2 Biggest Reasons The Keto Diet Fails 🤔‼️

Did you know that if
you're over 40 years old, the latest scientific
research studies show the keto diet
could be causing your metabolism in your
body more harm than good? Now, fortunately, there is a
one-day, hormone-resetting diet protocol backed up by the latest
scientific research studies that you can learn about
by clicking or tapping the link below and going
over to my website. This one-day,
hormone-resetting protocol is specifically designed to
help people over 40 years old reset their master hormones to
keep the body in an environment where it can easily access
stored fat cells as a fuel source, boost the metabolism,
and fight the aging process. Now, what is wrong with the keto
diet if you're over 40 years old? Well, the first consequence
of following keto diet for just one week is a
rapid hormonal decline.

You see, scientific
research studies show it only takes about
one week of following a low-carb diet
like the keto diet before you suppress two of your
body's master weight management hormones– your thyroid,
which is the master gland of your metabolism
found here in your neck. One week of low-carb dieting
suppresses T4 to T3 conversion. Also, leptin levels can
be suppressed up to 50% just after one week of following
a low-carb diet like the keto diet. Now, fortunately,
there is a solution, and it involves eating
your favorite cheat meals that you'll learn about
over at my website.

And when you
strategically time these cheat meals the right way,
you can reverse this process. Now, the second biggest
issue with the keto diet is adherence. I mean, you cannot eat
your favorite fruits. Goodbye. You cannot eat your favorite
healthy carbohydrates. Goodbye. In fact, you can't even
have your favorite alcoholic beverages. Goodbye. Heck, if you eat too much
protein from this bacon right here, you kick
your body out of ketosis. It's just not realistic
for the long haul, which is why you should
use a program that's based on your current
hormonal condition. You can learn all about this
one-day, hormone-resetting protocol backed up by science
by clicking or tapping the link below. Thanks for watching,
and God bless..

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