5 best diet apps to help you eat healthy

Yazio Fasting and Food Tracker

If you like intermittent fasting, then this app can help you. This app’s fasting plans can make intermittent fasting a breeze. You can gain access to more than 1,000 recipes, customised according to your preferences. This software can connect with your fitness tracker and automatically track your activities and steps.

Available: Android and iOS

Lose It!

This app is popular because of its simple user interface. It focus on calorie counting, weight loss. As the name implies, it helps people reach their weight loss goals. It generates daily and weekly meal reports that summarise your eating habits. If you wish to keep track of your weight, the app includes a graph that illustrates how your weight varies over time.

Available: Android and iOS

Carb Manager

If you want to manage your keto diet by tracking calories, net carbohydrates, ketones, blood glucose, insulin, glycemic load, etc then this app can help you. You can also measure basic metrics like water intake, exercise, and body weight. It evaluates all of the data you log in the app and offers reports on how your diet is assisting you in achieving your goals.

Available: Android and iOS

My Macros+

This app offers nutritional information for meals and snacks. It also provides insights about how your diet affects the goals you set when you first installed this app. You’ll get a nutritional breakdown for each ingredient, meal, and day. It has unique feature in that you can log your meal even if you don’t have internet access.

Available: Android and iOS

Nutritionix Track

If you prefer exercise and diet together. Then, this app can help you. It makes fitness a daily habit which is an effective way to work towards your health goals. You can track your food intake, nutrient totals, exercise, calorie and macro goals. This app has some unique feature like you can scan the bar code on a food item and more. Scanning the barcode will generate your food’s nutrient profile. It helps you to adjust for the portion size you consume.

Available: Android and iOS

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