5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Keto OS & Exogenous Ketones [Must Watch]

Are you researching about Keto OS or exogenous ketones in general? Watch this video and I'm going to expose top five facts about I bet you didn't know about keto OS products and exogenous ketones. Before I get into the facts about keto OS, make sure you watch the end of this video so you can make an informed decision on what you're going to do as well as I have a special bonus for all my viewers but watch till the end; make sure you do. So some of the benefits you can get from drinking keto OS are the same similar benefits you get through a nutritional away, for example, the stirct ketogenic diet, which would be appetite suppression, better fat loss, of course those 2 work hand-in-hand, getting better muscle preservation and strength gain, this is because you are in a more anabolic State when you are running on ketones when you're running on beta hydroxybutyrate, that's what the scientific term is, as well as you gain less brain fog and being more mentally sharp.

Again, it absorbs into the brain and much faster than glucose which is why you feel that way. And lastly, you are going to have better sleep, which in turn gives you better mood. These are some of the experiences, if not all the experience is, people have when drinking keto OS or through a strict ketogenic diet. One thing I want to be clear on is taking keto OS doesn't give you the right to cheat on your diet. It's still about nutrition first, it always will be. That is a supplement, it's going to help you and amplify what you do nutritionally is the way I always position it.

So make sure you try and do your best to eat healthy, whether it's keto, whether it’s paleo, whether it's low carb, be healthy about it and then expect the maximum results from the product. Let's get into it; top 5 things you didn't know about keto OS. So the first one is the product is always evolving. So there are other exogenous ketones on the market, and I can tell you this that I have tried them, almost all of them, and they are not nowhere close to what keto OS does and how it performs.

And the main reason why which I'll talk about it later, but one thing I love about PRUVIT, the makers of Keto OS, is that they are always evolving the product. They started off with police first version, regular Keto OS which is fantastic, but they continue to evolve it, they went to a 3.0 version then they went to Keto OS Max which is right here, then which is great at branching amino acids in it. All of these still have ketones but they are always involved in making it better. A lot of the ones on the market if I want to PRUVIT made this market, this category about exogenous ketones and all these cheap copycats I would call them (my personal opinion) came into the market and started selling it all these cheap ketones, and I'll explain why they are cheap.

Look what they've done is they have just done wonders, they only came up with the one formula and just stuck with it which they are all the same. PRUVIT’s the only one that is patented and they're the only ones that are very different. And as they evolve the product, they went from this Max then they came out with Unleashed which is basically more ketones and the little more caffeine. And they have even got into Nat. So Keto OS Nat is the latest and greatest from them, again, always evolving. This one is the first ever come my world's first all natural fermented a ketone. So the ketones are actually not made in a lab, they are made through natural fermentation process which is amazing, has the highest absorption rate into the bloodstream, I'll make a different video about that.

But my point is that they are always evolving so you know you're always getting the best of the best. Number two, research and development. Pruvit has poured a ton of money and resources and energy and the time into, I talked about evolving the product, but even making the product taste good. So regardless of how well a product works and we've all tried various products, if it tastes like crap, you're not going to be drinking it everyday, let's be honest, or you're going to regret drinking it everyday.

The products that Pruvit comes out with like raspberry lemonade is like amazing, there's a fairy dust is like a Plum Frost plumber flavor, this one here is like a pina colada, this one here is like hard tart candy. So they're always evolving the flavor and so it fits everybody's palette, but the best thing is that the research also goes into outside the flavor that it's also easy digestible as well as it's gluten-free, it's dairy free, it's kosher. So are these important things to a very… to a lot of people, so I'm glad they addressed that issue.

And then the other thing to about evolving the product into development, they have even taken their ketones in two different things. Like this is a bone broth that's in the packet has ketones in it. They have KetoKalmteaso it's a tea for those who don't drink coffee, they have a coffee product as well, Keto Cream. But this here, KetoKalm tea, is a tea with ketones in it. Like, they are using it in multiple different applications, they're always coming out with new flavors, this is a Vanilla Sky. So what I'm trying to get at is that you have quite a good assortment to select from and you will always find a flavor that is right for you, and as well a product that is right for you.

Number three, backed by science. So one of the things I love is that it's always contain me evolving like I mentioned, but it's backed by science and research. So ketones in general have been used with Masa, with the Navy Seals in various applications. But with Pruvit specifically, they have a lab where their performance lab, a third-party performance lab, ASPI labs that have actually helped developed and continually improve the keto OS product. Now, over there, I have their names written here, I keep mixing their names up, Dr Ryan Lowery who is actually the author of ‘The Ketogenic Bible’, and then Dr Jacon Wilson.

So I've met both these gentlemen, he's the CEO of ASPI labs. That laboratory is made for human performance enhancement. So they use science and Human Performance and always trying to optimize and always trying to biohack it and they use ketones as a big part of the research and their testing. Even though it was two gentlemen, if you follow them on Instagram, you will see that their pecs even follow a ketogenic diet. So they are hardcore and they are serious and they live the life that they are studying about. Number 5. So this is probably the most important fact you will want to know about keto OS and I'm glad you stayed for the end of the video to find out what it is. It's the type of Ketone they use. So unlike the other competitors out there, Pruvit is the only one out there on the market using the R-type beta hydroxybutyrate.

What that means is, that type of Ketone is one that's closest match to your natural production Ketone, what your body makes. So it means when you drink this product, all of this is getting absorbed, unlike the other ones on the market, mostly those you get maybe 50, 60%, I'm not sure the number, but I do know you pee most of it out. So all your hard-earned money is just the kind of going down the toilet. So for me, that was really important. I only use products and I only promote products that I use and that I think are good, and that's why you'll see some of my videos that I have this product in there and I drink it everyday. I have thousands of clients that I have coached and helped use this product within whatever they are doing nutritionally, and it's helped leaps and bounds. So the bonus I want to offer at this video is my personal time to you. So I've worked with thousands of people, integrating PRUVIT products, integrating keto OS into what they are doing in their diet or through their starting or whether they are in the middle of their health Journey.

I'm going to offer you my time. So you can message me below, there should be a link below as well as you can just email me direct at info@myketocoach.com. And what I'm going to do is I'll help you select the right product that will suit your needs, as well as when you receive the product, I'll coach you through the product to maximize the benefits of it. This is only a one-off for everybody that contacts me and that's it. It's just that simple. Email me if you have any questions about anything keto related or keto OS related and I'm glad to help.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel, I'm going to be coming out with a new videos in the coming weeks and I look forward to hearing from you. Take care, guys..

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