15 Best Keto Christmas Cookies Recipes

We love Christmas, we love keto, and we love cookies. It’s time to combine all of our loves into a mega-article that discusses 12 of our favorite keto Christmas cookies (don’t worry, we’ll show you the recipes). Each one of these keto Christmas cookies was chosen because of taste, ease of cooking, and adherence to the keto lifestyle. These cookies keto holiday recipes are a treat. Plus, we’ve got you covered with plenty of low carb recipes, too.

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Each of the recipes we chose was selected because it creates an amazing keto cookie that everyone will enjoy – even if they aren’t doing keto! That’s what makes each of these amazing keto recipes, they just make great cookies!

If you’re as big of a fan of cookies keto and Christmas as we are, you’re in the right place. We’ve got gluten free cookies recipes, low carb keto cookies recipes, and you’ll love the low net carbs in these cookies. You’ll want to save all of these recipes.

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Walnut Snowball Cookies Recipe

Also known as Russian tea cakes or Italian wedding cookies, these cookies keto Christmas cookies are an absolute must-have. It’s like having sugar cookies, yet they’re sugar free! You’ll want to make another batch of these snowball cookies. You might even want to eat the keto cookie dough!

People who are fans of walnuts will absolutely love this cookie recipe. Walnuts are great for keto due to their macro profile, so they’re a perfect option for including in cookies. However, not everyone who will eat these cookies will care – they’ll be too caught up in how delicious they are. You don’t have to do keto to know a good cookie when you eat one!

Bust out your powdered erythritol for one of the best keto recipes we’ve ever come across. All it takes is one baking sheet and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the 2.4 gs of protein amount per serving that the whole family will enjoy.

You’ve just made some of our favorite cookies keto Christmas cookies. This is one of our favorite low carb sugar free keto cookie recipes that we absolutely love! You’ll have a great keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto.

Danish Style Butter Holiday Cookies Recipe

These delicious cookies keto Christmas cookies are extremely easy to make, yet wildly delicious. They are very easy to make and extremely buttery in the best possible way. You may remember similar cookies coming in a blue tin when you were a child. With this recipe, you’re about to make the cookies keto equivalent of those! We might even say these are cookies keto sugar cookies, yet they’re completely sugar free.

One thing we absolutely love is that these cookies are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. By not spreading them, the creators of the recipe guaranteed that they would turn out this way. Of course, that means if you prefer a crunchier cookie, all you have to do is spread the cookies out a bit more. More surface area means crunchier cookies.

With low prep time, this is one of the easiest cookie recipes on this list. Don’t let that fool you, though, they’re truly amazing cookies and well worth making. The whole family will want you to follow more keto recipes after they get a taste of these buttery cookies. They won’t even believe that you followed one of those rare low carb recipes.

This delicious cookie has 128 calories per serving, with the serving size being one cookie. They also have 3 grams of protein and 12 grams of fat. We are confident that people trying all different types of keto will appreciate this cookie.

Keto Peanut Butter Balls

This isn’t the most traditional Christmas cookie, but growing up it was always one of my favorites. These keto peanut butter balls are coated in chocolate and will be a favorite of anyone who is a fan of the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

The nice thing about these is that they are extremely easy to make. We enjoy making them as a family and letting the kids get involved. If you’ve never had these before you have to try them this year!

Keto Sugar Cookies

Everyone loves the soft and chewy sugar cookies they grew up eating as a kid. This is a healthier take on a childhood favorite. The flavor of the frosting is really what makes a good sugar cookie, and this frosting recipe is a winner.

Enjoy these with your morning coffee during the holiday break!

Keto Peppermint Bark

While not a cookie, peppermint bark is a perfect addition to a Christmas cookie tray. The rich flavors of chocolate and freshness of the peppermint make for a delicious contrast with the rest of the cookies on a typical Christmas cookie tray.

To make keto peppermint bark we use a combination of sugar free white and dark chocolate chips along with some peppermint extract.

Super Easy Keto Ginger Cookies Recipe

Doesn’t ginger just scream Christmas? Make it a true keto Christmas with this festive cookie. Ginger is the type of ingredient to completely dominate whatever dish it’s in. That’s why we like to base entire recipes around it. These keto Christmas cookies are a perfect example. We combine ginger with a hint of molasses to create a truly delicious keto cookie.

One of the concerns that some people have with this recipe is that it has molasses, which is just sugars and carbs. Don’t worry, though! This recipe only calls for 1 tbsp of molasses. That’s just enough to capture the flavor of molasses without throwing the low carb nature of this cookie out the window.

Make sure that you have plenty of almond flour on hand for this recipe. It may be low carb, but it’s still heavy on almond flour! You’ll be surprised at your keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto. This low carb option is one of our favorite cookie recipes, and not only because of the amazing ginger taste.

If you love ginger desserts then you may also want to try our amazing Gingerbread Cake Recipe!

Chewy Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

How long has it been since you’ve had warm, gooey chewy chocolate chip cookies? If you’re like most keto people, it’s been a while. Well, the wait is over. It’s time to make the perfect keto Christmas cookies that are going to make you want to eat the whole batch in one sitting. They’re easy to make and completely sugar free! Yes, even with a chocolate chip or two!

