4-Day Keto Meal Plan for Winter 2020

[ Music] what up chaps welcome back to the fitnesses kitchen it is a brand new year and I’m gonna go ahead and “re saying it” for you brand new year it’s a brand new meat and I hope for you it is a brand new YouTube this is the perfect time to begin to interrogate and look at our eating practices so that mode we can write a successful narrative for the rest of the year man that was a rib that was a beautiful decision wasn’t it was lyrical that was lyrical Kevin or some poetic stuff in 2020 humankind yeah okay now to celebrate the brand-new time I am going to be doing a month of meal prep so that means that each week I’m gonna be highlighting a new dinner contrive located off a very popular diet so of course you know I’ve got to do the most popular diet out there for week one we are making today a four epoch keto dinner schedule now this meal contrive will last you three or four epoches depending on your provide sizings now we have a lot to cover today so I’m just gonna jump-start right into the video but first if you don’t know about keto and if you’ve been hearing on the information and reading about it then I crave “youre going to” firstly stop what you’re doing don’t go through this meal proposal just yet I require you to go check out my 8 spring metamorphosi keto video and then if you still have questions check out my bread smidgens video that I did on how to select the claim nutrition for you that’s going to be really important I is a well-known fact that since everybody in the world is doing keto it’s really pull evander simply just wanted to hop right in and start doing it to pump the dampers homemade spout the brakes mama and let’s just make sure this is this meal plan is going to be right for you but for the rest of us who are on this keto infatuation who love keto then you know what roll up your sleeves and we’re about to get our hands dirty I want to get you in and out of the kitchen in under two hours all right let’s get started alright chaps so here are the things that you will need for this meal prep some dark-green beans one carrot a wrap of spinach some salad okay now here is one of my time-saving hacks and my plan hacks instead of buying the big wrap of salad that are able to or may not eat the week that penalty between five and eight dollars what you can do is go to the salad bar of most grocery store and you can actually just buy this trash on a go-cart it comes out to be much cheaper because lettuce and light-greens don’t weigh that is something that some lemons onion celery lettuce bell spice avocado cucumber some child bella mushrooms and some garlic and give yourself a rotisserie chicken some eggs some bacon some pork cuts some butter some cheese and some chicken broth and now for the utensils you are required to a nonstick skillet a large skillet or big-hearted pan like this a pot and a muffin go and then of course because this is for meal prep we are going to also need some receptacles so I’m gonna be using these glass receptacles from Pyrex you know one last-place last thing this is a meal prep video all right so I’m gonna share the individual recipes online now when you cook meal prep it’s all about multitask so the steps that you may see online may differ from this video because we’re cooking everything together and the most important thing is to get in and out of the kitchen in as little time as possible and that means you have to multitask all right so if y’all are ready to roll up your sleeves for this delicious keto meal plan then let’s get started all right people let’s get this gravy train rolling now the most important thing is always start out with the things that are gonna give the most amount of experience so we’re gonna be making a luscious keto rotisserie chicken soup for our dinner prep and that’s gonna take about 40 instants to cook so let’s prep that one first first thing prep our veggies I’ve already chopped up the celery the onion and got the garlic now we’re gonna do the carrots you’re probably visualizing a carrot Kevin is not Kido we’re talking about one carrot for an entire providing of soup that should be okay and then some cabbage chipped this in half and now we’re just going to shred this moving on to the chicken this is a great time-saver but also budget saver you can buy you one of these chickens for about six seven dollars if you go to a arrange like Whole Menu gonna cost you a little bit more what we’re gonna do here is take off the scalp and we’re gonna pull out the white meat but I’m too going to chop off the little backstages and we’re gonna contributed these to our soup because they’re gonna be helping out with a little of the spice tear off the meat and chop the meat into cases to make sure you’ve make out all the bones alright next we are going to build our soup you’re gonna fervor it up your cup on some medium-high heat you’re gonna supplemented in a generous fraction of some olive oil compute in the onions contribute in some garlic and some celery get this going you don’t want to burn the garlic or burn it to onion we just want to turn them Brown and somewhat translucent we’re going to add in a little bit of cumin a little bit sage-green and if you have it if you can find it wherever you are this is some fennel this is crushed fennel lastly I’m gonna compute in some of my arrive meld now such is freshly ground herbs made to ensure that the spices are not burning that it’s just they’re just blossom and when I say off-color I merely mean that they’re beginning to come really really actually sweet-scented you could smell everything here in the kitchen I’m gonna include in the lettuce give this a good conjure before we contribute in everything else let it soak up all the oil and the spices and the garlic and onion now let’s contributed in the carrots the chicken and the chicken broth I’m gonna lend a pinch of sea salt and some pepper give this a good whisk and then bring everything to a sun stew formerly it starts stewing throw in some inlet leaves last-place thing we’re gonna include snatch those down right there and then cover and cook this for at least 40 hours all right next thing we’re going to prep the pork chops and the lettuce beans for our second dinner so here I’ve got some sirloin and