21 low-carb slow cooker recipes

Whether you’re on a keto diet or just leading a low-carb lifestyle, finding recipes can be a tricky task. Let us do some of the research for you, and to make things even easier, we’re going to enlist your crock pot — an appliance synonymous with simplicity. Here are 21 low-carb slow cooker recipes.


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Yes, you can still enjoy a hearty stew of beef, mushrooms, carrots, celery, radishes, and peas while on a low-carb diet. And yes, you can also make that beef stew easily in your slow cooker. Wholesome Recipe Box can show you how to make a stew with nine carbs per serving.


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Beef stroganoff is simpler than you’d think, as this recipe from Seeking Good Eats calls for just stew beef, mushroom soup, onion soup mix, mushrooms, sour cream, and cream cheese. It’s as tender as it is creamy and contains fewer than 8 carbs per serving. Instead of carb-heavy noodles, rice, or potatoes, try it with riced cauliflower. 


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Brats & sauerkraut

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Plump brats mixed with sauerkraut and onion can be enjoyed with barely any work — and just 8 carbs per serving. With this recipe from Whole Lotta Yum, you only need five ingredients (and one of them is beer!), all of which can be thrown into a slow cooker for four hours. If you want your brats browned, sear them for a few minutes first.


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Breakfast casserole

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Breakfast casseroles are already a simple way to feed a big family or multiple guests, and it only gets easier with the addition of a slow cooker. Try this one from PaleoHacks with sausage, red onion, and red and green peppers, or mix in your favorite low-carb ingredients. The PaleoHacks version clocks in at only five carbs.


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Cheesy cauliflower…

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