2Pac – Ghetto Gospel (Official Music Video)

(radio babble) (helicopter floating) (alarms wailing) (woman sobs) – [Tupac] Struck '' em with a little ghetto scripture – [Elton John] Those who want to follow me – [Tupac] My ghetto gospel – [Elton] I welcome with my hands And the red sunlight sinks finally Into the hills of gold As well as peace to this young warrior without the audios of guns – [Tupac] If I might recollect prior to my hood days I sit as well as recollect Assuming of bliss and also the good days I stop and look at the younger My heart goes to '' em They evaluated with
stress and anxiety that they under And nowadays, things change.Everyone ' s ashamed of the youth'' Cause the truth 'appearance weird And also for me, it ' s turned around. We left ' em a. globe that ' s cursed And it harms ' Cause any day they ' ll. press the button And also
all can be found in like Malcolm X or Bobby Hutton needed absolutely nothing Don ' t it make you obtain teary The globe looks uninspiring When you wipe your. eyes, see it plainly There ' s no need.
for you to fear me If you take your.
time and also hear me Maybe you can discover to support me It ain ' t about black or. white ' reason we human I wish we see the light. before it ' s spoiled, My ghetto scripture- [Elton] Those that. dream to follow me – [Tupac] My ghetto gospel – [Elton] I invite.
with my hands And also the red sun sinks at last Into capitals of gold And peace to this young warrior Without the audio of weapons – [Tupac] Inform me do.
you see that old woman Ain'' t it depressing Living out of bags Plus she'' s grateful for the.
little points she has As well as there, there'' s a lady Fracture got her insane Guess who'' s offering.
birth to a child I put on'' t journey or let it discolor me From out the fryin' ' pan We jump into one more.
type of slavery Already I get dissuaded Wonder if they take it all back Will I still keep the nerve I decline to be a role version I establish objectives, take control, consume alcohol out my own containers I make errors, but.
learn from each And also when it'' s claimed and also done I wager this bro.
be a better one If I disturb you, put on'' t. stress and anxiety, never ever neglect That God isn'' t. finished with me yet I feel his hand on my mind When I create rhymes, I go blind as well as allow the Lord do his thing Yet am I less divine '' Reason I chose to puff an and consume alcohol a beer with my homies Before we discover globe peace We got ta locate peace as well as.
finish the war in the streets My ghetto gospel – [Elton] Those who.
wish to follow me – [Tupac] My ghetto scripture – [Elton] I invite.
with my hands And also the red sun sinks finally Into the hills of gold And peace to this young warrior Without the audio of guns – [Tupac] Lord can.
you hear me speak To pay the cost.
of being heck bound.

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