15 Cozy Low-Carb Casserole Recipes Perfect for Fall

Casseroles are normally a quick and easy way to put a meal together—throw a few ingredients into a casserole tray and then pop it in the oven. But just because casseroles are convenient doesn’t mean that they’re always delicious or healthy. Many times they’re carb-laden and filled with potatoes, rice, and other starchy products.

For people who are trying to avoid carbs in their diet, casseroles might seem off-limits, but that’s far from the truth. Here are 15 casserole recipes for the fall that are relatively low in their carb content. Then for more recipes, check out 25 Cozy Soup Recipes That Are Perfect for Weight Loss This Fall.

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Followers of the keto diet are determined to follow a diet that’s filled with high-protein and low-carb meals, so this breakfast casserole recipe is great for anyone looking to consume fewer carbs while still walking away from the meal feeling full and satisfied. As the egg and prosciutto-filled casserole is baked in the oven, it’s also a warm way to start the day on a crisp fall morning.

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Is there a holiday table complete without green bean casserole? A staple in many, many households throughout the fall and winter holidays, this recipe offers a more refined version of the famous dish by including white wine and shredded gruyere cheese. It also only contains 14.6 carbs per serving, perfect for a holiday treat.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

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If you’ve tried zoodles, or noodles made of zucchini to help lower carb intake, it’s time to try zucchini casserole, which is primarily just zucchini and parmesan cheese. The recipe also saves on carbs by nixing a flour-based roux sauce in favor of a creamy base made of sour cream and an egg yolk.

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