3 Easy-To-Make Keto Ice Creams That You’ll Enjoy

Keto diets are no joke. There’s a strict restriction placed on the individual to not have energy-dense, high-calorie foods like simple carbohydrates and refined sugar. There’s very little scope for having something comforting in all of this as the lion’s share of most of one’s calories comes from fat. The macronutrient ratio in a keto diet forces the body to utilize fats in our body rather than carbohydrates and it can be a painful, slow process for some. 

The key ingredient in keto-friendly ice cream is sugar-free condensed milk. The condensed milk acts as the binder and being sugar-free surely helps it recreate the texture of regular ice cream sans the added sugars. In a single serving of regular ice cream, the amount of carbohydrates that are there is double that of a single serving of keto ice cream. So if you’re thinking about how to make one keto-friendly ice cream at home, here are a few important things to keep in mind. Do not use full-fat milk, rather go for skimmed or toned milk. Do not use heavy cream, use whipping cream or simply half and half. And finally, do not use refined granulated sugar but go ahead and use artificial sweeteners that suit your palate. Now that you’re done with the waves of information regarding diet, let’s dive into the 3 keto-friendly ice creams that you can make at home. 

1. Peanut Butter Vanilla Keto Ice Cream 

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Peanut Butter churned with half and half, vanilla extract and the sweeteners make for a creamy, smooth keto ice cream. Choose a zero-calorie sweetener like allulose that’ll further help you bring down the number of kilo calories going into the dish, but churn the ingredients well and save the mixture in the freezer for a substantial amount of time to let it come together in terms of texture and taste. 

2. Chocolate and Coffee Keto Ice Cream

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Unsweetened cocoa powder and a dash of instant coffee are what go into the keto ice cream. Use unsweetened condensed milk for that rich, decadent mouthfeel you’d expect when biting into a chocolate ice cream. Instant coffee only brings out or enhances the notes of the chocolate and becomes an invaluable addition to the…

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