You’ll need to do some grocery shopping before making these. While you may have some almond flour on hand, you need specific keto chocolate chips in order to fully enjoy these keto cookies. It won’t be a very good keto Christmas without following this recipe perfectly to make some chocolate chip cookies. You can bet that the whole family will love this cookie recipe. It may even be one of their favorite recipes of all time!

It’s worth mentioning that you can replace the almond flour with coconut flour in order to make these amazing cookies nut-free. There are some other changes you’ll need to make, too, and these are detailed within the recipe.

Easy Keto No Bake Cookies Recipe

No bake low carb cookies are a crowd-pleaser at any Christmas party! You’re about to learn how to turn this ultimate desert into one of the best keto Christmas cookies at the party. These are some of the best keto Christmas cookies that we’ve ever had! And there’s absolutely no baking involved in them. They’re made of peanut butter and butter, along with coconut flour and other ingredients, all combined and set aside to cool. Without any further baking, you’ll have amazing keto cookies. You don’t even need a baking sheet if you don’t want one.

These low carb sugar free Christmas cookies are one of our favorite keto Christmas cookies because they are easy to make, yet surprisingly delicious. They can even be made low carb gluten free if you need to have a gluten free option. Make it a low carb Christmas with this, and more, low carb recipes.

No bake cookies can be cooled in the fridge or the freezer. It ultimately depends on how you like to eat them. If you like frozen treats, such as chocolate bars put in the freezers, then you’ll enjoy cooling these in the freezer as well. Alternatively, they can be cooled in the fridge without issue.

Easy Thumbprint Cookies with Blackberry Jam Recipe (Keto Friendly)

These are based on a classic Christmas cookie that can be found at almost every gathering during the holidays. These amazing keto Christmas cookies are soft, moist, and sweet. Everyone at the party or your family gathering will enjoy these keto Christmas cookies and they’ll be demanding your recipe. It’s time to learn how to make one of the best keto Christmas cookies recipes out there that have ever been made.

One important step that you might miss if you just scroll to the recipe is that you’ll want to chill your dough. After you make the dough, chill it for an hour in the fridge. Otherwise, it’ll be too soft and loose to turn into actual cookies. Once it’s been chilled, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

You’ll have a great keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto. It’ll be a perfect low carb Christmas with this Christmas cookie. Keep it gluten free with this recipe, but make sure to let the cookies cool completely so you don’t ruin every last cookie by handling it.

These cookies can be made several days ahead of when they’ll be eaten and won’t lose any flavor. To do this, wait to make the blackberry jam until the day they’ll be eaten. Store the cookie dough in the fridge for up to three days. When the day comes, make the jam, put it on the cookies, and then you’re ready to dine.

One of the unique things about this recipe, when compared to other recipes, is that you’ll be dipping blackberry jam into the cookies directly. Most recipes just have you making cookies, but this one will have you making jam! Keep in mind that this is one of the low carb recipes that we’ve included. We want everyone to have amazing keto Christmas cookies, even those doing low carb. Your friends and family wont even know they’re having a healthy treat when eating these delicious cookies.

Fudgy Keto Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

These keto Christmas cookies are perfect for any occasion, even beyond Christmas! They will be particularly popular with your keto friends who are dearly missing fudgy treats. Share the love by letting them enjoy these chocolate low carb keto cookies! Everyone who enjoys chocolate cookies will get plenty of pleasure from these tasty treats.

As a warning, you’ll need keto brand chocolate chips to make this recipe. Otherwise, you’ll just be able to make the dough. You might need a trip to the store for this recipe, but that’s true for many of the recipes on this list. Make to sure to get everything you need for baking this recipe from start to finish.

Once you’ve made these, make sure to let the cookies cool before you handle them. This is common to low carb and ketogenic baking, but it bears repeating. You absolutely must let the cookies cool before you start handling them, otherwise, they’ll crumble. A good rule of thumb is to let them cool for 15-20 minutes before you transfer to plates for serving, or even transfer to a storage container.

Next time you make these, you’ll want to make more because you love them so much! You’ll have a great keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto. You’ll be the hero when baking these cookies low carb Christmas cookie.

Super Easy Keto Friendly Peanut Butter Recipe

These delicious cookies were inspired but the name brand cookies Nutter Butters. Instead of being filled with junk ingredients, they are a perfectly fine keto Christmas cookie recipe that everyone will love. This keto Christmas cookie is one of the best cookie recipes for a happy low carb keto Christmas. It’s hard to find keto peanut butter cookies that are well worth making, but these are so good that even the cookie dough will have you dreaming.

Something that stands out about this recipe is the minimal ingredients with maximum deliciousness. These little cookies are great for meal prep and throwing in with your kid’s lunch. Frankly, anyone who has ever enjoyed Nutter Butters will love these cookies. They won’t even know they’re low carb.

