11 Ways to Break a Keto Weight Loss Stall

Let’s uncover what’s causing your keto weight loss stall….in this video, you’ll learn about fat blockers that you may not be aware of, hidden carbs that are sabotaging your results, lifestyle factors that can play havoc with weight loss and many more fat loss inhibitors. Get our simple, actionable strategies to bust through any stubborn weight loss plateau.

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Anna Mazlin: In this video, I’m going to talk about keto weight loss stalls, and the strategies you can use to kickstart weight loss again. Hi, it’s Anna Mazlin, certified ketogenic diet coach, founder of Appetite for Energy. This is a place where we share 30-minute keto recipes and practical tips for making your keto diet work for you.

We’re going to talk today about ketogenic diet weight loss stalls.

This is the video for you if you have hit a weight loss plateau in your keto journey and are wondering what to do about it. It’s a really big topic.

First of all, I will just start out by saying that if your weight loss has plateaued for two weeks, then we would consider that a weight loss plateau or stall.

If you’ve only been a week without weight loss or a week and a half, that’s really not probably what we would call a true stall. You need to give it a good full two weeks to see what’s going on and allow things to settle down in your body.

What is a Keto Weight Loss Stall or Plateau?

If you have gone for two weeks or more without weight loss and perhaps you may have even gained a few pounds, then this is when you need to look at some different strategies to kick start weight loss.

Today I’m going to take you through quite a few things to think about and actionable tips again and strategies to help you just get…

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