3 Ways to AVOID Weight Gain Over the Festive Season

Want to kick up your heels and enjoy the holiday season but worried about the typical weight gain of 7-10lbs (3-4.5kg) that happens between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year?

Well…it doesn’t have to be that way…

Enjoy the busy festive season with our 3 TIPS FOR AVOIDING WEIGHT GAIN and maybe even lose a few pounds with a ketogenic/low-carb diet. We share our surprising (and guilt-free) strategies for actually enjoying festive food, whether you are keto or low-carb (or neither!)

The next couple of months are filled with celebrations and cheer!!

If you’re in North America you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving soon and in Australia, it’s the end of our school year.

This means there’s a ton of year-end speech nights, concerts, class get-togethers, family celebrations and of course, Christmas and New Year.

Many of us take advantage of the holidays to travel and take a vacation around this time too.

It’s all fun and parties…

…but what if you’re trying to lose weight?


Why The Festive Season Can be Challenging for Weight Loss

Some people hate this time of year, but I really love it…

I love the festive cheer, the decorations and just the fun… the excitement that’s in the air.

A lot of us have kids and so I really love to make it a special time for them.

There’s the gift buying, decorating the house and Christmas tree as well as hosting your loved ones for Christmas.

But even I have to say, it can ALSO be very stressful.

You might be hosting meals or celebrations at your home which means there’s a lot of cooking, cleaning your house, preparing for guests to arrive, or just cooking dishes to take to parties.

Many of us are looking to lose weight during this time on a keto diet (or at the very least maintaining our weight).

You’re going to NEED some strategies in place so you can handle situations that come up when you’re out celebrating.

These are my three top tips for how to keep the weight in check over this period.





My first tip for not gaining weight over the holiday period is to actually make a commitment to yourself…

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