in today’s video I’ll be sharing with you happy Keter body inspects key to program belly& bogel of healthful pursuit now split this review in three areas number 1 what is happy kita body number two who’s a suited for and lastly happy kita body versus other planneds trust person console but first here are some of the ardour tones sell by the women who have been on this program Diana says this is one of very good speculations you can make for your state Kelsey says I desire the community and the room to talk bad women on keto Amy says I’ve lost 17 pounds and rightfully up my recreation salutations and welcome to key to unifying a canal dedicated to sharing kita narratives research and types of key tonight’s suitable for different groups of individuals now in a moment I’ll be sharing with you that key to savory bonuses you can get your hands on for free but first what is happy keto body now it’s a 12 week intensive ketogenic know for women by Liane Bogle of healthful pursuit accompanied by dr.Nina Lewis Larson and Ali Miller and cross-file dietitian this programme begins immediately after purchase it has over 70 videos and 41 plus downloadable information wandering from dinner hopes recipes shopping this bloodwork adds-on to support etc plus private Facebook community now all twelve weeks are appropriately themed before I share my opinion of who is this program of suited for and pros and cons piece take a moment to like subscribe and don’t forget to affect that Bell icon to be notified when a brand-new video is uploaded alright so who is happy key to body program most suited for I suspect the best way to answer this is my firstly letting you know who it isn’t for this is not the program for you if you’re looking for a basic run-of-the-mill fact I’d guide you require a quick fix or you don’t care like about how you feel and your simply concern is how you gaze or if you’re not a woman sorry chaps you interpret glad kita body’s designed for women who want to end the obsession with nutrient and ga their own bodies with healthy healthful nutrient and reach a healthy body weight while increasing fertility and switching other metabolic ailments like diabetes thyroid PCOS etc so there you go now so what is the difference between happy Kiribati and other programs available in this space why have the Kiribati and what are the pros and cons so let’s is the beginning with the comparison now in happy Kiribati you can DIY that is customize your dinner plans to your requirements exerting the tools supported most of the programs at least at this cost come with defined strategies and planned hkb also offers a VIP package which comes with group coaching announces essential for accountability and remain you on track in my view other platforms don’t render this a or if they do it would be very very costly I hate to give you another planneds they all come with a meal design shopping list recipes roughly they’re very similar generally h-e-b also has interviews with renowned experts on various health publishes kita difficulties etc these interviews you may find one or two in other platforms not so many as they do in HK B in HK v material is new and specially gratified to its woman’s hormonal state with implementation leaders in other curricula this is usually curated material from their blog positions and podcasts without much anticipate put into the implementation of the program h jb planned material is regularly updated and most of the programs usually all updates are was transformed into new programs that you have to purchase separately or as an observer also in hkb there’s a special component of blood work support this is a great resource for anyone based in the US only unfortunately but this really enables you to have an in-depth look at your blood markers without the demands of the a compliant doctor I have not seen this offered by any other programs at least in this price range anyway so to summarize with the pros and cons of the joyou Kiribati program let’s not with Prost heavily focuses on key to being a lifestyle and a wellness program and not just another weight-loss program or a fad diet it altogether focuses on women’s health and talks solely about how general keto guidelines are written for men and do not always work for women and what to do instead information is given in small-minded clods and timely themes Leon Vogel is a believable list in the Quito space and has a extremely charismatic personality on camera a bonus lots of bonus substances that deep dive into nutrition for health geeks like myself some really fascinating stuff the mini cookbook banquet projects recipes and browsing combination are great assets access to group coaching calls plus special online support groups as for cons I’d say happy keator body is not a quick fix it is a pro for me but a con for people looking for promises to drop 10 pounds and a dress sizing in one week if you don’t want to learn about healthy living this is not the program for you there are 12 weeks of learning and implementation it’s going to take time understanding how to tweak keto to your particular personality and health concerns if you only require a banquet plan to madly follow then you are better off getting a keto wrap likewise for some cause might be an issue in that case start with aikido bundle burst the links were all her programs and my free bonuses is available at key to blend dot-com forward slash keto for women so in the beginning of the video I had mentioned going your hands legs and fangs on my unusually scrumptious and gooey keto bonuses so this is how you can if you get your hands on the happy kita torso 12 -week transformation program le& bogel through my relate testifying on the screen and in the description below you will get tumbled on drumroll satisfy number one a ten component video series on the mind-boggling secrets of the keto for women number two a 32 -page going on keto diet for prevention and rectify of some of the lifelong and sometimes life-threatening illness figure three you’ll likewise get eleven scrumptious keto concoct along recipes to watch follow and include them in your dinner proposes but that’s not all you’ve also get a four-part how to stop worrying about what others say video successions not available anywhere else except to my private clients and then and lastly the biggest bonus takedo consolidates nature of paying forward by giving you a 45 minute one-on-one fat burning maid forever coaching time with more MBK the founder of keto unify I’ve been doing kiddo for over a year and as a result have made my hormonal editions applauded rednes have lost over forty four pounds in force reaching my happy mas value I know firsthand her utterly lonely depressing and disappointing this health and weight loss journey can be for most women without proper patronize and advice I’m likewise a food life instructor keto nutrition enthusiast and an international best-selling author of a health and wellness diary for moms called guilt free motherhood my indignation is drilling on how menus promote state and protect against disease so all you have to do to get these gooey keto chocolatey furnaces this visit the link showing on the screen and in the specific characteristics below remember you are not alone on this excursion if you have any questions where is all looking for support then exactly reach out to us via comment section of any of your videos on our Channel happy catering madams[ Music]

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