3 Month Keto Diet Weight Loss Update – Low Carb Success – Before and After Pictures

Hello and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be sharing the long awaited three-month keto diet update. Before I get to that if you are new to my channel i am on the low-carb keto diet and I share all kinds of Keto lifestyle inspiration recipes meal ideas what I every day, grocery hauls, all kinds of things so subscribe and join the yummy inspirations parish. And today i have for you my three-month keto update. I will leave down below link to my two month and my one month update and just like with before today is unscripted uneditied, i am talking to you about my 3 month of Keto, so let’s just get into it so the third month how did I been going on superb i love it i’m cherishing this diet more and more and more everyday although i really hate christen it a food it’s a way of life and a couple of changes that happened this month the first one is I no longer to weigh my macros or my calories.I kind of felt myself weighing less and less. And kind of gauging and after a couple of months i know i’m in a number I kind of have the same things for breakfast it’s usually eggs of some description which I’ve shared stacks with you the past. Lunch will be salad usually or if I’m out about probably bunless burger and then dinner will usually be my meat of the day or chicken or if I have a meat free Monday something like cauliflower mac and cheese. And so that its kind of set in my directions if I need a snack in between I vanish strawberries and paste or some nuts and i feel quite comfortable make that because for me in the past when I’ve been on nutrition and I’ve counted calories or weighed places or counted whatever macros, I find when I’m on food then I can go off diet and as soon as I stopped weighing the value it comes back on with interest so I determined it more beneficial to really learn I devoted my first two months really learning my meat and a third month i spent precisely enjoying myself and so when it comes to weight loss the first month I lost five kilos second months two and a half and this third month another two-and-a-half so the total is at 10.4 kilos which I am so happy with.I have noticed a massive inconsistency in myself my apparel is fitting on me liberate. I have been on a couple of shopping trip-ups i’m trying to sort of cut back on shopping and went into a little bit smaller because my drapes kind of fit me for now and i’m just savor my clothe this dress i got recently a new dress and I adore it and I feel so good in it and I’m getting smaller and smaller sizes which is amazing and I’ve do a couple of photos of myself with before when i first started and kind of now and I when I look at the difference it’s it’s mind-boggling. I feel i believe i lost more than ten point four kilos i have taken amounts those have come down as well although it’s yeah not not much as I had envisaged in my waist in my trendies but then I do feel like my legs are more muscular limbs and more muscular and I’m just feeling so much smaller when it looks like more than 10 kilos it feels more than 10 kilos.And genuinely what does a number on the scale mean when I feel astonishing and when I’ve had other amazing health benefits one benefit which i have found as that is progressed from month to month is my period. So sorry guys the thirty-five percent of my viewers who are male just like skip the next few minutes we just yet I’m talking date i’m going there because they say that the period once period menstrual cycle it is a indication of your overall state and yes I’ve had season agony and you know it on and off and this and that and everything but hour I attained my periods are much lighter i feel it time feels so different I feel a lot less pain taking a lot less panadol to get through the first got a couple of epoches and there are ya lot lighter I exactly feel healthier and it’s difficult to explain that i just it just feels so much more it’s like clockwork every month. Can’t believe I’m talking about this but yeah your point is a huge part of your health and yeah okay moving on from here its other health benefits unquestionably my hair emphatically how I feel every day certainly my power and I feel amazing what more there is to say that about the health benefits i haven’t felt this good in forever.I am 35 and I feel like I’m in my twenties i’m keeping up with my little six and eight time old boys I’m running around with him I am not tired through the day I the other day when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep and I have that kind of tired feeling which happened from time to time I forget that lived in this wearied haze for so long it’s just amazing how I simply feel I have vitality am i’m staying up late because I’m not spent and crashing at seven o’clock i just feel so good so health benefits apart from the weight loss is it’s amazing and yes it is slower and I’m shared a video a few weeks ago about not likening your weight loss to others so yeah i’m at 10.4 kilos in three months for some people that might sound like a lot and for other beings they might think you should have lost more during that time come on your low-carb lost 10 kilos a month doing something else well you know what good for you whatever works for you works for you and I found that low-pitched carb way of life works for me.Amazing make it well look at it as a marathon not a sprint I don’t care if it takes me out a year if I lose two kilos a month and in a year I get to my goal weight or thereabouts– doesn’t matter it made me a year to be three months or six months no I’m happy do it. I’m the one every day that has to be chewing and have to be doing it this mode and if it symbolizes i’m not counting calories and I’m not counting my macros and it’s much slower but I can maintain it in the long term that is huge thing because I’ve been on so many foods whatever it is you weigh your calories and as soon as you start counting calories or you look forward to going off the diet it all just comes back on and that’s the thing is I don’t look forward to going back and chewing normally I’m not persuasion to chisel i’m quite happy having my strawberries and ointment and I’m not seduced I had no these are the holiday this is the holiday period and every one is persuasion by all kinds of things around and I’ve been to my gala share of parties and family gatherings in the last few weeks and I really not seduced i’ll make my own meat, i’ll eat before I want to eat, i’ll have conference i’ll have some veg I had some strawberries it doesn’t feign me what i’m doing i feel so good it’s not about cheating and thinking i’ll articulated the load back on for me I don’t want to go back to feeling the highway that I was feeling whether I slip into that from snacking one wrong food or really spiraling out of control or be known I’m happy eating this course and i’m going to simply keep doing this and I thank you all so much for your amazing remarks on my direct over the past couple of months as my path has been an increase, I just really appreciate every single comment that gets left and sharing my tour with you, knowing that there’s others going through what I’m going through in the slow and steady weight loss and that’s the thing as well is that I have held onto his force for the better part of my life so I’m not predict losing it quickly.I’m happy i have a kind of routine i lose a kilo or 2 and then it abides the same and I chill for a few cases weeks a lot of it will deal with my round but I’m talking periods anymore today so I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing coasting along and losing with the rate I’m losing it and and obtain new entertaining recipes and i’m sharing with you a new material and looking forward to having a play with that egg cooker I got the other day in the next few days. It’s just opened the whole world and if I haven’t said here today i’m just saying again “i m loving” this course of chewing and that’s kind of my three-month update.Stopped counting calories and macros and kind of doing what I’m doing lost another 2.5 kilos somewhere 10.4 Kilos in total. Calculations “re coming in”, feeling smaller, feeling like a feeling better and all of that so there you go. Thank you for watching my 3 month on keto diet update if you’ve got any questions or commentaries please leave them down below I certainly enjoy communicating with you and participating and sharing this community that’s being built here so delight take it to the questions take it to the comments and look forward to reading your comments and your experience on the Keto Diet and if you’re not already subscribed to my channel made to ensure that you subscribe and join this Yummy muses community and make sure that you leave a like, leave a thumbs up for me I genuinely applauded the fact and we’ll see you soon bye

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