16 Most Common Keto Side-Effects & It’s Remedies – Dr.Berg

hey guys in this video we’re gonna talkabout keto-adaptation manifestations and solutions when you start the ketogenicdiet you may have any one of these symptoms okay in this video we’re goingto show you what to do okay so muscle pains that’s usually a low-grade potassiumsituation so you need to increase your potassium degrees palpitations or heartarrhythmias increase more potassium because as you lose the glycogen Reservebecause you’re not going to use as much of it anymore you lose a lot of waterand with the liquid comes the electrolytes so the need for potassiumwill go way up so we want to increase potassium here if you feel weak thatusually means you need more sodium sea salt would manage that bad sigh meansyou’re consuming too much protein cut down the protein maybe add a littleapple cider vinegar for digestion dizzy that can mean three things but whenwe’re doing keto it often means that you need to increase your sodium becauseyou’re losing more flowing and the blood pressures going to low so salt retainswater so you simply need more ocean salt and spray for that okay then we have fatigueokay you need to up your b1 and b5 nutritional yeast employments great for thatif you feel more cold peculiarly and in periodic fasting do some iodine sea kelp you can also do ocean vegetables as well but you may simply need to go withthe sea kelp a high quality would be really good for that ok not satisfiedafter a banquet that means you need more overweight okay when your mas adapts toketosis and you actually start healing insulin defiance the need for fat goesdown because your body can now run on your own solid but when you’re firststarting out you’re not as satisfied increase the fatty apple cider vinegar thatwould be good now if you have right shoulder pain that means you’reconsuming too much overweight or too many nuts which is irritating the gallbladderthere’s a gut that goes to the right shoulder it could be going up to yourneck or jaw or brain or even a headache right over here do you have thosesymptoms cut back the overweight and nuts and that should altogether go awayconstipation okay you want to avoid too much cheese cheese can constipate peopletoo much meat could constipate a person increase the veggies increase yourpotassium if you’re already doing that you’re going toa lot of vegetables you can become constipated from expending too much ofthe type of veggies that you’re not be applicable to so if you’re doing the Kal sakesor large quantities of veggies then you might need to cut down and consumemore fermented vegetables to handle this so you always want to look back to whathappened just before you got constipated did you start introducing something newthat will give you a clue on what’s causing it okay low back agony orabdominal sting could mean you have a little stone developing in the kidney inwhich instance you need to really dramatically increase your potassiumlevels you I would recommend a potassium citrate like an electrolyte gunpowder witha lot of water that will greatly help you in combination with a lot morecitrus so get some lemon liquor in pour about three to four ounces in a glassand start spending that that will actually be really good to counteractthe stones and they’re often uric acid stones they’re not always oxalate stonesokay they’re the dreams that means you’re lowin b1 nutritional yeast would help you or sunflower seeds bloated okay cut downthe amount of fat increase apple cider vinegar maybe get some is compatible with bilesalts like in the gall bladder formula that might help to if you have a rashthat could either mean you need more B vitamins from nutritional yeast or theliver is dropping toxins so you want to make sure your vegetables are very veryhigh okay headaches means that you’re going too fast okay so you want to cutit back so if you’re doing intermittent fasting two banquets go to three banquets ifyou’re doing one snack go to two meals so just go a little slower because thiscould be a blood sugar situation if you’re restless have anxiety that meansyou need B vitamins so nutritional yeast that should take care of thatnow if you crave all of this on a little card a cut out card that you can put inyour wallet I framed a connect down below so you can download it and so that highway youcould recollect all these things all right thanks for watching hey thank youso much for watching hinder spreading the word and share this video

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