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hi I’m Christine from the LowCarbPlanner andI’m back on my weight-loss journey and “its one of” those recipes where I’mstarting to lose weight and I want to Share this love with your friends and watch that video to see the progress you get to enjoy delicious and easy recipes whichyou can create by your own and you don’t need really much all the recipes will beon a ketogenic diet so let’s dive in – hi I’m Christine for low-carb plannerand welcome to another great recipe today we’ll make a super delicioussandwich wrap my friends for this recipe you don’t need much it’s just atypical ingredients what should what do you need for a keto sandwich but withoutthe food or with the pita or whatever is high in carbs so the first one willbe you take a cooking paper and time lay it out and then spread it on top with someromaine lettuce you can go here with two to three lines, it depends on the sizing onyour leaves but I got here with smaller romaine loot that’s why I’m goinghere with three articles or three sequences and I try here to fill the gaps evenlybecause we will top some sauce that we don’t drop it okay next gradation will be the deliciousgarlic sauce with mayo you can go now with mustard so exactly be here generous.You can use anysauce you demand which is low in carbs I think this is a wonderful combination let me know the commentsection below what kind of sauce is you use next stair we’re going to add thinly slicedCoppa this is an Italian ham super smoky taste it’s high-pitched in fat so it’sperfect for a keto sandwich plus I’m going to add some salamiand this section is one portion if you chew the whole wrap this will be a wholemeal but if you share it which is always good then this is just merely a snack okay so to increase the veggie intakewe’re going to add some more chopped bell peppers some tomatoes and I boughthere some smoked cheese dances so you can go with regular cheese that’s totallyfine but I simply simply had this and I thinkthey generated this sandwich rep a beautiful smoky smell like every position sandwichit needs avvocato time top half an avocado and you’re ready to go or readyto relative this thing or you are able to or should I say you’re ready to reel forrolling it up you need to tuck with both sides into the center and then time tuckone feature like I’m going from the right side into the left side you will see itand then you really really need to roll it very tight otherwise it will reallyfall apart okay when you eat it you need to tuck inthe ends otherwise the sauce will drop through and now the sandwich prep isready to cut into half so you can easily enjoy it instantaneously or just for last-minute itdepends on how hungry you are so my friends I hope that members can enjoyed this videorecipe please let me know in a comment section below what I can turn for younext time into loafer see you next Saturday same time same place thank youfor watching

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