What sets these cookies apart from the rest is their short prep time. Before you know it, the dough will be made, you’ll have already mixed the 2 cup of flour, and it’ll be time to eat. This is one of our favorite recipes of all time due to its simplicity. All you need is a small list of ingredients, including some powdered erythritol and almond flour, and you’ll be in business. Head to the grocery store and get what you need in order to say, “I made some amazing cookies.”

If you are a true peanut butter lover, we highly recommend you make this low-carb peanut butter recipe for yourself and be sure to do it in bulk because it won’t last very long.

Keto Friendly Low Carb Espresso Cookie Recipe

You’ll absolutely love these! We think they’re the best keto cookies around. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to use espresso grounds on these cookies. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the caffeine content will be quite minimal. Coffee grounds will also work with this recipe. We hope you love them, we know that they quickly became our favorite keto Christmas cookies.

This is one of the cookie recipes that we’ve chosen that requires almond flour. That’s worth mentioning for anyone with a nut allergy. We wouldn’t want you to make keto Christmas cookies that ruin your Christmas! You don’t need 2 cup of almond four, though, just enough to get the dough made.

Something that is unique about this recipe is that they include a short recipe for making dip for the cookies. While this is an optional step, it’s one that we advise taking so that you get maximum enjoyment out of your cookies.

Within 20 mins total time, you’ll have a great keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto. Per serving, you’ll have 123 calories and 2 grams of protein. That’s roughly the same amount of protein as the rest of these recipes.

Almond Ricotta Cookies (Low Carb)

If you need to avoid nuts, you can replace the almond with coconut flour. However, this flour exchange will make quite a difference in the flavor. These low carb keto Christmas cookies are simple, yet delicious. They’re the best for the person in your life who is trying low carb keto yet still has a sweet tooth. Go buy some almond four and start preparing for one of our favorite keto cookie recipes. In fact, we bet this will become one of their favorite low carb keto Christmas cookies recipes.

You’ll have a great keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto. Make sure that after you’ve made the dough, you let the dough rest for 10 minutes. This is a vital step and you may ruin the recipe if this step isn’t followed. You don’t want to ruin one of the most creative recipes we’ve seen.

If you need to, head to the grocery store and get everything you need to make sure that this recipe is followed perfectly. You’ll soon be able to say you made some of the best cookies you’ve ever had.

Walnut Cookies (Buttery and Spiced)

This is a quick recipe that you can make if you’re on a crunch for keto Christmas cookies and need something to bring to a Christmas party or other Christmas event. These best keto cookies are among the best rated keto Christmas cookies in the keto world, so definitely give them a try. You’ll love each and every cookie, and you’ll be glad you made them. You won’t even notice that they’re low carb! Just make sure you have some powdered erythritol on hand, but that’s true for most of the recipes on this list.

We noticed that this recipe mentions nutmeg, which definitely isn’t something everyone enjoys. Don’t let that scare you away to follow other recipes, though. You can swap it out for pumpkin spice or cinnamon and the cookies will still be amazing.

This is one of the cookie recipes that we’re covering that does involve almond flour, so make sure to avoid this if you want a nut-free experience. We’re sure you’ll have a great keto holiday with these Christmas cookies keto.

We consider these some of the tastiest low carb holiday cookies out there. Of course, that’s a subjective statement, but it’s one that we stand behind. Low carb cookies are hard to find, and some of the ones you find in the store aren’t even worth eating. That’s why we love making them ourselves. This particular recipe is one of the easy treats that you can make in minimal time, yet enjoy for days to come.

No Bake Peanut Butter Holiday Cookies

No bake cookies are such an amazing choice that we included a separate recipe on our list of perfect keto Christmas cookies. Make these to brighten up your Christmas with these keto cookies! Truthfully, this sugar free keto Christmas cookie is one of our favorites. We love these keto Christmas cookies for our holiday season. It truly makes it a wonderful keto Christmas.

This has always been one of my favorite recipes due to its simplicity. The recipe is a very simple four steps long, and two of those steps involve putting the mixture in the freezer. It’s hard to get any easier than that.

Break out that almond flour and get ready to make one of the best cookie recipes. One thing we love about these keto cookies is that they have absolutely no cook time. Just let them cool and they’re ready to eat. Without any baking, you will get a delicious batch of keto cookies that the whole family will love.

This delicious treat has 192.5 calories and a surprising 5.75 grams of protein, making it one of the most protein-dense options on this list.

Which Keto Christmas Cookies Will You Bake?

We’ve covered 12 of the best options for keto cookies in this article. Which option jumps out at you as the best dish for your next gathering? Or even just to make for your own personal Christmas snack? We hope you love them as much as we do. Please forgive us for not including any pumpkin cookies!

Enjoy your keto Christmas with each of these recipes. Whether you need a low carb option or you’re just in need of some solid keto recipes, we hope you found what you’re looking for.

One of the best parts of going keto is experimenting with a new way of cooking. People have been making cookies the same for countless decades. Then, keto comes along and everything changes. Now we’re using ingredients in new ways to make delicious recipes that we think everyone will enjoy, even those who don’t follow the keto diet.

Find your favorite recipe, gather the ingredients, and get cooking. It’s time to taste some delicious treats.

Keto Christmas Cookies

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