self will thank you. Do you already track your steps? What was your highest step count?

I hope these tips will help! Let me know in the comments!

-Leslie @Keto.Odyssey

Check out my Pinterest with hundreds of Keto diet recipes, workouts and of course more tips!

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