we’re just going to chop this into slice now let’s time to add some flavor you’re going to take some olive oil or some avocado oil and lightly spray the cuts spray in a little bit of my every base by flavour and then we’re also going to add in some of my district seasoning such is freshly ground herbs okay one more time get your hands soiled get in there next you’re gonna fire up your skillet or your utensil framed it on a super high-flown heat we’re gonna do some searing and some cooking we’re going to add in some butter and then we’re going to add in our pork choppers so cause them rest here in the skillet as you add some shade to them start moving around and yeah that’s exactly what we want you picture the nice charred cases on the outside now we’re gonna add one more thing of butter right here right in the middle and only stir the pork chop over the butter oh my god this is gonna be this is the most yummy saucer you’ll ever have I bet you want to go we’re gonna supplement these to a poll let’s remain this testify moving we’re gonna add some more butter to our skillet save that skillet high-pitched and don’t worry if they’re flavouring that stick to the bottom of it we’re gonna get that all up in a second and that’s gonna be great for our dark-green nuts we’re doing the same type of method here we’re gonna lift them cheer first for about a instant so I’m moving it around here in the skillet perfect beautiful beautiful now even though they’re seared lettuce nuts still sometimes do not cook all the way through so we want to soften them up so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna caramelize them with a little of lemon liquor supplement some liquid to create some being now descent the heat on the skillet and we’re gonna cover this up cook this for about two to three minutes it’s okay if they’re a are a little bit on the crispy or place because remember this is for your meal prep so what do you do for your dinner prep if you’re gonna eat it the next day you have to reheat it and during that reheating process you’re gonna soften up the veggies some more final thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna bring everything together and some garlic give this a good arouse that fresh garlic then we’re gonna supplement the cuts back to the skillet and then add in our final thing of butter continue folding check the hot of the skillet and make sure that nothing is sticking nothing is burning finish it off with a little bit of ocean salt and some spice and then we’re done easy all right we are saving the most satisfying recipe into the very end because it involves Bacon’s we’re going to be perform up our breakfast now so first thing we’re going to do is set a nonstick skillet on some high heat and then you’re gonna contribute in the bacon now as the bacon is cooking up we are going to prep our eggs it’s going to break some eggs into a container then we’re gonna add in a little bit of my daily seasoning and then a little bit of dried rosemary contribute a tinge of pepper now we’re gonna scoot everything together and as the bacon finishes up we’re just gonna place it on this paper towel to crisp up once that bacon is crispy I’m just going to cut it up to create some bacon all right let’s develop some frittatas first everyone do is spray our muffin tins so we’re gonna lend in some of our spinach a little of onion some buzzer pepper optional part some sprouts gonna add in some cheese and some bacon and lastly we’re gonna pour in the egg and if you have any leftover egg remaining then you are eligible to really induce some bonus muffins and the little sprinkle the cheese we’re gonna broil this in the oven for about 25 -3 0 minutes into the eggs cook all the way through at 400 piping hot fresh out of the oven spurt for our breakfast we’re having cheesy bacon eggs spinach and buzzer spice frittatas[ Music] we’re banquet 2 or having some buttery garlic pork and lettuce beans[ Music] for our snack snack we’re gonna compute some mixed greens and some lettuce to to our dinner prep container we’re gonna chop up our cucumber said in steam some eggs until they’re nice and hard-boiled and then slice open an avocado in the half of an avocado finished yet off with a little of sea salt and some seasoning and then we’re going to drizzle a little of olive oil over at the cucumber you can mix everything together to make one large-hearted salad or you can eat everything separately simple all right and after 40 instants of cooking on the stove that’s beautiful and then finally for dinner for that we prep we’ve got some beautiful rotisserie chicken and cabbage soup and here’s a immediate pro gratuity if you’re doing keto and you need some more overweight calories and you don’t know what to do then simply computed in a little more of olive oil to your individual dish precisely a tablespoon or however much you need but a tablespoon should be just fine all right and exactly that simple guys you have your at least three daytime four period keto meal prep here you can get in and out of the kitchen in under two hours I predict you and remember one of the most important things about a dinner program video is why you make this customizable for you so you may have to adjust the performing sizes or adjust the number of fats or whatnot because ketosis happens to parties at different times at different levels of carbs and so you’ve got to play around with those figures to make it work for you but the recipes themselves they are just fail proof and they’re really delicious it’s be a great way to go into the brand-new time I also want to invite you to subscribe to my path if you like videos like these every week I’m sharing sizzling new fresh content or new recipes different ideas to push this all towards this happier and healthier lifestyle also don’t forget to ring that Bell so that nature you can be notified of whenever I affix sizzling new content in the pitman concoct kitchen all right chaps thank y’all so much better for putting with us today hope you enjoy the snack contrive as always after all these times I’m going to say the exact same thing until next time I won’t try to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh bye y’all[ Music][ Music]

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